Radial Insight Review — Paid Surveys Legit or a Scam?

December 5, 2019

One way of supplementing your budget is through passive strategies like GPT. Radial Insight presents an opportunity to make extra bucks on the side. You should know what to look out for when deciding on sites like Radial Insight. This review gets you covered, pick a few points about the survey panel and what they offer in rewards.

Radial Insight

Name: Radial Insight

Description: Radial Insight is a market research firm based in Arlington, Virginia. They have been in business for a decade. The panel collects opinions and perspectives on selected products and brands. US residents get a unique opportunity to express their views through structured surveys.

Radial Insight Summary

With their data on consumer insights, companies can use the info to make critical modifications to their products. They also collate customer satisfaction surveys and analyze them into meaningful reports.

Another ingenious idea they came up with is receipt rewards. This concept helps partner stores understand purchase behavior amongst their customers by tracking data.

And if you love politics too, this is for you! Radial Insight aides organized groups, civil society, and movements to understand the current political landscape.

Opinions collected through this site help shape policy formulation and direction of governance at the state and national levels.


Here is the deal! Panelists love this site based on the payouts they get for taking surveys.

You take home $10 for answering a 10-minute survey. That is an offer you won’t get anywhere else.

Even for the shortest surveys, you are assured of 3 dollars take-home. They value quality, and that explains why they pay so well.

Take note: The reward attached to a survey is paid through gift cards. And the good news is that they have the best partners around.

If you love shopping, then their Tango gift card is the best reward you can ever get. With the card, you can walk into any Starbucks, Best Buy, Whole Foods, iTunes, or to shop.

More joy awaits you when you shop in selected Tango card stores! These stores have a receipt extension app that tops up panelists’ accounts with more rewards.

Simply download the Receipt Reward extension and follow the steps provided. Once you log in to your account, submit the receipt number and wait for their confirmation.

After 48 hours, they will credit your account with $0.05 for each receipt. It may sound low, but if you are a repeat shopper, your earnings build-up gradually.


  • You must be a resident in the US to participate in Radial Insight surveys
  • To be a member, you must attain the age of 18
  • You should own a device to join; a smartphone, tablet or computer works fine
  • Members should have access to a stable internet connection
  • You cannot run multiple accounts from one device since the system detects the IP address
  • You should have a valid email address

How to Participate

To participate, follow these easy steps:

  1. Start by creating an account by clicking on the joining link: https://radialinsight.com/DefaultSurvey. At this point, if you reside outside the US, a rejection of your IP address happens immediately.
  2. Fill all the required demographic data required. You will fill your name, email address, zip code, address, state, and date of birth.
  3. Choose if you’d want to receive text messages or email notifications. Since they do not have a dashboard, they push survey links to you as they come.
  4. You will receive an email with the first survey as soon as you hit submit
  5. Follow the link to complete the survey (the same applies for subsequent surveys)
  6. In less than 5 minutes after you submit your survey, you will receive a reward link. You should create a Tango card account.
  7. They will send a link with the card number and pin.
  8. You can use the reward immediately or accumulate more earnings before using the earnings.

Take note: Redeeming of gift cards is initiated from your SMS or email inbox.

Picking from an earlier introduction of Receipt Rewards, here are the steps to follow to earn with this method:

  1. Ensure you have joined Radial Insight from their web page.
  2. Then register for Reward Receipts using this link: https://radialinsight.com/receipt-rewards
  3. Now download the Reward Receipts extension app on your computer. A quick note-The extension works only on chrome or Mozilla.
  4. Verify from your email that you want to add Reward Receipts as an extension on your browser.
  5. The system will then integrate Reward Receipts with your member account
  6. You will receive a card number and pin that enables you to track Reward Receipts

Mark this: Any time you shop after the two apps are connected, $0.05 is automatically loaded on your Tango card.

With Reward Receipts, you can monitor the following:

  • Submitted receipts
  • Accepted receipts
  • Receipt Rewards Earned
  • Receipt Rewards Paid
  • Receipt Rewards Pending


  • Radial Insight pays you instantly for answering surveys
  • The payouts exceed industry standards by far.
  • Signing up is free
  • You get current survey notifications on your email.
  • Surveys with this panel take a very short time, 10 minutes or less and you are done
  • The payout is instant as you receive your award once you complete the survey
  • The panel’s interface is integrated to work seamlessly on any device
  • They have no set threshold for payout so any amount can be redeemed any time
  • Tango card lists more than 160 retail stores in their catalog; you choose the favorite store you wish to redeem your gift card.
  • No pre-screening is done for panelists so no chance to get disqualified along the way
  • It attracts quality respondents since they do not pay cash. Usually, cash-paying panels lock out many respondents since they work on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • If you’d want to donate your earnings to a nonprofit, they give you that option too
  • It is a legit site
  • You get so many insights on their twitter page, most if not all tweets are visually presented.


