December 2, 2019

Hiving Review — Paid Surveys Legit or a Scam?

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How does having a platform where you can communicate with companies of the products you use sound? In this platform, you get a chance to give your opinion, and the opinion gets to the right people. The opinion you give might also influence change and maybe bring better results. The best part about it is you get to earn by giving your opinion.

Hiving is one of the survey websites that one can use to give their opinion on brands and products. In this review, you will get to know everything about Hiving. This includes the pros and cons, how to signup, the eligibility criteria, and so on.


Name: Hiving

Description: Hiving means the act of bringing your life back at home but still relates to the outside world of the community. It does that through the survey. It creates a community between producers and consumers, and still, the consumer is at his or her comfort.

The site has grown over the years it has been in operation and spread to 20 other countries. With many years come with experience. Hiving provides qualitative and quantitative data to companies and brands. With the data, they can maximize profits and improve their services.



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Hiving Summary

Hiving is a French company that is in Paris. It was started in 2009, and over the years it has grown and is now in 20 countries. It helps companies in market research and customers to engage with the companies. It allows its members to make money through online surveys.

Its main aim is to help companies and well-established brands to interact with the audience and get to understand them better, while on the other hand, give the customers a voice. Apart from getting their voice heard, members of the Hiving survey site get to test new products that get in the market for free.

How to sign in

To sign in to the Hiving survey, visit their website and click on the joining link. You can also join the survey through facebook. It has the same formula. After clicking the link, you will need to fill in your profile. Hiving is known to be strict in filling the profile, so make sure you fill in the correct details. The strictness helps Hiving collect quality data as compared to other research companies.

In the profile section, you will have approximately 15 personal questions ranging from your hobbies, beauty, health, automotive, and tech questions. The questions may feel like a waste of time as they are too many, but completing the profile and answering all the questions will help you get more surveys as they allocate them depending on your profile.

Terms and conditions

  • You need a computer or a laptop or smartphone so you can access the website
  • You need to have access to the internet
  • You need to be 15 years and above. For minors, they need to have permission from their parents.
  • One should at least do one survey in a month. Failure to do any survey could lead to the suspension of the account.
  • All the answers you give during the survey should be honest
  • One is allowed to change any details on the profile at any time
  • You can also deactivate your Hiving account at any time you wish
  • You should make sure you agree to all the terms and conditions of the site before joining
  • In case you have a question, you can contact Hiving through their contacts, which are on their website.
  • When referring friends to the site, you should make sure you follow the referring rules.

How to earn using Hiving

Unlike other sites, the good thing about Hiving is that you can earn in various ways. Apart from surveying, there are different ways you can earn. In case there is no survey, you can use the alternatives to add your points to reach the minimum amount required to redeem and then withdraw.


The first way and the primary way to earn with Hiving is by taking part in surveys. When a survey appears, you will receive an email notifying you of its availability. The email will have a link to the survey. In the email, there is no indication of how much you will earn in the survey on the email. The only way you’ll know is by logging into your account.

Each survey has its terms on payments. The longer the survey, the more the payment. Also, if the survey is complex, then the earnings will be high. Most surveys will take around 5 to 20 minutes. In the survey, there is a timer that times how long you take to complete the survey. Before you are allowed to take part in a survey, you are given some questions to check whether you are fit to do the survey. The process of asking questions before the survey is what helps Hiving produce quality data.

Referring friends

The other way of earning is by referring friends to sign up. For every person, you refer to, and they sign up, you get $1. After the person you referred starts earning, you get a percentage of what they earn. When referring friends, you should use the procedure given for referring so that you can earn from those you referred. It’s an easy way of earning if you don’t mind sending people referral links and explaining to them what it is about so they can join.

Testing products

The other way of earning with Hiving is by testing products. When companies want to introduce a new product in the market, they don’t know how customers are going to respond to the product. Instead of bringing the product to the customers blindly, they give out free samples. Now the same case in Hiving, members are given free samples where they are supposed to use and give feedback on how the products are.

After the feedback, the members earn some points. The free testing samples are only available in certain countries. The other thing with the testing sample is they are not always there. Some free samples you get to stay with them while others you return after sampling. It is a great way to earn points as you get a free sample as well.

