Digital Reflection Panel Review — Paid Surveys Legit or a Scam?

December 2, 2019

Did you know that you can get some cash by using your internet? Well, there is a company that rewards you as per your internet usage. You are promised a reward of $200 by signing and taking surveys. All you need is to provide data on how you use the internet in your home.

Digital Reflection Panel is one of the many survey sites online designed where you share your opinion and earn. You might have come across various survey sites that offer rewards in terms of cash, points while others give you gifts.

Digital Reflection Panel

Name: Digital Reflection Panel

Description: This is a market research company that aims to understand how you use the internet at your home with devices such as computers, phones, tablets, and laptops. When you become a participant, you will be among the contributors to how people use the internet and help companies find out the modern trends of internet use. While doing this, you will earn rewards as well as get honored through a tree planted in your name via the Trees of Knowledge program.

Digital Reflection Panel Summary

The platform gifts you a meter that is attached to your router to check on your internet use. This meter is called the digital reflection meter. The device is easy to install as well as applications. It only takes five minutes to set up and connect to your devices. After that, your earning begins. The best thing about the whole procedure is that once you have connected the device, the rest of the monitoring is taken care of. As long as the device stays still connected, you will continue to earn your rewards.

Is it legit or a scam?

Most of the survey sites will spam your inbox and never allow you to earn even if you provide the full information to the panel during registration. With Digital Reflection Panel, you will have doubts as to whether it’s real or scam.

This platform is legit as it keeps your information private and only shares your trends of internet use with various devices. Since it’s part of ComScore Inc., an internet research firm based in the US, it has been registered and granted permission to take opinions on users’ behaviors as far as internet use is concerned. The platform isn’t just one of the common ones as it features criteria for participating.

You will get a digital reflection gadget from the company for free, and once you complete installing, it starts to track your internet usage. Note that your login details remain private as it’s well encrypted. Only that, the private internet information you browse is shared with companies. In other words, the companies buy your information, and that’s how you earn passively after installing the device and having it running.


Before you join a survey platform, you need to check whether you are eligible. This helps save time as you are already aware of your position. If you qualify, then you can take part in your survey platform. Well, same with the Digital Reflection Panel, there is a criterion for selecting members to participate. You need to meet the following requirements.

  • You must be a resident of the United States to participate as most of the households for the survey are located in the US.
  • Kids under 16 years should have consent from the parents for them to participate in the program.
  • Ideally, you must be 18 years old and above to participate in the surveys
  • You need to have a wireless router with a pot where the meter will be attached
  • You need to be willing to install the meter to your router and give permission for monitoring
  • You must have a wireless network as the survey targets internet use in the home
  • Your internet should be for a single household and not shared with neighbors

How to Join the Platform

Joining the platform and earning is simple. You need to follow the simple steps below.

Note that the company always has an opening for individuals to register and participate. If you have a referral, then you will have to fill out a form and start the process.

You will fill out the questionnaire to check if you are eligible. Most of the questions revolve around internet use and the type of devices in the house.

You will need to review the terms of service and agree to them. This is like a contract you have with the platform.

You also need to confirm with all the household members about internet usage as their internet will also be monitored as long as they connect to the router with the digital reflection.

You will answer additional questions, and after that, you can share the shipping details for your meter.

The digital reflection has a manual that guides the installation process.

You will be required to log into your mail and download and install the digital reflection certificate.

Note that the company will always email you for updates and inquiries on your new devices.

Signing up

Once you are eligible and have already gone through the questions successfully, you can now head to the Digital Reflection Panel and complete the process. You will share personal information and contacts. Email address, phone number, and payment details are essential. After that, you can log into the platform either in English or Spanish.

How the platform works for you to earn and get rewards

Once you are registered and have the login information, you can always visit your email to get updates on your account progress. Here is a breakdown on how you will earn

At the initial installation of the meter, you get free $25. Apart from this, your installation speed will also get you rewards such that when you install the device within the first four days of receiving, you get a bonus of $25. When you keep the device installed and active for the first two months, you earn $60. You will also receive an additional $10 when the device is plugged in throughout per month.

