SendEarnings Review — Online Paid Surveys Legit or Scam?

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SendEarnings®You have probably heard about paid online surveys. You probably thought that the deal was too good to be true. The truth is, some are legit while others are not. Most of the reliable sites don’t need you to pay any registration fee to sign up; they just need you to fill in personal details like your age, country, etc. start earning money.

An example of such a site is SendEarnings. In this article, you will get a keen review of how you can sign up and what you need to do to earn using the site.

SendEarnings Review

Name: SendEarnings

Description: SendEarnings is an online survey that conducts surveys on behalf of other companies and brands. It helps to connect brands with people. SendEarnings started in 2000, but it was acquired later by CotterWeb enterprises in 2005. Joining the site is free. It pays its members for every survey they take. Since it started, it has gained millions of members who actively take part in the surveys and other activities held by SendEarnings.

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About SendEarnings

SendEarnings is a company under InboxDollar, which started in 2000. Over the years, the company has worked with many different brands in marketing and branding. After inboxDollar acquired SendEarnings in 2005, it went ahead and expanded in the UK, where it launched InboxPounds in 2012. It also recorded massive growth in Canada and launched DailyReward in 2014. Later in May 2019, InboxDollar was acquired by Prodege LCC and became part of the company.

Eligibility Criteria

Before you sign up with SendEarnings, it’s good to go through their terms and conditions and make sure you agree to the terms. By doing so, you avoid scenes where you get disqualified when you have accumulated money, and you are about to withdraw.

Below are some of the rules:

  • You must be 18years and above.
  • The site allows members from the US only.
  • You must have a smartphone or a computer or a laptop to access the site.
  • You must have access to the internet.
  • Every member of SendEarnings must be an individual and not a corporation.
  • You must give the correct information on your profile. In any case, you lie, and the system detects it, you risk closure of your account, and losing your earnings.
  • All members must follow the rules set in place by the site.
  • Members are not allowed to create more than one account, and different people using the same mailing address or multiple people using the same PC or smartphone to sign in.
  • To get the sign-up bonus, members must activate their accounts after joining.
  • In any case, you want to cancel your account, go to your account page and click on the cancel link. When you cancel your account, the earnings in your account and the referrals you had acquired get canceled.
  • After you create your account, create a secure password because you’ll be responsible if any breach happens, the site is not liable.
  • Make sure you regularly update your profile. If by any case, you change and do not update and it is detected, your account may lead to deactivation.
  • When selecting a delivery address for your cheque, you should make sure it’s safe because SendEarnings will not take responsibility for any check lost or stolen.
  • If the check is not used in 90days after sending, it leads to automatic cancelation.

How to sign up

  • The signing in process is simple; all you need to do is to click on the sign-up link on their website.
  • Fill in all the detail asked correctly
  • After filling in your details, activate your account to receive the sign-up bonus.
  • After you have done all that, you will receive a message confirming your membership.

How to earn using SendEarnings

There are different ways to earn using SendEarnings. Each way has a different pay rate. After signing in, members are required first to complete the three listed surveys, which include profile survey, household survey, and interest survey. Using the details provided in those surveys, SendEarnings will be in a position to provide each member with a survey that suits their profile.

Reading paid emails

The primary way to earn with SendEarnings is by reading paid emails. Every email gets paid, and the more emails you read, the more you get paid. There are no limitations to how many you can read. The only requirement is you click the link in the email that takes you back to SendEarnings as that is the only way you’ll get paid.

Take surveys

The other way to earn is by taking the survey. Surveys are available to you, depending on the demographics. Each survey has a specific set time, but on average most surveys take 4-6minutes. The average payment of surveys ranges from 0.50 -$5. How much you get paid for the survey depends on how complex the survey was and the specified time it should take.

Taking offers

The other way is by taking offers where you can sign in other websites and get paid or even signing in for free trials. Before you take any offer, make sure you know the terms and conditions as some may require you to pay. Offers that come with high rewards have more risks. It’s up to you to decide if the offer and the payment is worth the risk.

Playing games

Playing games is also another way to make money with SendEarnings. You do not earn any money by taking part in the games, but you earn money when you win in the games. If you have no interest in the games, do not take part as you may end up losing your money. On the other hand, if you love playing games, it’s a fun way of making money.


