Points For Surveys Review — Paid Surveys Legit or a Scam?

Your opinion is important enough to make a difference. Companies want your opinion so that they can make the best products possible.

Online paid surveys have become popular over the years as they bridge the gap between companies and their customers. They help companies know what consumers think about their products.

In return, the consumers get a reward as an incentive to participate in the surveys.

This review will tell you everything about Points For Surveys. Is it a legit site? How does it function, and what are the requirements?

Points for Surveys

Name: Points For Surveys

Description: Points For Surveys is an online survey community exclusive to members of the TrueBlue frequent flyer program. The program is under JetBlue Airways, which is a reputable company. The program aims to reward members with great rewards for their opinion.

When you complete a survey on this site, you earn TrueBlue points that you can redeem to help you with your travel plans.

Points For Surveys is run by Dynata, which is a global leader in market research. The survey site operates in the US only.

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Points For Surveys Summary

Businesses, governments, and other organizations are interested in the views and attitudes of the consumers who use their products and services. They want to know what consumers think about the products. The more they know what the consumers think, the more they can produce products that meet the needs of their customers.

Points For Surveys is one survey site whose aim is to get to know what customers think. Points For Surveys is exclusive to the members of the TrueBlue Program. TrueBlue program is the frequent flyer program from JetBlue Airways. The survey site offers the members a chance to share their opinions on the online survey, and in turn, they earn TrueBlue points.

Points For Surveys offers the members a platform where they can make a real difference. This is on the assumption that when you air your opinion, you have the opportunity to improve products and services for yourself and others. The best thing is that you make a difference while earning some income.

For every survey you complete on Points For Surveys, you will earn TrueBlue points.

Who is eligible to join?

  • Points For Surveys is exclusive to members of the TrueBlue program in the United States only. You must also be 18 years and above.
  • The survey site only allows one account per member. You cannot, therefore, have many accounts, even if you have many emails. In the same way, members of the same household cannot have multiple accounts under one account.
  • Dynata employees and their family members are not eligible to participate in the surveys.

How to Sign Up

TrueBlue values new members who want to join their online survey community. As such, when you sign up, you will automatically receive 400 points after completing your first survey. This is a special gift given to all new members.

For you to sign up, go to their sign up page. Here, you will be required to provide a valid TrueBlue number. Before joining, you will have to give your personal details, which will include your name and email address. You will also provide your demographic data that will include your age, gender, household income, level of education, and so on.

This is the necessary information that will be vital in matching you up with available surveys. Once you are through with the signup and agree to their terms of service, you will receive a link that you should click to confirm your registration.

After that, you are now free to take part in the surveys, earn your points, and stand a chance to enjoy your dream flight.

As a member of this survey site, you will receive invitations to take part in surveys through the email you provided during sign up. Thus, you should make sure you use a valid email address that is active. Apart from getting invitations to participate in surveys, you can also receive tips on how you can make your experience better.

You also have the option of logging into your account at any time to check for available surveys and answering them.

How do you qualify for surveys?

Before you take part in a survey, you will have to answer a maximum of 10 survey questions. These questions are useful in determining which survey opportunities you qualify to take. When you complete answering the questions, the site will direct you to a survey opportunity that matches your details.

You may have to answer additional survey questions at the start of that survey opportunity.

How often will you get a chance to participate in surveys?

Points For survey sends out surveys regularly but cannot say when a particular member will receive an invitation. This is because each poll is unique in its way. Each survey tries to meet the research goals of a client and satisfy his or her needs.

Thus, how many invitations you can receive will depend on your profile. If your profile matches the goals of a particular survey, then you will receive the invitation. As such, you should strive to always make your profile as up to date as possible.

Note, there is no other way of taking part in the Points For Surveys polls. You can only do them over the internet. You cannot receive them by mail, and you cannot take them via phone. Therefore, you should ensure that you have access to a computer or a device with a reliable internet connection.


