Socratic Forum Review — Paid Surveys Legit or a Scam?

December 7, 2019

Many of you are probably stuck in the employment rat-race or thinking of ways to tap into new ways of earning passive income. It is about time you considered joining survey panels like the Socratic Forum. This panel offers you flexible ways of making some extra bucks and other exclusive rewards. In this review, we examine all the factors you should look at before deciding to join.

Socratic Forum®

Name: Socratic Forum

Description: Engaging with any company requires a keen examination of its performance and historical path. The best thing to do is to check the company profile on their website, company reports, or reading reviews posted online. That said-where did the Socratic Forum come from? The internet doesn't have information about this panel, but what we gathered is that it is based in Sebastopol, California.

Socratic Forum Summary

Digging deeper, we realized that they operate under the guidance of Socrates Technologies. All indications show that Socrates Forum is a proprietary panel.

They follow a defined methodology of conducting research. Among the methods employed include Advertising Testing, Brand Assessment, Data Visualization, Environmental Design, Line Analysis and Optimization, Positioning, and Segmentation.

Additionally, they use Concept and Product Testing, Online Quantitative and Techniques, as well as Satisfaction Research.

From their website, they state that they help companies develop new products. Besides, they help them improve brand awareness, conduct promotions, product testing before releases, and customer satisfaction.

They have systems in place to collect spatial data relevant to companies wishing to scale globally. With a diversity of opinions, they help influence the development of new products suited for different markets.

Through their web-based surveys, they have penetrated different survey fields. They have several running projects in the fields of Technology, Software, E-commerce, B2B solutions, and the Demand-Supply Market Environments.

For their panelists, they have different ways of earning rewards. After responding to their surveys, you earn cash or online gift certificates.

They have a referral program where you can earn from too. And they are flexible on how you use their rewards-you can donate to charity.

If you love draws, they also run sweepstakes. For the lucky winners, the rewards are life-changing.

Their paid surveys don’t take up much time. The shortest surveys go for 5 minutes, while the longest ones take 25 minutes.

Eligibility and Rules

To use this panel, you must acquaint yourself with the rules in place. You must also learn what they check for you to be eligible.

Let us sample what you need to know:

  • To participate, you must be 18 years and above
  • They only allow a single entry to sweepstakes draws
  • Winners of their sweepstakes are notified through email
  • Sweepstakes draw happens six weeks preceding submission of entries
  • They consider the first entry of the sweepstakes if a member enters multiple tickets
  • They prohibit automated device entries to sweepstakes by tracking IP addresses, and any suspicious behavior leads to disqualification.
  • To receive surveys, you must duly fill their online registration form
  • The sponsor is not responsible for late entries submitted by panelists. Late data become the property of the sponsor. The same applies to garbled and corrupted data.
  • You should provide accurate addresses to help in delivering physical prizes
  • They do not allow staff and close family members to take part in their surveys and draws. Staff from partner advertising firms and affiliates cannot participate as well
  • Tax liability is the responsibility of the panelist
  • Draw winners must file affidavits and return them for processing of final payment within 15 days. The filling of these details does not guarantee payment. Participants must undergo a due diligence process first.
  • You cannot transfer you winning to a third party; neither can you exchange a physical prize for cash.
  • There is no obligation to participate in Socratic Forum surveys, meaning unanswered surveys on your inbox doesn’t affect you or the panel in any way.

How to Participate

Taking part in Socratic Forum surveys is an easy affair. Simply follow these few steps:

  1. First access their website through this link:
  2. Click on the join now tab
  3. Fill all the required profile information
  4. Create and confirm a password
  5. Hit ‘submit’ once you have completed the form
  6. Check your email to verify the newly created account
  7. Follow the verification link that redirects you to your account
  8. Check if there are existing surveys

Note: Socrates Forum disables the JOIN NOW page when they are not accepting new members.


Joining Socratic Forum assures you of different rewards, as mentioned earlier. With surveys, they pay way above the industry standards. A typical survey earns a panelist up to $75. Mind you that is work completed within 25 minutes.

You may ask about the mode of paying for surveys; this panel pays via check, so a panelist should provide an accurate address for receiving checks.

Sweepstakes give entrants unlimited chances to win gifts, cash, and merchandise. Imagine winning the latest home theater releases from Socratic draws? They have top quality merchandise featuring the latest releases in the tech industry.

The selection of entrants for sweepstakes takes a specific criterion. Only special surveys qualify a panelist to enter for running sweepstakes. Besides, those special surveys are awarded on an invitation basis alone.

Together with sponsors, they have other ways of rewarding panelists. They love delighting their panelists by offering electronic merchandise and other products.



