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February 17, 2020

The beauty and cosmetics industry is advancing, and more people are now searching for elite products to meet their requirements. Manufacturers are competing to produce the best products to suit the customer’s needs.

Well, how do they know that you are content with the products?

It’s difficult for companies to find out about your experiences. That’s why Survey.Medallia.Com/Sephora/Usa conducted by Medalia delivers the required outcomes. You will have the opportunity to speak your mind while the company listens.

In this write-up, we will share with you the details you need for you to participate in the survey easily.

Sephora Survey

Name: Sephora Survey

Description: Sephora deals with beauty products and has its headquarters in France. However, the company also has outlets worldwide, with the majority in the US. These outlets service millions of customers daily, and thousands of employees should offer satisfactory services to all their customers.

Sephora Survey Summary

When shopping, there is no guarantee that all will go well. Sometimes, you might miss the products you want to buy and hence get frustrated. Other times, you might face a hostile environment while making the purchase. These inconsistencies are likely to go unheard if you do not share it with the management.

The management has Survey.Medallia.Com/Sephora/Usa for you to share your feedback after shopping. The online survey requires you to get a purchase receipt with an invitation code to the survey. Other than this online survey, there is also the online request for you to participate in the sweepstakes and win the grand prize of a $250 gift card.

Therefore, if you want to participate in the online survey, ensure you keep your receipt safely for the upcoming survey.

Why Participate in Sephora Survey?

Your experiences, during and after buying in any Sephora store, matter a lot. The company is interested in your feedback so that they can continue expanding and offering you the best services. Remember that this company has been in the business for over 50 years and is still developing. It, therefore, values your feedback to grow.

Your honest feedback will cause significant changes in the way things are run in the stores.

The company, in return, appreciates your effort and time taken when sharing your feedback. It, therefore, gives you an equal opportunity to enter the sweepstakes and win a $250 gift card.

Survey.Medallia.Com/Sephora/Usa questions depend on your experience, and that’s why they are simple and straightforward. You will use less than ten minutes to finish them and submit the feedback.

Eligibility Criteria and Rules

These rules, set in place by Sephora, guide the whole survey process and also makes it authentic. Here are the requirements for you to participate in the survey.

  • The participating age is 18 years and above
  • You can have a purchase receipt with a code for the online survey
  • Offline participation doesn’t require a purchase receipt
  • You must be a resident in the 50 states of America
  • If you are related to the company as an employee, family members and even suppliers then you are not eligible for the survey
  • You need a gadget that has a good browser and can access the internet such as a laptop and phone for the online survey
  • An active internet connection is crucial for you to complete the survey fast
  • You must be able to recall your experiences during the last shopping
  • Ability to share honest feedback is key
  • You must also share your contacts including your mailing address, email and phone number so that the company can communicate with you for follow up and when announcing the winner


Sephora Survey Restrictions

Other than the rules above and the criteria, Survey.Medallia.Com/Sephora/Usa also restricts the following

  • Participating on behalf of the actual visitor
  • Tampering with the information in the survey website as it will be a criminal case
  • Making a call to influence the outcome
  • Giving false information and attacking messages
  • No changing or sharing of the gift
  • The old receipts are not useful, ensure the receipt is a recent one
  • Once you win, redeem the bonus within 30 days, or it will expire


Sephora Survey Questions

Your shopping experiences are the primary focus of the survey, and that’s why you need to remember most of your shopping details. Some of the questions you will come across include:

  • The overall rating you have for the restaurant
  • Quality of the items you got from the stores
  • The view on the prices on the products you bought
  • Was your order delivered on time?
  • The mode of payment and if it’s efficient
  • Is the store well stocked
  • Your view on the store’s cleanliness and the environment around
  • The behavior and attitude of staff towards you
  • What are your suggestions and recommendations for the company?


Sephora Survey Rewards

By completing the survey, you will have an equal chance to get a gift card worth $250 redeemable at any of the stores around the US. This gift card cannot be transferred or exchanged for money. Use it for your shopping and save the amount you would have spent on your cosmetics.