Points For Surveys allows you to share your opinion, and in return, you earn some TrueBlue points. Once you complete a survey, you will earn TrueBlue points, which the survey site will send to your TrueBlue program account.

The survey site tries to have short surveys that will not take you a lot of time to complete. Each survey will take an average of 5-10 minutes to complete. This allows you to take as many surveys as you can, as long as they match your profile.

You will get regular invitations to take part in surveys so that you can accumulate your points. The points you will receive for each survey will vary depending on the length of the survey and its complexity.

When you join for the first time, you will also get a reward. Points For Surveys want to appreciate you for joining their online survey community. Thus, they reward you with 400 points after your first survey, which they send to your account.

TrueBlue points are better than points from other survey sites. You don’t have to wait until you attain a certain minimum threshold for you to redeem. Once you are through with a survey, your points are sent to your account as soon as possible, and you can use them immediately.

You can use your points to help you spend significantly less booking a night at a hotel or renting a car.

A wide variety of topics

When you become a member of the TrueBlue online survey community, you can take part in surveys and answer questions that relate to every aspect of their travel experience.

Apart from earning points, your opinions on the different topics will help the airline improve the quality of their services. Therefore, each survey you take has a positive impact on all the frequent flyers of the airline. Your opinion can help you make your flight what you want it to be, whether you are flying a short distance or longer trips.


  • To become a member of Points For Survey and take the surveys is completely free
  • You are never forced to take part in any survey if you do not have the time. The surveys are usually quick, short, and fun.
  • Each survey you complete is like having money in the bank. This is because you can use the TrueBlue points you collect to pay for a night in a hotel, rent a car, and even booking a flight for somebody else. You can, therefore, relax knowing that the points you get in your account can help you in your travel plans.
  • The surveys are about 5-15 minutes long. This means that you can take part in as many as you want. The more surveys you take, the more points you earn
  • For all the survey questions you answer, you will be sharing your opinion with the airline. This means that you will help them improve on their weak areas, which allows you and other passengers have a better flight next time.
  • The TrueBlue points system is better than other survey sites. This is because you get your points to your account as soon as you complete a survey. You also do not need to wait until your points accumulate to a certain minimum threshold for you to use them.


  • One major downside to this survey site is that it is open to JetBlue frequent flyers only. You need to be a member of the TrueBlue program. The program aims to benefit JetBlue travelers with rewards.
  • You cannot earn cash rewards with Points For Surveys. You can transfer your points, but you cannot send cash from your account to another.
  • Each survey will earn you points but not so many of them. If you depend on the survey method only to accumulate your points, then your points will accumulate slowly.
  • You will not receive many invitations to participate in surveys in a month. That means you may not get a chance to accumulate as many points as you would wish.

Points For Surveys Center

NamePoints For Surveys
Minimum PayoutNA
Payment MethodPayPal
Points ExpiryNA
Sign UpOnline

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Is Points For Surveys legit?

Yes, it is. Points For Sale is run by JetBlue airlines, which is a genuine and reputable company. It is free to join, and users do not have a problem redeeming their rewards. All these facts point out that the survey site is legitimate.


Who can join Points For Surveys?

For you to join the survey site, you must be a member of the TrueBlue frequent flyer program that is under JetBlue Airways. You also must be a legal resident of the US.

Is the survey site legit?

Points For Surveys is a legit survey site that you can join without worry. It is run by Dynata, which is a leader in market research. The survey is also under JetBlue Airways, which is a reputable company. The fact that it does not charge anything for you to join also points out its legitimacy.

How do I earn on Points For Surveys?

The only way for you to earn on this survey site is by taking surveys. After you sign up for the site, you will start receiving invitations to surveys through your email. You can also log in to your TrueBlue account and look for available surveys.

For every survey you complete, you will earn TrueBlue points that will be sent to your account. Also, when you join the site for the first time, you will get 400 points as a welcome gift.


Nothing should stop you from joining Points For Surveys and earn points while you express your opinions.

The survey site is legit, and they have a points reward system that is better than many other sites.