  • They keep member profiles private-they have a comprehensive privacy policy that protects panelists from any form of infringement or misuse of personal information.
  • Their surveys pay lucratively; some pay up to $75 for a single survey
  • For an exciting experience, they use a minimalist web page design approach.
  • A simple landing page makes the site easily accessible by panelists with the most basic knowledge of IT.
  • Before starting any survey, they post the expected earnings for the panelist to decide if they wish to proceed-the technique helps you evaluate if it is worth the time.
  • The minimum payment threshold stands at $5, a figure that beats what other panels allow for withdrawal.
  • Participation in their surveys is voluntary, so if you get invited you can ignore to respond
  • Most members vouch for their reliability in delivering payments on time
  • They work with third party panels to ensure that you don’t run out of surveys
  • On their website, they announce earnings paid out each month
  • The panel allows international membership


  • In an event where there is an error, delays, omission, interruption of service, unexplained deletion, defect, or system delays, Socratic Forum does not take responsibility.
  • Panelists complain of getting fewer surveys, every month. The average is between 2 and 3 surveys.
  • Their website provides scanty information about the firm, making prospective members shy away from joining the panel.
  • They impose penalties for attempting to answer surveys that you do not qualify based on profile information provided at the registration phase.
  • The recruitment of new members is slow. There are also reports of existing members being blocked to access the site.
  • Processing of all redemption requests happens once in a month; hence no chance to enjoy earnings within a few days.
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Socratic Forum Survey Center

NameSocratic Forum
PayoutCash, Check, Gift Card, Merchandise
Minimum PayoutNA
Payment MethodPayPal, Paper Check, Gift Cards
Points ExpiryNA
Sign UpOnline

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Is my privacy taken cared of?

Socratic Forum follows a comprehensive privacy policy that protects its panelists. Moreover, they never share your information with third parties other than an interested sponsor.

The panel uses your information solely for market research. The main interest is your opinion. The firm does not sell anything to the panelists.

They assure the confidentiality of all disclosures you make. The team at Socratic Forum aggregates all responses into one report.

Are you accepting new members?

Unfortunately, this panel is not accepting new members. The joining link is currently damaged and under maintenance.

How do I contact Socratic Forum?

There is flexibility as to the method used to contact Socratic Forum.

You can:

  • Fill the contact us form on the website:
  • Call the team on 1-800-576-2728
  • Like and inbox on Facebook
  • Send a letter to:

Socratic Forum

Member Inquiries

245 N. Main Street

Sebastopol, CA, 95472, U.S.A.

Is the panel legit?

Yes. Since 1998, the panel has helped many companies make positive changes to their systems, processes, and products. With experience, the firm has perfected its research techniques, methodology, and approach.

Each month, the panel posts all earnings disbursed to panelists. Below is a breakdown of the amounts spent in the last six months.

  • November 2019 (As of Mid-Month)-$498
  • October 2019-$1,278
  • September 2019-$1,791
  • August 2019-$48
  • July 2019-$1,125
  • June 2019-$999

How many times can I answer surveys with Socratic Forum?

You can participate as many times as possible. If you have time and there are running surveys, do not hesitate to give your opinion. Your compensation matches the surveys answered.

Can I opt-out of Socratic Forum?

Yes, you can unsubscribe from this panel by following some simple steps. Check how to do it next:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Select the ‘UNSUBSCRIBE’ button; the system will delete your account once you hit that button.
  3. Alternatively, you should send an email requesting the deletion of your account.
  4. On the body of the email, type ‘Remove — Socratic Forum’
  5. If you encounter a challenge call this toll-free number: 1-800-576-2728

Supposing I ignore a request asking me to answer a survey?

There is no harm in not answering Socratic Forum surveys. Often, most panelists miss exciting opportunities to answer surveys.

It is important to keep checking your inbox regularly. The best way to stay on top of things is to set email notifications that alert you on upcoming surveys.

Is there a specific timeline for completing surveys?

Each survey stays active for around 3 to 5 days. However, that depends on whether the panel receives the desired number of responses required for that particular survey.

There are some other factors in play as well. For example, the speed of response by panelists is critical. Also, the panel could be looking for a particular set of qualifications, which may make the survey stay active longer than expected.

Why was I stopped from proceeding with a survey?

There is a possibility that you did not qualify for the survey. Socrates Forum tries all means to send surveys relevant to your skills. The system matches an existing survey with the profile information you provided during registration.

In other surveys, the first few questions are meant for pre-screening. If there is a glaring conflict with what is on your profile, then the panel automatically disqualifies you from proceeding.


It seems apparent that the Socratic Forum Panel is a perfect choice for companies with special research projects to complete. But the downside noted about this panel is with their strict policy of recruiting new members. At the moment, they are not recruiting new members, but you should stay alert not to miss the next registration window.

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