Apart from the gift card, you will also receive offers and discounts earlier than other shoppers. The company will use your contact information to inform you of any offers and discounts beforehand.

How to Participate and Win?

Before you start, it is worth noting that there are two ways for you to participate and enter the sweepstakes. You can use the online survey that requires a purchase receipt, or you can use the mailing option that requires no purchase. We will discuss the two methods below.

Entry Via the Online Survey

· You must have a purchase receipt with an invitation code ready for use

· Make sure the receipt isn’t more than three days old

· Using your computer, open your browser and click on this link

· It will take you to the survey site where you choose your preferred language between English and Spanish

· Input the details on your receipt as requested by the site

· Ensure the numbers are correct to avoid login issues.

· Click start to proceed to the survey questions

· Provide honest feedback as you answer the survey questions

· Rate where necessary and after that share your recommendations and suggestions with the company on how and where to improve

· Provide your contacts for communication about the winnings and also for clarification. You must share your email id, phone number and mailing address

· Click submit and wait for the grand prize

Entry Via Mail

You don’t need a laptop or internet. You also don’t need a purchase receipt.

Take a piece of paper and write down your full name, phone contacts, and mailing address. Put the paper in an envelope, and then send it to Sephora Headquarters Office Address Details,525 Market Street,32nd Floor San Francisco, CA 94105-2708, United States.

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • It’s easy to navigate the website and take the survey
  • The questions are based on your experiences and are, therefore, simple
  • It takes less than ten minutes of your time
  • You have an equal chance to win the grand prize of $250 gift card
  • There is an online and offline survey option for you to choose from


  • The receipt expires after a few days of purchase
  • The gift card should be used within the given days or else it will expire
  • Eligible for American residents only
  • If you opt for the online survey, you need a purchase receipt
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Sephora Survey Center

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Prize Expiry5 days
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LanguageEnglish, Spanish

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How do I get the winning news?

For you to get the winning news, you must share your contact details, including phone number, email, and mailing option. The company will use them to notify you of the winnings. This is why you need to be keen when sharing the details so that you don’t miss the prize you deserve.

How is the winner determined?

Once you participate in Survey.Medallia.Com/Sephora/Usa, you enter the sweepstakes. This allows you to have an equal chance of winning. The outcome is a random selection, and that’s why it will enable even those without a purchase receipt to participate.

How secure are my contacts on Survey.Medallia.Com/Sephora/Usa?

The privacy policy ensures you have a guideline on how Sephora uses your contacts. The company is a caring partner and won’t share your contacts with third parties. The purpose remains for communication between you and the company. In case the company wants to share them with the suppliers, then you must give consent. The only information shared with suppliers is your opinions.

How should I solve the login issues?

There are a few things that can result in login issues. These include the following

· Bad browser

· Poor internet connection

· Failure to accept cookies

· Faulty device

· Location access denied

· Using an expired receipt

· Wrong entry of information

Some of the issues above can be solved by you so that you continue with the survey smoothly. Customer care will address site-related other problems. So contact the customer care using the contact details shared in this write-up.

What is the relationship between Medalia and Sephora Survey?

Well, the survey for Sephora is available at Survey.Medallia.Com/Sephora/Usa. Medallia is a firm that collects feedback on behalf of Sephora. Once it has the input well analyzed, the firm shares the outcomes with the company for review.

How do I contact Sephora customer care?

The company has contacts so that you can reach out to them in case you have concerns. It has the email option, mailing address phone calls, and social media platforms. You can choose the option that will serve you well and get assistance.

· Sephora Headquarters Office Address Details,525 Market Street,32nd Floor San Francisco, CA 94105-2708, United States


We believe you have the full details and how to go about the Sephora experience survey. It’s a survey that gives you the chance to share and win. The company values this feedback and has a team of experts who review the feedback word by word. That’s why your honesty is vital when responding to the survey.

If you are a beauty and cosmetics enthusiast, then you are going to love the Sephora survey. Besides, there are so many products you could get with the $250 gift card, so why not take the survey today?

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