The other way to make money with SendEarnings is by using the site’s search engine optimization to search. It will earn you some points. How much you earn by searching is limited per day.

Watching videos

Watching videos is also another way to earn using SendEarnings. All you need to do is to watch videos that are on their sites and get paid. It’s as simple as that.


Do you love shopping online? SendEarnings is the place to be for you. When you shop using the sites listed and use the links on the site. You get discounts on what you buy and also get to earn some points.

Using coupons

SendEarnings has hundreds of grocery coupons that can be printed. Every coupon you redeem, you get 10 cents. By doing so, you get to save some money and also earn some points. It’s like almost getting paid twice.


You have the option to refer your family and friends. For every person you refer, and they sign in to be active members, you get $1. After the member you referred earns, you get 10% of what they earn. You refer people using your customized referral link.

Listening to radio

SendEarnings has its radio station, which is always playing music. You earn points by listening to it. The only problem is you can’t open other pages when listening to their radio. You must stay on their page.

Is SendEarnings a scam?

With many scam survey sites on the net, it’s hard to know which site is legit and the one that is a scam. SendEarnings is a legit site. The fact that it has existed for all those years is proof that it is something that people can trust. Apart from that, it has paid millions of dollars to its members over the years.

Payment Terms

After you have reached the minimum amount required to withdraw, the amount is sent to you using the mailing address you provided in the form of a check. That first time, the payment process may take around two weeks. After that, you acquire gold membership that comes with better terms like quick processing of the payment and direct deposit to your account.

Other benefits that come with gold membership are every time you reach your minimum target. The payment gets processed that week. When new members join SendEarnings without being referred to, the gold members are given a piece of the referral. They also get exclusive monthly offers. The gold members also get a double bonus when they search with SendEarnings.

How much can one earn with SendEarnings?

It’s hard to estimate how much one can earn using the site, but it all depends on the efforts you make in taking part. The more time you spend on the site, the more you earn. Apart from that, the activities you choose to take part in will also determine how much you earn, so choose wisely.

It’s good to note that if your account remains inactive for a long time, SendEarnings will deactivate it, and you can only activate it again after six months.


  • SendEarnings has many ways to earn money, unlike other sites that do not have a variety of ways. It gives you options to choose from. With many ways of earning, you can reach the minimum amount required to withdraw faster.
  • It takes fewer days to pay, unlike other sites. This means you can depend on their payments. After the first check is sent to your mail, the other payments are disbursed every Wednesday.
  • Joining the site is free, and the questions asked during the joining process are easy, which makes the whole process seamless.
  • You do not need any experience or level of education to join SendEarnings and take part in the surveys. Every person who can read can join the site.


  • After you have joined the site, you will be receiving numerous spam messages and emails.
  • The minimum amount required one can withdraw is high. It takes a long time to get to that amount. Apart from that, when withdrawing, $3 is deducted from the $30 you earn as a processing fee.
  • You can’t get rich using the site. The amount you get is only a top-up of what you get from your other job. You can not depend on it to pay your bills. This is great for a side gig to supplement your primary income-generating activity.
Minimum PayoutNA
Payment MethodCheck, Direct Deposit
Points ExpiryNA
Sign UpOnline

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How many paid emails will I receive per day?

The emails you receive per day depends on how active your account is. If you are an active user of the site, you can receive three emails per day, but if you are not active, you may end up not receiving any. If you are active but do not receive emails, you can send your complaint to

Do I have to sign up again for the paid emails?

You do not have to sign up. Once you have opened the paid emails and read, you earn your point, but signing up for those paid emails will also earn you some extra coins. You get to choose what you want.

How much do I need to sign up for the site?

Signing up is free; you do not need to pay anything to sign up. All you need is to enter your details, and you get confirmed as a member via email, which they send to you a few minutes after signing up.

No one would hate to get paid for spending a few minutes online, taking surveys. Sign up to the SendEarnings site and get paid for helping companies while you watch their videos, open emails, and some other easy tasks. How easier than this can it get?

In the end, everyone gets to get what they want, the site receives the information, and you get the cash. In addition to the money, you get to know when new products get introduced in the market, which makes it a mutually beneficial relationship.