Your first device update will earn you $25 as well. More so, you can get a possible subsequent reward of $5 for taking more surveys. All these cumulatively will earn you around $200 a year.

How the information collected works

The Digital Reflection Panel collects data on your internet behavior. The primary data collected includes; web browsers you use, search engines, type of device that’s connected, types of transactions done online, cookie information, the time spent on a site, the speed of the computer processor and memory capacity of your device. The device will also collect the internet connection speed, type of router you use, and kind of printer you use if you have one. All this information is shared with companies so that they can improve the way they package their services to serve you better.

How to withdraw and use the rewards

Once you have accumulated enough rewards, you can withdraw anytime you wish. The minimum withdrawal is $50 to your PayPal account. You can also exchange the money earned as gifts or use it as donations.

Pros and Cons

The Digital Reflection Panel comes with advantages and disadvantages. You will have the opportunity to gain much from the rewards with your internet use. Here are some of the positives we have concerning this platform.



  • It pays well as compared to other platforms. For instance, you will get a registration bonus and other monthly rewards for keeping the device installed.
  • You get paid in dollars, and this means you can withdraw via PayPal or convert the money into gifts and even donate to charity.
  • You hardly have any work on your side. Once you install the gadget and attach it to your router, the rest of the work goes to the panel. You will, therefore, make passive income with no or minimal tasks. That’s what many surveys yearn for.
  • The platform is simple to sign up for, and as long as you are eligible and provide the requirements as requested.
  • If you prefer not to continue, then you can opt-out easily by disconnecting the device.
  • Children can also participate in the parent’s supervision
  • You earn over $200 for the first year
  • You can decide what to do with the rewards by either donating to charity, converting to gift cards or withdrawing from PayPal.


  • Privacy concerns as your information is tracked. You might not be able to tell what will happen in a case sensitive information leaks.
  • It’s only for US residents and hence limited to participants outside the US
  • If the digital reflection gadget fails, you will not be able to continue with the program as the company takes time to respond to your questions
  • If your meter is not working, then the company won’t replace it
  • You cannot withdraw your rewards below $50
  • The site can quickly slow down your internet as its directly connected to it
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Digital Reflection Panel Survey Center

NameDigital Reflection Panel
Minimum Payout$50
Payment MethodPayPal
Points ExpiryNA
Sign UpOnline
LanguageEnglish, Español

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Why is Digital reflection Panel interested in my private internet life?

The main goal that makes this platform want to use your information is to check out on the trends of internet use and send the information to various companies so that they can improve for you to get better services.

How safe is my information with Digital Reflection Panel?

Digital Reflection Panel assures you of privacy as you have to sign an agreement with them to keep your information between you and the panel. You also agree to what information will be shared with the service providers.

How do I receive my payments?

With  Digital Reflection Panel, you have a clear payment channel, which is PayPal. You can decide to withdraw your rewards once you hit $50 or convert to gifts or donate to charity.

Can I opt-out?

Well, you are entitled to your privacy, and this platform doesn’t owe you your private life. Therefore, you can disconnect the device whenever you want or email them for assistance on how to stop data tracking.

Do you collect information from all family members?

The number of devices that use the internet will have their information collected. This is why you sign the consent form and hence the need to inform the users about the panel.


If you are a serious internet user, then Digital Reflection Panel will reward you for using your internet. This amount is not enough to make you rich but will help you settle a few things here and there. Note that the panel collects your sensitive information such as the browser history, and this might leave you worried as they share the information with companies. This means that before you decide to take part in this program, you need to be aware of this fact.

We have helped you with in-depth information about this Digital Reflection Panel and how you can utilize it to get free money. Go ahead and try as you improve your online stream of cash using the link to join.

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