StaplesListens.CA — Official Staples Canada® Survey [$500]

February 16, 2020

If you have had a shopping experience at Staples, then it’s time cto speak your mind through StaplesListens.CA. This survey targets your opinion, and the management uses it to improve the services so that your next visit would be a memorable one.

The management at Staples came up with StaplesListens.CA so that they could listen to their customers speak. In this survey, you have an experiential response based on your previous visit. If you bought some items in the store, then don’t dispose of that receipt as it has the code for your entry into the online survey. This guideline provides the information you require about the survey. Follow through and know how you can win.


Name: StaplesListens.CA

Description: Staples is a store that specializes in stationery, printing, and office supplies. It's a worldwide business, and most of the stores are all over the USA. The store employs thousands of employees and serves millions of customers worldwide. Due to its excellent services, the store has won the hearts of shoppers.

StaplesListens.CA Summary

StaplesListens.CA aims to collect feedback from you concerning your recent visit to any of the stores in the USA. The survey comes in the form of straightforward questions so that you can have an easy time responding to them.

Your shopping experience forms the responses to the questions you expect through the survey. Therefore, the critical thing is to remember the details of your recent shopping. Most importantly, your honesty is vital when responding to the questions, and that’s what the company emphasizes so that the information shared is authentic and impactful to the company decision making.

Why You Should Participate in StaplesListens.CA

The satisfaction survey features questions based on your experiences as you bought at one of the outlets in the US. Above all, the survey works towards improving your shopping environment so that you can have the best whenever you think of shopping.

StaplesListens.CA came about after the management felt the need to grow by listening to their customers. It has worked for the company now that they have outlets worldwide. Your input by sharing your experiences helps in shaping the direction of the company. Your experience, ranging from the treatment you got at the store to your orders, matters a lot.

The outcomes after analyzing your feedback lead to urgent changes in the way things run in the company. After that, the company will attract new customers and retain existing customers. In a nutshell, you act on behalf of other shoppers by speaking while the company listens.

Additionally, the company is a legit company with the majority of the branches in the USA. This means that you will buy and get a chance to win rewards that are redeemable on the branches available.

StaplesListens.CA Eligibility Criteria and Rules

This survey doesn’t require a lot from you. It’s a straightforward process as long as you meet the criteria needed, and above all, you abide by the set rules. Following that, we have compiled for you the requirements and regulations so that you can find out if you are suitable for the survey.

  • The age requirement is 21 years and above to enter the survey
  • You must be a resident of the USA since the branches the survey targets the location
  • You must have a recent purchase receipt.
  • You must not be associated with the company either as a family member, employee, friend, associate or supplier as this is not eligible for you to take part
  • You need basic knowledge of either English or French
  • Spare a few minutes to complete the survey uninterrupted
  • Ability to recall details about your previous visit is vital as they form part of the survey questions
  • You must have a gadget that accesses the internet through a browser, e.g., phone or computer
  • A stable internet connection is critical for saving time when taking the questions
  • You must provide your contacts for the company to call you on clarifications and also when announcing the winner


StaplesListens.CA Restrictions

These are some of the things that the survey restricts. So pay attention and avoid them

  • You must not tamper with the site information as it is a criminal activity
  • If the state law nullifies the survey, then it is invalid, and hence you won’t be able to complete
  • Attempting the survey on behalf of other visitors is not allowed
  • You are not supposed to use an old receipt as its already expired
  • The reward is not shared, not exchanged and not transferable
  • No cash rewards are available for you


StaplesListens.CA Questions

Different industries have different questions, depending on what is offered by the company. However, all the questions address universal areas that focus on your experiences while purchasing at your store.

The survey questions are simple and straightforward so that you can save time while taking them. Additionally, the questions depend on your ability to recall the experiences. That is why you should take the questions not later than three days after your visit to Staples.

Some of the areas where the questions will focus on include the following;

  • Your general rating for the whole store
  • The attitude and behavior of staff towards you
  • The cleanliness of the store at the time you visited
  • Variety of items in the store and the pricing for the commodities
  • The delay time for your order
  • Your suggestions and recommendations for the company to improve


StaplesListens.CA Rewards

Each company has its ways of rewarding or compensating customers for the time and effort they use when taking the survey. The majority of the companies pay you with gift cards so that you can shop in the very outlet that you got the reward from. Very few will give you cash for you to chat the way forward. Similarly, when you take this survey, the reward comes in gift cards.

