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Taco Cabana has come up with a survey by the name Cabana Care survey. The survey intends to know how happy their customers are. The customers write feedback after visiting the restaurant. The feedback is in the form of a questionnaire on the experience in the store. With the information, they get they can improve the restaurant to make sure the customer is happy with what they get in the restaurant and look forward to going back.

In this article, you will find what you need to join the survey and the whole process, including the questions in the survey. With the information, it will be easy for you to take the survey as you will be aware of everything. Also, the whole surveying process will be faster.

Taco Cabana Survey

Name: Taco Cabana Survey

Description: Taco Cabana is a Mexican fast-food restaurant found in Texas. The restaurant is famous for its Mexican Cuisine and its interior design, which is a unique setting. The restaurant has its handmade menu items that get prepared daily and on-site. Customers can see when their meal is getting ready.

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Taco Cabana Survey Summary

The restaurant has 160 other stores in different locations. All the restaurants have the same setting, and the menu is also the same. Most of the restaurant operates for 24hours. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor dining areas, and its Patios stand out and are well known. The Fiesta restaurant owns the restaurant.

Cabanacares survey is held by the Taco Cabana to help them to know their customers’ experiences in the restaurant. With the knowledge, they can improve the restaurant to make sure the customers are fully satisfied and look forward to coming back to the restaurant. By coming back, the restaurant can make more profits.

The survey does not only help in getting to know the customers’ experience but also they can relate with their customers. In the surveying process, the relationship between the restaurant and the customers is different as it is no longer the buying and selling. That way, they can convert regular customers to loyal customers who stick with the restaurant at all times.

The survey is free, and you don’t need any experience to take part in it. All you need is to remember your last experience in the store and use it to answer the questions in the survey. The questions have choices, so you don’t waste time thinking of an excellent way to put your answer. This makes it very easy to complete the survey in a short time.

Eligibility Criteria

Like any other survey, the Cabana survey has rules to help regulate the survey and make sure every willing person gets a chance to give their review on their experiences in the store.

  • You need a laptop or a smartphone, a tablet or any other smart device to take part in the survey.
  • A reliable internet connection is also a requirement as the survey is online, and a stable internet connection will make the whole surveying process quick.
  • You need a basic understanding of either English or Spanish as the survey is in those languages.
  • You need to be 18years and above to be able to take part in the surveying process.
  • You need a receipt from the restaurant as the receipt contains a code that you will use to enter the survey site.
  • The receipt should not be more than two days old. An older receipt can’t access the survey site.
  • You need to be a resident of the United States to be able to access the site or from Mexico.
  • Make sure you answer all the survey questions honestly to avoid misleading the decision-making process.
  • Participants are allowed to take part in surveying once a month so they can give more people the chance to take part and so they can collect information from different people.
  • After completing the survey, the participant is given a $1 discount in the form of a validation code, which they redeem on their next visit to the store.
  • The participants are supposed to redeem the coupon early enough to avoid the offer becoming invalid.
  • One receipt will help to access the survey once. Make sure once you enter the survey, you take it to the last point.
  • Make sure you remember all your experience in the last visit to the store and make sure you give your review and opinion and not somebody else.

Before taking the survey, make sure you read the rules and policies to the last point. That way, you will be able to tell whether you agree to all the terms and regulations. Once you start the survey, it shows you agree with all the rules and policies.

Also, by reading the rules and policies, you can know how the company intends to use the information you give them. Also, you can know whether the information you provide the company is in safe hands and cannot get used in illegal businesses. With that information, it will be easy for you to feel free to give all the information they ask in the survey freely.

Make sure when taking the survey, all the answers you give are honest. Dishonest answers can mislead the decision-making process and make the company make the wrong decision, which may affect the outcome in terms of profits. Also, if they suspect the answers given are not honest, you can get disqualified and banned from taking any other survey held by the company.

How to Take Part in the Survey Step by Step

Step one

Go to the survey site and make sure you have the right official survey site to avoid wasting time and giving your details to the wrong people who do not have the policy to protect the data you provide.

Step two

Enter the 16digits on the receipt to access the survey. Make sure you enter the digits carefully as a simple mistake can make you not get access to the site.

Step three

Click the “next “button to start the survey.

Step four

Choose the language you intend to use between English and Spanish.

Step five

Answer the questions on your experience in-store, start by rating your experience from either satisfaction to dissatisfaction. Answer the choice questions with a yes or no. Recommend to the restaurant on the things you would wish them to improve to better their services.

Step six

Enter your contacts, your email address and any other personal details they may ask. Make sure the contact and the email address you give are valid, as it will help to tell how many times you have taken in the survey.

