Surveys On The Go Review — Paid Surveys Legit or a Scam?

Surveys On The Go is a legit site that pays you cash to complete surveys. They offer a consistent supply of work, making it a reliable choice for panelists. In this review, we dig deeper to bring you an in-depth analysis of this panel. The ultimate goal is to make you enlightened on areas to look out for when choosing a survey panel.

Surveys On The Go

Name: Surveys On The Go

Description: Surveys On The Go otherwise referred to as SOTG is a US-based research company located at 3525 Hyland Ave, Costa Mesa, California 92626 US. Surveys On The Go LLC runs this site.

The panel prides itself on helping Fortune 500 companies fulfill their market research needs. These organizations love and trust this app; they consistently go back for different assignments.

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Surveys On The Go Summary

SOTG specializes in fields like sports, entertainment, tech, politics, and news. They narrowed down to these significant segments as a way of expanding their expertise.

Anyone who would be part of this app will enjoy the opportunities they offer. They are leaders in conducting online surveys, mystery surveys, teen surveys, and managing your mobile app experience.

They ask questions about your daily life experiences. Things like your favorite TV show, movie or shopping experience are common with this panel.

Once in a while, they will request you to test or walk into a mall and take a photo of a product. It is all about life!

You won’t need to worry about the device you use to access Surveys on The Go. Whether it is IOS or Android, this panel runs seamlessly.

With permission from you, they access your device location to bring you the most focused surveys relevant to your geography. On average, you should get 1 or 2 surveys every week, making it an attractive panel for anyone wishing to make something from the side gig.


To use Surveys on The Go, you must acquaint yourself with the eligibility criteria in place. Here is what you need to know:

  • You must be sixteen years old and over to join.
  • Owning a smartphone is a requirement to get started on this panel.
  • The app only allows American citizens to register.

How Do You Participate?

With a flexible way of accessing surveys, this is no doubt, the most preferred platform for taking surveys. With a Survey On The Go application downloaded on your smartphone, you are good to go. Whether you use Android or IOS, the experience is comparatively the same.

Talking about the simplicity that this app was designed, you would think it was meant for 8-year-olds. The whole purpose of doing so was to make everyone comfortable.

Start by downloading Surveys on The Go application on IOS or Android-powered by MFour Mobile Research Inc. Then install the app once it is done.

Now you are ready to get down to the serious stuff. On the screen, which you see after installation, they require you to do introductory surveys to see if you qualify.

Check the (About me-Main) and (About Me-Household) menu that projects on your screen and get ready to answer simple surveys about you.

Do not get worried; the questions aren’t intrusive; they are only meant to see which surveys you qualify to get.

What are you required to fill on the About Me menu? They ask the profile type of questions typical of any online user profile. The questions are intended to help them understand your demography.

They will request you to fill things like employment status, gender, ethnicity, job, income level, level of experience, etc.

When you jump to About Me-Household, they get a little deeper with the questions. Expect some surprise personal questions like how many children you have, your views on parenting, and a few other areas.

As intense as these questions sound, they are meant to help surveyors understand how to direct relevant questions to each panelist.

After completing registration, stay alert for email notifications on surveys.

Also, keep checking the SOTG app just in case your email notifications aren’t activated.


You earn $0.5 for demographic surveys that you get during the registration phase. This is the first quick win that welcomes you to SOTG.

Perhaps you are wondering how much you get for answering surveys. The amount paid is worth your time, be sure you won’t miss $1 per survey. Many surveys also pay $2 upon completion of the task.

With dedication, it is possible to rack up $20 in less than a week. What is motivating is that other members have earned even more over the same period in the past.

As long as you fit in the surveyor’s demographic interests, a lot is in store for you. If your niche based on your profile is what the surveyor wants, you have the assurance of continued work.

There is also the option of redeeming gift cards, credits, and online vouchers. Just put in the effort, and you could earn more with Amazon or Starbucks cards.

In case you wish to get your payout in cash, they have integrated a flexible payment arrangement to dazzle your experience. PayPal integration helps SOTG deliver payments within a few hours of initiating a transaction.