You will enter the sweepstakes after the survey. The reward is a gift card worth $500. Additionally, you will be a priority for the company during offers and discounts. The contacts you shared are useful when sending you this information.

How to Participate in StaplesListens.CA?

There are two ways in which you can participate in the survey. First, we have an online survey that requires a purchase receipt. The other option, which is less popular, is the mailing option for entry into the sweepstakes. This one doesn’t need a purchase receipt.

How to Enter via StaplesListens.CA

Step 1: Access the survey site through browsing the Staples Survey Site or directly clicking on the link.

Step 2: Choose your preferred language between English and French by clicking on the section provided for the language.

Step 3: Check on your purchase receipt for the information printed on it and enter the survey site the 16-digit code.

Step 4: Click ‘start’ to begin the survey

Answer the questions honestly

Share your recommendations and suggestions with the company for the improvement

Step 5: Provide your contact details including the email id, phone number and mailing address for communication on reward winners

Step 6: Once you complete the process, click ‘submit.’

Step 7: You will enter the sweepstakes that give you an equal chance to win $500 gift card

Step 8: Always check your mail for notifications about the process and winners.

Entry through the Mailing Option

To enter the process without a receipt, just get your details ready. Take a piece of paper and write down your full names, email addresses, and mailing address. Put them in an envelope and mail to Corporate Information, 500 Staples Drive, Framingham, MA 01702, 508–253–5000.

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • The survey site is easy to navigate
  • There are two ways to enter the sweepstakes for you to choose the best
  • The questions are simplified to make your work easier
  • The online option works anywhere
  • You will only spend a few minutes taking the survey


  • The online survey requires a purchase
  • The age requirement is high, i.e., 21 years
  • This survey is only available for American residents
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StaplesListens Center

Validation Code60 days
Prize Expiry7 days
Purchase No
LanguageEnglish, French

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How many times can I participate in StaplesListens.CA?

You can participate as many times as you wish. However, this doesn't increase your chances of winning the sweepstake prize. The lesser the number you participate in a month, the better since the result will be authentic. In most cases, buyers will participate 4-5 times a month.

How will I get my reward once I win?

When you win the reward, you get notifications in your email inbox. The company will also give you a call to collect your prizes. This is the reason why you need to provide accurate contacts so that you don't miss your reward.

Which is the best method for entry into StaplesListens.CA sweepstakes?

First, the company provides two options for entry into the sweepstakes. Both options are good. However, StaplesListens.CA requires a receipt with a survey code so that you can access questions, and after finishing, you enter the sweepstakes. The offline method requires you to send the request for the sweepstakes via the mailing option. The good thing is that you will not need a purchase receipt. However, you will still incur postage costs.

At what point will you share my details?

If you have submitted your survey on StaplesListens.CA, the company shares your recommendations with the suppliers so that they can improve on the products they supply. Additionally, your contacts might be shared if you give consent. In most cases, contacts remain private, and a policy that guides the use of the contacts is also available. Buyers who participate in the survey receive notifications via the details shared. Similarly, when the final winner is announced, then the contacts play a significant role in notifications.

Are there company contacts for sharing concerns?

Well, if you have issues with StaplesListens.CA, then the company listens. They have provided multiple ways through which you can reach the customer care desk and raise your concerns. Some of the methods include the mailing address, phone contacts, website, and also social media sites. Find the details below and choose the one that will help you pass across your concern effectively.

  • Mail to mail to Corporate Information, 500 Staples Drive, Framingham, MA 01702, 508–253–5000.
  • Call Staples headquarters at 1-508-253-5000
  • The customer service department is also available by phone via 1-800-333-3330.


Whether you have made a purchase or not at one of the Staples stores around the USA, you stand an equal chance to win the $5000 Gift card. The sweepstakes can work without the receipt. Therefore, take that chance and participate in the sweepstake program. When attempting the survey questions on StaplesListens.CA, you will realize that they are simplified since they focus on your experiences.

You can log in to the site and complete the survey. In case you come across difficulties with the survey, use the contacts shared above to engage the company customer care desk.

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