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January 30, 2020

JCPenney store is working hard to improve its services and attract more customers to its stores. To achieve this, the store has a survey where you give feedback after your shopping experience. In exchange, you win 15% off on your next shopping.

The company listens as you speak and takes into consideration your suggestions. That’s why it’s important you participate in www.JCPenney.com/Survey after your shopping. If you want to save on your upcoming shopping, then keep your current receipt for your survey. We will take you through the process of taking the JCPenney survey. Follow through and win.


Name: www.JCPenney.com/Survey

Description: www.JCPenney.com/Survey is the official customer survey launched by JCPenney. Customers get to leave feedback on their recent visit, and also give suggestions. It helps JCPenney to improve it's customer service and offer in-demand products.

www.JCPenney.com/Survey Summary

www.JCPenney.com/Survey works for over 800 locations in the USA. The management decided to introduce this survey so that they can help you get the best services every time you visit one of the stores.

Since the stores serve millions of customers daily, the feedback you give will still serve customers better since you will have voiced concerns on behalf of other shoppers. Once you take part in the survey process, you will win lots of rewards, including a discount coupon redeemable during your next visit. Besides, you will be among the lucky winners to take away the $500 gift card in the sweepstakes.

www.JCPenney.com/Survey process requires you to purchase from the store and use the code on the receipt as an entry into the online survey. The receipt should be a recent one so that you can easily recollect the experience you had while shopping.

The questions you will come across follow your experience at the store, and that’s why everyone who participates in the survey loves the way the questions have been oversimplified for you to have an easy time responding.

Honesty is critical, and that’s what the company believes in. Once you give honest feedback, you will give the company an accurate reflection of their store, and if there are changes to be made, then they take a short time. Moreso, while taking the survey, remember that the rules are essential. Always read them and understand. Later in this writeup, we will discuss the rules and regulations.

Why do you need to take part in the www.JCPenney.com/Survey?

JCP Survey is an opportunity for shoppers to save on their purchases. If you are wondering how this is possible, then it’s time to grab that receipt and win amazing discounts on your purchases. Here are the reasons you don’t need to miss the survey.

Your feedback is an asset to the company as it influences decision making

The survey is vital since you share your concerns, and they get resolved faster and hence improving your next time shopping experience.

Additionally, the survey has simple questions that will take you less time, and the results will be fantastic gifts and discount coupons where you save while you shop.

www.JCPenney.com/Survey Eligibility Criteria

Each company has its own rules for the surveys. The rules are vital since they guide the entire survey process. Besides, the rules make the survey authentic and also brings out the legitness of the company that spearheads the survey. Since JCPenney is a corporation serving millions of customers daily all over the US, they also have eligibility, rules, and regulations that you need to agree to before you take the JCP Survey. These are the rules;

  • The survey is open to legal residents of the US since most of the stores are there
  • If you are 13 years and above, then you can participate in the survey process
  • Purchasing in the store and keeping the receipt is also vital as the receipt offers you access to the site.
  • If you are an employee, supplier, family member, or closely associated with the company, then you are not eligible.
  • You must have a gadget that accesses the internet and capable of browsing the internet, e.g., phones, laptops, etc
  • A reliable internet connection is vital for you to spend less time on the survey
  • Are you able to speak and write English or Spanish? If yes, then you are eligible. The two languages are vital to the survey. You choose the one that suits you.
  • You need to remember at least some of the experiences during your last visit since they will cover a considerable area of the survey questions
  • You must be willing to share your contacts for feedback in case you win. The phone details, email ID, and Mailing address, among other things, are key.
  • Set aside some time to complete the survey


www.JCPenney.com/Survey Restrictions

  • Taking the survey on behalf of the actual visitor is not allowed
  • Exchanging or transferring the survey reward is not possible
  • Hacking the survey site to influence the results is not allowed
  • If the state decides to stop the survey, then it’s nullified
  • Relatives, friends, and staff are not allowed to participate
  • The purchase receipt has a one-time entry
  • Always check the expiry date on your receipt


www.JCPenney.com/Survey Questions

The questions are attractive since they focus on your overall experiences while you were shopping. Besides, you get rewarded for giving the feedback and hence the need to remember the experiences you had in store. These questions will take a few minutes to complete if you have a great internet connection. Below, find some of the topics you should expect.

  • Rating the overall experience at the store
  • Giving your feedback on the treatment received from the staff were they friendly or not
  • Your say on the pricing and the quality of items purchased
  • The cleanliness of the store and the environment
  • Comment on the speed at which your order came through
  • Your recommendations and suggestions for the management regarding the store


How to take part in the www.JCPenney.com/Survey?