Micro tasks

You can also earn through microtasks. This is where you are given some simple tasks and earn. An example is when you are told to identify an error, maybe on a website, or told to type some information on the site or transcribe. They are simple tasks and are also easy ways to earn points.


The other way of earning is taking part in the lottery. Here you can use the points you have made to get into a lottery. In the lottery, there are chances of you winning significantly, but also, there is a chance of you losing, and that means you lose the points you used to enter the draw. It all depends on you and how much of a gambler you are.


After you sign in, you are awarded 300 points for signing in. In one survey, you can earn from 300 to 2000points. 1000points is equal to $1. The minimum amount one can withdraw is 4000 points. Hiving pays through PayPal and Amazon gift cards.

How much a person earns in Hiving depends on how much time you spend on the site. The more time you spend on the Hiving website, the more you earn. Also, the earning activities you choose to take part will determine how much you earn and how fast you reach the minimum amount required to withdraw. Payments can happen 30 days after you redeem your points.

In some cases, the points you earn may take time to reflect on your account even after completing the survey. There is a lot of complaints on their site regarding the issue. The explanation is that the survey has to be complete for them to award the points. A little patience will help here.

Is Hiving a scam?

As much as there are a lot of complaints about this site, complaints of delayed payment, and them not responding to complaint emails, there are reviews of people confirming their payments even after delaying for a few months. It is a confirmation that the site is real and legit as people get paid.

What is different about Hiving?

Hiving has a magazine that explains everything they do. The magazine is an excellent source of information, and anyone interested to join can read the magazine and learn about the site before joining. Most survey sites have very little information about themselves. They expect you to join and learn about them later, which is not ideal.

The site has many ways to earn. You choose the method that fits you right and start earning with it. With the many ways to earn, an active person will easily reach the minimum withdrawing points, unlike when the only earning method is surveying, and the surveys appear once a month or after two months.

The paid product test is also not common in most survey sites, and in those sites that claim to have, there are barely any products to test. With Hiving, there are free testing products that happen regularly. The good thing about the test products is you earn twice as you earn points and also take home a free sample.


  • The site offers a lot of information that could help you know more about Hiving. Before you sign in, you can get to learn a lot about it and see if it’s something you are willing to be a part of.
  • Hiving has several ways of earning. You can choose what works for you and use it to earn.
  • The affiliate program they have is unique and also an easy way of earning. One may not take part in the survey but still use the program to make some extra cash.
  • It has a low redemption amount of $4, unlike other surveys that have a minimum of $50, which is almost impossible to reach. With Hiving, you can earn your points while withdrawing them.
  • It is open for many countries hence people from different countries get to give their opinion and also earn some extra cash.
  • The site is mobile friendly. It is optimized and hence can be used freely on the mobile. The optimization makes it even way easier as it’s easy to make more money using the phone, unlike a laptop, as you can use the phone anywhere.


  • The survey site has a meager payout. You can spend a very long time without reaching the minimum amount needed to withdraw.
  • The surveys are given out depending on demographics. Some people may spend even months without receiving or qualifying for any survey.
  • They take a long time to pay. There are complaints of people saying it took months for them to get paid.
  • Their customer care is not very efficient.

Hiving Survey Center

Minimum Payout$4
Payment MethodPayPal
Points ExpiryNA
Sign UpOnline
LanguageEnglish, Spanish, French & more

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Is the site legit?

Yes, the site is legit. On their website, there are reviews of people confirming their payment. The site may be slow in paying, but they eventually pay.

Can the points I earn expire if I delay redeeming them?

No the points you earn cannot expire. They will remain in the account until you redeem. What happens is your account can get suspended if it remains dormant for a couple of months.

How much can I earn using the site?

How much you earn depends on how active you are in your account and how many people you have referred to the site. How much money you earn depends on you and the effort you make.

Taking this survey is good for you as you get to earn extra cash that will be an addition to what you make from your main job. You will not get rich with the earnings you make in the surveys, but you will earn an amount that could help in maybe paying some of your small bills.

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