  • It is free to join
  • You are paid for completing surveys
  • You enjoy the convenience of accessing SOTG from your Android or IOS smartphone.
  • The panel is ranked 4.4 stars as per google play rating, which shows how reliable it is to the users.
  • The site is user-friendly
  • If you start a survey and the system rejects you, they still pay you for the effort, though not the total earnings of the survey.
  • With a low payout threshold, members can withdraw their earnings when they reach $10, which often happens in a few hours.
  • With payouts done through PayPal, there is the assurance of privacy regarding critical info like address and bank information.
  • The payout is faster as compared to other panels. You get your payout in 3 to 5 days.
  • They value your privacy and will never share it with third parties.
  • Requires minimum effort.


  • Some members complain of getting a few surveys.
  • A few technical hitches happen once in a while which is expected of any system.
  • You cannot earn using this app if you are outside the US.

Surveys On The Go Center

NameSurveys On The Go
PayoutCash, Gift Card
Minimum PayoutNA
Payment MethodPayPal, Virtual Visa, Amazon Gift Card or Starbucks Gift Card
Points ExpiryNA
Sign UpOnline

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What do I get by joining Surveys on The Go?

When you sign up for this panel, you start earning straight away. With two introductory surveys, you make $0.5 for each.

To complete surveys, you get between $1 and $2, depending on the length and technicality of the survey. Most panelists reach $20 within a week of answering surveys.

What topics should I watch out for?

Once you opt-in, expect one or two surveys to come your way. The good news is that Surveys On The Go offers a wide range of topics that you will like.

Here are some of those topical areas:

  • Entertainment
  • Technology and Media
  • Business
  • Sports
  • Politics
  • News

What ways do I get rewarded by SOTG?

SOTG has diversified ways of rewarding the good work of its panelists. The main reward is cash payments that one withdraws through PayPal.

Members also redeem online vouchers and gift cards of their choice. At times, there are surprises of random gift cards.

When you redeem cash, there is an option to transfer the remaining balance to Amazon and Starbucks cards. That way you may shop for any products you want.

If you are a movie lover, you will enjoy free entertainment while reviewing the latest releases. In short, you are always ahead of the rest.

I completed my survey, but still no pay?

Once you submit your responses, the SOTG team reviews them. Usually, it could take 3 to 5 days to finalize.

Quality is a priority, and it is what keeps SOTG moving. Once they are satisfied, they will credit your account with the earnings. Remember that SOTG receives thousands of survey responses per week, and everything should be double-checked. You can reach support on for help anytime.

What results in the rejection of my responses?

There are lots of issues that may be detected by the panel from your survey. Members must adhere to the guidelines of a particular survey while following all the set down instructions.

Incidences of vague answers lead to flagging of responses. And when a submission is on video format, clarity checks could lead to rejection.

Surveys on The Go Blasphemy and oathing are not accepted. Any slight detection leads to the rebuffing of submissions.

Is my privacy guaranteed?

You need not worry about privacy. Your information is fully confidential and is not shared with third parties other than the surveyor.

At Surveys On The Go, there is strict adherence to standards set out by marketing associations like Survey Police. All your information is only meant for research and not for promotions.

Why am I not able to access Survey on The Go?

The chances are that you may not be eligible to use SOTG. Please understand the eligibility criteria that one should meet to join the platform.

First, you must be a citizen in the United States. You must be 16 years or more and should own a smartphone.

Where do I get the application?

Since Surveys On The Go runs on Smartphones, you need to get access to their stores. For Android users, you can search the app on Google Play Store, while for Ipad and Apple phone users, you will find it on the Apple Store.

Is it legit?

Survey On The Go is not only Legit but also authentic. It is always easy to identify sites like SOTG from the incentives they offer.

Fraudulent companies will entice the public with unrealistic expectations in terms of pay. When you look at this panel, they offer earnings that match what other industry players give.

Final Verdict

We hope this review demystifies the confusion around survey sites. Surveys On The Go is easy to navigate for everyone. Besides, they also make prompt payments as compared to other platforms. So, if you live in the US, add this to your bucket list of survey panels to check out.