The following steps will help you take the survey and get the rewards in plenty. If you are willing to get a 10% discount on your next shopping, then get ready for the survey. But before that, make sure you read the eligibility criteria, rules, regulations, and the survey restrictions. At no point should you go against the set requirements as this will lead to disqualification

Step 1: Have the receipt ready and the laptop or device you intend to use

Step 2: On your browser, search for the JCPenney Customer satisfaction survey or click on the jcpenney.com/survey link to access the survey site.

Step 3: Once you are on the site, choose your preferred language between English and Spanish

Step 4: Enter the code on the survey receipt for you to access the survey questions

Step 5: Click start and get to the survey questions. As said earlier, recall your previous experiences at the store and respond to the questions honestly. The management depends on your feedback for significant decisions.

Step 6: Once you complete the questions, share your contact details. The contacts will be useful when notifying you if you are a winner. Your phone contacts, email ID, and other contacts are essential.

Step 7: Click submit and wait for the final rewards once the sweepstake results are out. If you are the lucky winner, then the rewards below will follow your way.

www.JCPenney.com/Survey Rewards 

Every company has rewards for the participants in the different surveys. Similarly, the www.JCPenney.com/Survey with incredible rewards to thank you for the effort and time you took while giving honest feedback. The rewards include

  • The grand prize of $500 at the end of the survey might be yours
  • The discount coupon that guarantees you 10% off your next purchase is also key
  •  You will also receive updates concerning offers in the stores so that you can have the first-hand experience on the purchases.

All the rewards and offers above only come when you take the time to share your feelings with the company. As seen above, the process is easy and takes less time to win such significant rewards.

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  •  The survey is legit since the stores are all over
  • The feedback improves the services in your favorite store
  • You get the discount coupon as well as the chance to win the $500 grand prize
  • You can participate as many times as possible
  •  The survey questions are about the store and the experiences
  • The survey site is easy to navigate and share your feedback
  • You have an equal chance of winning the grand prize
  • The age limit is 13+ years


  • You can’t share, transfer or exchange the prize
  • Only American citizens are eligible
  • You must purchase a token to get the receipt for entry
  • The receipt has an expiry date
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www.JCPenney.com/Survey Center

NameJCP Survey
Winner(s)Every Participant
Validation Code7 days
Prize Expiry30 days
Purchase Yes

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Who owns the www.JCPenney.com/Survey?

The site belongs to JCPenney Company, which is an American department store chain with 865 locations in 49 US states and Puerto Rico. It has specialized in retail by selling goods to consumers. The survey is in place to help customers and the company in growth.

How do I redeem my www.JCPenney.com/Survey coupon discount?

If you win the coupon discount after the survey, you get 15% off your next purchase. This means that you can visit any of the JCPenney Company, Inc stores, and claim your reward. Just present the evidence for participation and share the coupon code so that they deduct the discount from your purchase. This allows you to save a lot.

What information do I need to participate in the www.JCPenney.com/Survey?

The information you will need from your receipt includes the 22 digit code, the date, and time you visited the store. The date is critical since the receipt has an expiry time, so ensure you work on the survey earlier to keep the receipt valid. If you input the right codes in the spaces provided on the survey site and click start, you will have an entry into the JCP Survey. If you miss anything from the receipt, then your entry is rejected.

Do I need to share my contact details in the www.JCPenney.com/Survey? What’s the purpose?

Yes, you need to share the correct contact details so that you get notifications in case you win and also alerts on offers available. The contacts will remain private property between you and the company. At no time will the company share the contact details with third parties. If there is a need for sharing contacts, then you will get the reasons behind and agree to them or reject them.

How can I solve issues associated with accessing the www.JCPenney.com/Survey?

Sometimes you can be denied access to the site because your region is not eligible. Also, the policy on cookies might not be working. You must accept cookies as some surveys require you to accept. Your internet connection can also be an issue that requires setting. Lastly, the gadget you are using can be trouble. Before you call or raise your concerns with the customer care, ensure you have already resolved some of the possible issues. You can, after that, call in for assistance if the problem persists.

How can I raise my concerns about www.JCPenney.com/Survey with the customer care desk?

This is a legit company that provides contact details to the customer so that you can request assistance in case of issues like the ones raised above. There are various ways provided through which you can air your concerns. Choose the one that suits you from the list below.

  • Head Office Address JCPenney Company, Inc. Shareholder Services 6501 Legacy Drive Plano, TX 75024
  • Phone: (972) 431-1000
  • Contact: 1-800-322-1189



If you are a shopper at one of the many JCPenney stores, then you have an advantage. Once you purchase anything from the store, make sure you keep the receipt and participate in www.JCPenney.com/Survey within seven days from the date of purchase. The receipt has a unique code that gives you an entry into the survey platform.

Having gone through this writeup, you will have an easy time taking part in the survey. All the rules are there to guide you through. However, if you come across difficulties, leave a comment so that we can help you through it. Alternatively, you can use the contacts above if it’s an emergency.

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