Step seven

Go through the survey, the question and make sure everything is as you had intended. Go through the contacts and personal details and make sure they are right.

Step eight

After answering all the questions and confirming the answers, submit your work for reviewing.

Step nine

After submitting your work, you will get a validation code that you redeem on your next visit to the store to get the $1 discount. Make sure you write the code on the receipt and also take a screenshot of the code to make sure you don’t lose it as you will need to present the code to the restaurant to get a discount.


Taking the survey is beneficial to both the customers and the restaurant, but customers need more motivation to take the survey in a large number. In that case, the Taco Cabana has a reward system where they give those customers who take part in the survey to the last point and submit their work.

Once you finish the survey, a validation code is offered to you. Save the code and make sure you present the code on your next visit to the store to get a $1 discount on what you purchase.

The reward is to every person who takes part in the surveying process to the last point. Also, the validation code can get redeemed at any store which is near you. After getting the code, make sure you redeem it as soon as possible to avoid the code from expiring.

Why is the Survey Important to the Taco Cabana?

Every business person knows happy customers mean more business to him or her. To make the customer happy, you must understand what exactly the customers want. Which is the best way to know what the customer wants than to ask him or her?

With the survey, the restaurant can tell precisely what the customers want. They do this by reviewing what customers like, what they dislike, and also the customers’ recommendation. With that information, it’s easy for the restaurant to come up with the best way to improve the restaurant to make sure the customers get maximum satisfaction.

Apart from that, the restaurant can convert regular customers to loyal customers by making them feel important by involving them in decision making. By doing so, they make them feel like they are a part of the restaurant and not just customers.

Also, the survey is a part of marketing as more people will get to hear about the restaurant through the survey and will be willing to buy in the restaurant to get a receipt so they can take part in the survey and get a discount. The next time they need to eat, they will visit the restaurant so they can redeem the discount they got. That way, they discover the excellent services and food offered in the restaurant and end up being regular customers.

They are also able to monitor other stores in different areas from the review they get as the reviews are from customers who are from different location stores. That way, the stores will make sure they run everything smoothly to get a useful review and also with the report, they can tell what is affecting the stores which are not doing well.

Why the Survey is Essential to the Customers?

The customers can give their reviews freely. They get a secure platform to write their reviews without them fearing to hurt the employee’s feelings as the employees will not get access to the reviews. Also, their reviews get to the right people, and changes happen. Unlike when you tell an employee who doesn’t take the information to the management.

Customers get to feel important as they become part of the decision making in the restaurant. Customers also can save a few coins from the discount they get from the survey. In the end, after the surveying process is over and the management has improved the restaurant, customers get their dream restaurant as they get a restaurant that has all they would wish.


  • Taco Cabana management collects quality information that helps them in decision making.
  • The restaurant can convert regular customers to loyal customers who stand with the restaurant at all times.
  • The customers can give their opinions freely, and changes happen from their recommendations
  • The restaurant improves to make more profits, and the customers can get their dream restaurant.


  • The survey is online, and so it can get hacked, and people’s information and the whole survey data may land on the wrong people’s hands.
  • Not everyone who gives honest answers in the survey, and hence they may end up misleading the decision-making process.
  • The receipt that one uses to access the survey site expires in two days.

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What does Taco Cabana survey collects from the participants?

The survey collects the data you offer during the surveying process, which includes the answers to the questions, the personal details that you provide at the end of the survey. Apart from that, they collect your IP address to confirm your location and make sure you are eligible for the survey. They also collect the domain, your internet browser, and the operating system.

How long does it take to complete the survey?

The survey is on your experience in the store, so there is nothing to think critically. Most questions have choices, and so you don't waste time thinking of how to place the answers. In the recommendation part, they need a brief explanation; this makes it very easy to complete the survey on time. On average, it takes around five minutes to complete the survey.

What do I do if I am having trouble joining the survey site?

In case you are having trouble joining the survey site, make sure you enter the survey details like the code collect. By doing so, you make sure it's not an issue with the digits. If you still can't access the site, contact the Taco Cabana customer care and report the trouble they will help you solve the problem.

Contact: 1-800-580-8668


By taking the survey, you help improve the store, and you also get an improved restaurant. Apart from that, you get to save a few coins from the discount you get from the survey. If that is not convincing enough, at least you feel good for taking part in decision making and also helping out.

The survey is free, and all you need is to remember your experience in the store. The other requirement is straightforward; they are the basics. Why then, don’t you help Taco Cabana give you the best experience?