Marketagent Review — Paid Surveys Legit or a Scam?

November 20, 2019

In pursuit of making our lives better, we look for ideas that can allow us to earn extra income while we go about our daily businesses. This means we have to find ways of adding our income without using too much time or other resources.

An example of how you can earn money online is by taking online surveys. Survey sites are on the rise, with more sites emerging each day. They all promise great rewards for their members, but not all meet your expectations. In this article, we will focus on the Marketagent survey site so that you can have all the information you need if you are interested in joining.

Marketagent Review

Name: Marketagent

Description: Marketagent survey site has been in existence since 2001 to date. In all that time, it has built itself a large membership that enjoys its surveys and the benefits they get. Its headquarters are in Austria.

Marketagent Summary

On their website, you will find both their physical address and telephone number.

This is a good assurance that there is a company behind the site, and therefore, you can trust their surveys.

However, membership is restricted to select European countries, Canada, and the USA. The list of members of eligible countries is on their website. If you are planning on joining this site, first check their website to ensure your country is eligible. The Marketagent site survey mostly deals with issues affecting members from these countries, so if you are not from any of them, you cannot fill most of the surveys. If you don’t check this information, you will waste a lot of time trying to fill the surveys before discovering you are not eligible.

Once you ensure you are eligible to join the site, you can now be free to join.


Registering with the Marketagent survey site is very simple as all you need to do is fill a form with your basic information. Ensure your profile information is accurate and complete to get regular survey invitations.

Once you register successfully as a member, you earn 150 points automatically. However, you cannot cash out these points until you participate in your first survey. Marketagent also rewards 50 points every year for updating your profile.

The points you are rewarded for participating in surveys vary from 20 to 250 points. In many cases, smaller surveys that are worth a few points are less than more demanding surveys where you are awarded higher points.

Participating in Marketagent surveys not only earns you income but also you get to help shape future trends by giving your opinion on arising matters.

Eligibility Criteria

Marketagent panel is open worldwide. However, membership is reserved for select European countries as well as English-speaking countries in the world such as Canada and the USA. This means that people from other countries can access the site but can’t register as members.

You should also be 13 years or older for you to participate in their surveys.

Marketagent surveys are done online. You must, therefore, have reliable internet connectivity to fill the surveys.

How to earn through Marketagent

Signup bonus

Once you register successfully as a member, you are awarded 150 points to welcome you to the community.

Online surveys

This is the primary way of earning on this site. Survey points range between 50 to 250 depending on the time required to complete the survey. The time required is based on the details required.

Referral program

You are also given a commission for people you refer to. The more people you refer to Marketagent, the more you earn. So, feel free to invite as many relatives and friends as possible. Give them a chance to earn online while earning a commission for yourself.

Entry to prize draws

For each survey you complete, you are automatically given entry points to prize draws where you can win gifts such as travel vouchers.



  • Referral program – Marketagent gives you the opportunity of earning some extra points in the form of commission by referring other people to their site. Therefore, the more people you invite and they register, the more commission you will earn.
  • Signup bonus – Every new member is awarded 150 points upon successful registration.
  • Cashout is fast – Unlike other survey sites, Marketagent gives you the chance to cash out fast. The minimum cashout points are just 200 points.
  • You can redeem your points for cash – Unlike other online survey sites where you can only redeem your points for gifts or gift cards, Marketagent allows you to redeem your points for money that is paid directly to your PayPal account.
  • User-friendly site – Unlike other sites that are complicated and a headache to navigate, Marketagent offers a website that’s very user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Free to join – Joining Marketagent is free of charge.
  • Local language – In all the countries that the site is open for membership, Marketagent is available in the local language; therefore, locals don’t have a hard time filling the surveys.
  • Available in IOS and android – You can download the Marketagent app to your phone as its available in both android and IOS. This will allow you to carry your surveys wherever you go and complete it whenever you want.
  • Short surveys – Most surveys that Marketagent sends are usually short. This way, you can complete them very fast, earn your points and go back to your schedule for the day.
  • Offer different means of payment – Before you redeem your money, you should first choose how it’s going to get to you. Marketagent allows you to choose to get it out through skrill or your PayPal account.
  • Browser notification – Marketagent has a browser extension. Once you turn on browser notification, you will be able to get notified when there is a new survey. Therefore, you don’t have to log in to their website all the time.


  • A limited number of surveys – You can only fill a limited number of surveys. This is due to the scarcity of surveys. Added to the fact that most surveys are short and worth a few points, members get very low earnings.
  • Restricted access – Only people from select countries in Europe, Canada, and the USA can register as members. Therefore, other people from other countries cannot participate in their surveys.
  • Confusing point and reward system – Their point system is unclear and confusing. When choosing a survey to fill, the points you will earn from it are not indicated. This is a hindrance as you don’t have the chance to choose surveys worth more points. In addition, you only know the worth of your points in monetary terms when cashing out.
  • Different rates for their payment methods – Although Marketagent offers payment through two methods; PayPal and skrill. They offer higher rates for payments through skrill than through PayPal.
  • Not accessible to people with no reliable internet connection – Marketagent surveys are done online; therefore, if you do not have a reliable internet connection, you cannot participate.
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Minimum Payout200 points
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Marketagent Survey Center

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Is Marketagent legit or a scam?

Marketagent is a legit survey site that values your opinion and is willing to pay for it. It is an excellent site that allows you to earn extra income when you fill their surveys.

What conditions must I fulfill to join Marketagent?

You must be 13 years or older. You should also be from specific countries as membership is not open to all countries just yet. You should also have access to an internet connection as the surveys are done online.

How do I know if I am eligible for a Marketagent survey in my country or state?

Unfortunately, Marketagent has not yet opened its doors for members from countries all over the world. To avoid wasting your time than discovering late that you cannot participate in their surveys first check on their website as all the countries that are eligible for membership.

How do I earn through Marketagent?

Marketagent allows you to earn a point through several means. First, when you join as a new member, you are given 150 points to welcome you. Filling surveys is another way of earning points. You can earn 20 to 150 points through surveys. Surveys that require more time and more details allow you to earn more points, while surveys that only take a short time and require fewer details earn you less. Referring people to the site also earns you points once they become members. However, they have to participate in their first survey for you to earn your commission.

How much can I earn through the surveys?

The more surveys you take, the higher the points you’ll earn. So ensure that you complete all the surveys that come your way. Also, invite as many people as you can and encourage them to fill out a survey so that you increase your commission.

Once I earn points in Marketagent, how do I redeem them for money?

The minimum cashout points are 200. Once you attain this number, you can cash out and receive your money. You can decide how to receive your payment either through PayPal account or through Skrill. You can also choose to give your earnings to a charity organization of your choice.

How do I participate in prize draws?

Each time you fill a survey, you are automatically entered into prize draws where you can win exciting prizes for free. The more surveys you fill, the higher your chances of winning.

Can I use Marketagent on my phone?

Marketagent has its app that’s compatible with both IOS and android. This means you can download this app on your phone or tablet and do your surveys wherever you go.


Marketagent is an excellent site to earn extra income without sweating for it. You can redeem your points for cash once you attain minimum cashout points. Besides, you are not charged any money to join the site. Although surveys are scarce, you are guaranteed payment for the ones you fill and inviting people to join the site.

As a side source of income, it is not bad at all. Just don’t quit your job as these earnings cannot sustain you for long.

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