YouGov Review — Paid Surveys Legit or a Scam?

November 14, 2019

What does the world think? At the heart of each company lies the best interest of their customers. The companies want customers to come back always. For this reason, businesses want to know what the customers think about them. They want to understand their customers in terms of their behaviors and beliefs.

For that reason, the organizations continuously want to collect opinions and thoughts from the customers. They want to know what the customers think about their brand, quality of their products, services, staff behavior, and so on.

YouGovThe more you involve your potential customers in your business, the more they will have a good connection with it, and thus your sales will move upwards. What better way to collect all that information other than from the customers themselves? By conducting research, you allow your customers to give opinions on where you should improve and where you should change completely.

In the early days, it was a little challenging to carry out research. But with the internet, it is now possible for your customers to tell you their views through taking part in a survey from the comfort of their home. The companies provide incentives in the form of rewards to encourage the customers to take the survey. The rewards may be in the form of gift cards, cash, discounts, and so on. YouGov is a survey site that conducts its research on the internet. Follow this review to find out more about the survey site.


YouGov is a market research company that you can join, and get paid to answer survey questions and share your opinion. The company has its headquarters in the United Kingdom, and it has been around since 2000. The site is available in many other countries around the world where you can join.

YouGov conducts polls online on a range of topics that include politics, public affairs, brands, and other issues that are of general interest.

Results from YouGov surveys are used by public affairs groups, news media, political campaigns, companies, and marketing agencies to analyze public opinion.

When you take a survey on YouGov, you will get points as a reward. You accumulate these points to a certain threshold, which you can later redeem for rewards.

YouGov Review

Name: YouGov

Description: Online paid surveys have a significant role to play in business circles. Every serious business will have a budget to conduct market research. The feedback they get from market research is crucial in helping in the decision-making process concerning the future of the company.

YouGov Summary

YouGov is one of the leading market research companies in the world. The company believes that the more customers can participate in the decision-making process of a business, the better the company decisions.

The company boasts of a global online community where millions of participants and thousands of commercial organizations engage in a conversation about their beliefs, behaviors, and brands. The company publishes several reports that include a survey of Wealth and Affluence, which offers comprehensive intelligence on a variety of industrial sectors.

The survey site has a website option that you can access through a computer. They also have a mobile app version. The apps are available for both iOS and Android. These help you to take the surveys while on the go. You will also get up to date with the latest polls available. To get the updates, you activate the push notifications that will come to your phone first.

The survey topics on the survey site can vary. However, most of them will focus on politics. Most of the time, the media publishes its surveys.

Eligibility criteria

For you to be eligible, you need to be 14 years and above for you to join if you are in the US. If you are below 18 years, you will require to have parental consent for you to register. For those in the UK, you must be 16 years and above.

YouGov is available in most countries in the world.

How to join

Joining the YouGov survey site is simple. It will only take you just a few minutes to register.

Go to their official website and start the sign-up process, when you open the site, you will require to select your country and group for you to continue.

Note that YouGov has different sign-up processes for different ages and groups. Be sure to select the right option. Failure to which you will not be able to sign up. For example, if you are in the UK, and you are a male, ensure you select “UK-males.”

After that, you will have to fill out a YouGov registration form. As you fill the form, you should provide accurate, current, and complete information about yourself. This is because the information will be crucial in making your profile and in matching you to surveys. If YouGov gets to know that the information you provided is untrue, they have a right to terminate your access to surveys and delete your account.

Once you complete the membership registration, you will get a membership account. Only one account is permitted per member. While signing up, you must use a unique email address. This means that even members of a household cannot each have an account using a shared email.

When you are through with the sign-up process, you will get 100 points after completing a short welcome survey that takes about three minutes.

YouGov rewards

The survey site offers a variety of reward options. These options vary from one country to another. You can get cash rewards through PayPal in some countries while in other countries, you will get gift cards. In some countries, YouGov has its lottery. You can use the points you acquire to get chances to win the lottery. There are a variety of prizes that you can win in the lottery.

For every survey you complete fully, you will get some points that will go to your YouGov Account. Most of the studies are around 5-15 minutes. For most of the polls, you will get 300-500 points. The longer the survey in duration, the more points you get. 1,400 points are equivalent to $1. In the United States, the minimum threshold points for you to redeem are 35,000, which is equal to a $15 gift card.