  • Panelists prefer cash payouts, but Radial Insight does not provide this option; hence, you must work with gift cards.
  • There are few surveys, so you cannot rely on the panel to substitute your day job
  • It lacks a member dashboard making it difficult for members to track paid and unpaid surveys. This means that you should keep emails and text messages for accountability.
  • The FAQ section is scanty, they are mean with information.
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Radial Insight Survey Center

NameRadial Insight
Minimum PayoutNA
Payment MethodTango Card
Points ExpiryNA
Sign UpOnline

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What type of surveys does Radial Insight offer?

This panel distributes multi-sectoral surveys depending on the client at hand. Surveyors working with Radial Insights include companies, nonprofits, and governments.

Surveys touch on various topical issues that inform policy review, product improvement, and customer satisfaction. A panelist doesn’t need to answer surveys that they aren’t comfortable with.

How long will it take me to answer a survey?

Radial Insight surveys do not consume more of your time. It is rare to get surveys that exceed 10 minutes.

On average, surveys take around 5 minutes. Again, the surveys are structured in a multi-choice format, which makes it easy for you to respond.

How much time does it take to make a payout?

Payouts for surveys taken happens immediately. Expect your account to reflect within 5 minutes of completing a survey.

Also, if you have linked your Retail Insight survey with Reward Receipts, as soon as you complete shopping, the reward receipt automatically updates on the system.

Is this panel legit?

Yes, it is legit. They have experience spanning ten years. They do have a registered office where you can visit to meet the team in person.

They have partnered with key players in the rector sector across the US. It would be impossible to forge such partnerships without credibility.

Do I earn cash?

No. The panel does not pay panelists in cash. The target group is people who love shopping and wish to get more.

Their mode of settling rewards is through gift cards. With a Tango card, you would be spoilt for choice as to which store to pick.

Why don’t you have a dashboard to check earnings?

Since this is a side hustle for most members, it is unlikely that someone will be glued to the screen waiting for one or two surveys a week.

To make it easy for everyone, Radial Insights allows you to choose from either SMS or email mode of communication. Every time a survey arrives, the success rate is higher when sent to the panelist’s preferred communication channel.

Why am I not able to access Receipt Rewards?

There is a high chance that you are using a browser that is not recommended. Or the browser is outdated.

To be able to access Reward Receipts, you must have its extension. Its app runs only on Chrome and Mozilla.

Do you pre-qualify me for surveys?

No. The panel does not conduct any pre-screening for you to take surveys. It relies on the initial data collected at the registration stage.

It is unlikely that your responses will be disqualified halfway through the survey. The completion rate for Radial Insight surveys stands at more than 90%.

What do you do with my responses and personal information?

Your responses are solely used for research and never shared with third parties. As a market research company, this is a daily job.

One aspect that retail stores want to know is the purchasing habits amongst their customers. They also want to know the shopping frequencies, which helps them in designing marketing strategies.

They want to understand their customers and develop products best suited for them.

As for politicians and government, this site is helpful in policymaking, while for nonprofits, it is an excellent tool for reaching out to the community.

Can I opt-out of Radial Insight?

Yes, you can. Like many subscription apps, you can initiate the process from your latest email.

When the admin unsubscribes you, you won’t receive any further emails. If you want to return, you have to join again.

How can I reach you?

There are many ways you can reach Radial Insight. The panel has a dedicated social media team that is active on twitter.

On the website, there is a HELP menu that you can type your issue and get answers immediately. Besides, you can send an email to support@radialinsight.com or write a letter to Radial Insight, LLC | P.O. Box 17201, Arlington, VA 22216.


There is no doubt that you can make extra dollars with Radial Insight. With many advantages, it is the choice platform for anyone to consider. Much as it may not make you rich, it is an opportunity to supplement your daily income. Unlike other platforms, this is the easiest one to use. You do not need to keep logging in as they do not even have a dashboard. All you have to do is stay alert with your email.

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