The surveys on this site are quite frequent as compared to other websites. YouGov will send you an email every time there is a new survey available. You can get 5-7 surveys a week, but this may vary from one country to another. The best thing about YouGov is that you will rarely receive an email inviting you to a survey that you do not qualify for. If for any case, you get disqualified from a poll, you will mostly get a match for another one.

The gift cards will take 2-3 weeks to receive after redemption.

How to earn on YouGov

YouGov offers you a variety of ways in which you can make an income. These include:

Online paid surveys

YouGov is an online survey site. As such, taking part in polls is the primary method of earning. As a participant, you will get a reward for taking part in the survey and sharing your opinion regarding different topics. After you sign up, you will start getting invitations to participate in surveys through your email. The number of requests you receive will depend on the demographic data that you provide.

If you have the mobile app, you will get a notification every time there is a new survey. By using the app, you can take part in the survey anytime and from anywhere.

Before taking a survey, you will see the estimated time that the survey will take. You will see the approximate points that you will earn when you complete the survey. The points will increase depending on the length and complexity of the survey.

YouGov will mostly only send you an invitation for the surveys that you qualify for depending on your demographic data.

Refer your friend

In some countries, the survey site offers you an opportunity to earn some extra points by inviting your friends and to the platform. After you sign up, you will get a link that you can use to invite your friends if the service is available in your country.

Note, you will not get the reward by just inviting friends. Once your friend joins the platform through your link, they will have to complete three surveys for you to earn a bonus. Once your friend completes three surveys, you will get 4,000 points to your account, while he/she will get an additional 2.000 points.

See the results of the survey

This is the only survey site that allows you to see the results of the surveys that you participate in. YouGov allows you to see what your answers in the questions were used for. Every month, they send out a newsletter where they link to national and international sources where their results have been quoted.

It can be interesting finding out how your answers to the survey questions were useful. You can also find this information on their website, where they have a section for the latest results.

Is YouGov real?

YouGov is not a fraud but a legit company that is worth joining. It is one of the most famous survey sites on the internet ever.

The survey site has been around for a long time, which is proof that it is performing well. It is free to join, and it is known to pay regularly without any issue. You have nothing to lose whatsoever by joining this survey site. Instead, you will be standing a chance to earn yourself some extra cash.



  • The YouGov website has an appealing design, and it is easy to use and navigate
  • The sites offer you some decent rewards in relation to time spent. The rewards for every survey will depend on how long and complicated a survey is.
  • The survey site gives you a chance to see the results of your survey. This is so unlike other survey sites.
  • Unlike other survey sites, YouGov will rarely send you surveys for which you do not qualify for. In case you get disqualification from a survey, you will get a match to another survey almost immediately.
  • You will not pay anything to join the survey site.


  • The survey site does not have as many surveys as other survey sites.
  • The site has quite a high minimum points threshold before you can redeem.
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YouGov Survey Center

PayoutCash, Gift Cards, Lottery
Minimum Payout$15
Payment MethodPayPal, Gift Cards, Lottery
Points Expiry12 months
Sign UpOnline

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How long does a typical survey on YouGov take?

Most of the surveys on this survey site are in the range of 5-15 minutes. Each survey you complete, you will get 300-500 points. The number of points you get will depend on how long a survey is.

Is the survey site legit?

This survey panel is a legit way of earning passive income online. The site has been around since 2000, and the longevity is proof that it is doing well. The results from the survey site have been useful to media houses and other organizations.

It is free to join the survey panel, and there is proof that they pay their participants.

What topics does the site cover?

The survey site conducts polls that touch on various topics. However, most of them focus on politics.

How can I earn on YouGov?

There are various options available for you to earn on YouGov. Being a survey panel, the primary method of earning is by taking part in paid online surveys. The surveys will be sent to you via email. You will only get an invitation to participate in surveys that you qualify for. You can also get new surveys on the mobile app.

The other way you can earn points is through their referral program. You have a chance to invite your friends to join the platform. When they join and complete three surveys, you will get 4,000 points while the friend will get 2,000 points.


YouGov is one of the most popular survey sites globally. It is a legit company that is worth joining. They have a decent rewarding system that will compensate you well for your time as you give your opinion on different topics. As such, nothing should stop you from signing up to the site and earn some extra income.

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