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February 17, 2020

Lego store is offering its customers an opportunity to participate in its customer satisfaction survey through This gives you a chance to win a Lego set when you complete the survey. Lego survey is an excellent opportunity for Lego store customers to provide valuable feedback about the quality of products and services offered. Thus, by completing the review, they get exceptional offers that they can redeem on their next visit to the store. ensures that the company’s customers are happy and loyal. Furthermore, the company understands that it is less costly to retain customers than finding new ones. This is because satisfied customers tend to purchase more and spread the right word about the company. This is because when they share their positive experiences with others, they promote the company’s products and services. Hence, the Lego product survey gives you a platform to let the company know how you feel, what you need, and what you expect to change at Lego.

LEGO Product Feedback

Name: LEGO Product Feedback

Description: The Lego Group is a family-owned business with its headquarters in Billund, Denmark. The company was started in 1932 and had its main offices in the UK, USA, China, and Singapore, and this makes it the leading producer of play materials in the world.

LEGO Product Feedback Summary

Due to the increase in the use of social media and review sites by people, the Lego store is introducing the Lego product survey. This enables you, as the consumer, to give out your feedback while the company gains knowledge of how you feel and what it can do to improve its marketing and sales. Such information gathered enables the company to know where it is succeeding and failing.

You can enter by visiting If you have made a recent purchase at Lego, the set box has a serial number that acts as your invitation to the online survey.

The survey involves basic questions regarding the following;

  • The quality of services offered.
  • How satisfied you were with the product price.
  • Your overall satisfaction based on your recent experience at the store.
  • The behavior of the staff while serving you.
  • The accuracy of the order.
  • The speed of service.
  • General cleanliness of the store that you visited.
  • Any problems or any issues experienced during your visit.

After completing the survey, you get a chance to enter in the Lego product survey monthly sweepstake where you can walk away with a Lego set.

Why the

You probably have had a dozen of toys while growing up that you either picked up once or twice or kept playing with through your childhood. For generations that have grown up in the past years, Lego has been part of their childhood memories. This is because the company is the original building toy company. It has played a significant role in the toy industry by enhancing the creativity of kids and adults.

The original sets of the company products range from Lego Batman and Lego city. Hence, due to the excellent reputation of Lego products, the company still wants to improve its services and quality. This means that it is more concerned with customer satisfaction, and it will always strive to give you excellent quality products. Therefore, to continue producing quality products, the company is listening to you and wants to know more from you, and that is where the Lego Feedback Survey comes in.

Through the survey, you get to give your valuable feedback on the service delivery and quality of products of the company. You can give your suggestions, comments, opinions, complaints, and reviews about the company through the established online survey. This lets Lego collect your feedback through Also, the company aims to reach as many customers as possible so that they can share their recent experiences with the Lego set or Lego store near them.

The Lego survey is easy, quick, and straightforward. This means that it comprises of simple questions that are easy to understand and answer. It is so great that through the Lego product feedback, your opinions are used in the decision making process and that products and services are changed just to your liking. Besides, to provide your input, you get an entry to participate in the sweepstakes contest, where you might get the chance to win a free Lego set. Requirements

  • To enter the survey, you must be a legal resident of the United States of America, including the District of Columbia, UK, and Canada.
  • You need the Lego set number that is printed on the box by Lego to enter the survey.
  • You must be 18 years or over to enter the Lego product feedback survey, children below the age of 18 should ask their guardians to enter on their behalf.
  • You need a computer, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone with a steady internet connection to enter and complete the survey.
  • You can enter the survey using different languages that you understand well.
  • You can enter the Lego product feedback sweepstakes through the mail. Restrictions

  • The purchase of additional products from the Lego store will not increase your chances of winning.
  • Dishonesty may lead to termination of your feedback
  • Employees of Lego, their families either immediate or distant, affiliates, subsidiaries, sponsors, advertising agencies, and promotional partners and anyone connected to the company can not take part in the survey.
  • The Lego survey must start within a week after a purchase at the Lego store through

Note that you can not transfer, sell, or transmit the prize won.

Step by step guide on how to participate in the Lego Product Feedback

Step one: Visit the official survey website, which can be found by typing on your browser.

Step two: Choose the language that best suits you using the dropdown menu at the top right side of the survey page.

Step three: Enter the survey code that is on the Lego set box; you can enter this information on the main screen of the Lego product feedback survey.

Step four: To start the Lego feedback survey, press the “Let’s go!” button.

Step five: The customers will then answer the question by rating their most recent visit to the Lego store. You can choose the answers ranging from highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied.

Step six: Then, the customers will have to rate the speed of service, the accuracy of the order, and the quality of service. The answers range from highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied.

Step seven: The customers will have to rate the attitude of the staff, the interior environment, and the cleanliness of the store.

Step eight: Then, the customer has to list down any issues, problems, or concerns they encountered during their visit.

Step nine: The users will then have to provide additional answers regarding the quality of products and services offered at the Lego store.

Step ten: Answer all the questions correctly and honestly, then submit the survey.

Step eleven: After completing the Lego product feedback survey, you will enter in the Lego product feedback sweepstakes and get the chance to win the Lego set. Rewards

After completing the survey, you will enter into the Lego Product Feedback sweepstake where you can win a Lego set. The prizes are awarded each month and include the Lego sets, which have an approximate value of $80 or $60. This means that each month there is one potential prize winner per 1,000 entries of the survey draw.

Lego sets are according to the kind of set the winner surveyed for, as well as the winner’s age. Also, by completing the survey, you provide useful feedback used in the decision-making process of the company. This enables you to enjoy goods and services according to your demands and expectations.

How to check the winners’ list?

To check the list of all prize winners, you should email by indicating the contest month that you are interested in to know the prize winners. Also, the potential prize winners will get emails so that the Lego Group can gather their address information and send the Lego sets to them.

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • Through the Lego Product Feedback survey, the company gets to improve the quality of products and services that it offers.
  • By giving your feedback, you get to participate in the decision-making process of the company.
  • After completing the survey, you get a chance to win the Lego set
  • The survey is simple and straightforward; hence, it takes a few minutes to complete
  • The company gets to know where it is lacking and how to improve
  • You get to give both positive and negative feedback without any discrimination
  • The survey improves company-customer relations
  • You get to enjoy an improved shopping experience


  • There is no guarantee that you will win since there is only one potential winner every month.
  • You can not transfer the prize or exchange it for cash
  • The information may not be reliable since some participants may be partially honest
  • Poor internet connection may make it impossible for the participant to complete the survey.
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PrizeLEGO Set
Validation CodeNA
Prize Expiry10 days
Purchase Yes
LanguageEnglish, Spanish, French, Chinese, French & more

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Can I take part in allows everyone to participate as long as they are over the age of 18 years. Children under 18 years of age who want to take part in the survey can ask an adult to give answers on their behalf. Employees of the LEGO Group of Companies, their respective affiliates and subsidiaries, and members of their immediate families or households can not take part in the survey.

How do I enter

To enter the survey, type in the URL address found on the back of the Lego building instructions. After logging in, complete the survey by answering questions according to your experience with the Lego sets. All the potential winners will get notifications via the email address at the end of the survey. Hence, only entries that are received last of the calendar month can be entered in the draw.

What can I win after completing

The prizes awarded each month are Lego sets, with an approximate value of $60 or $80. Every month, there is one potential prize winner chosen randomly from 1,000 entries, and the prize will be sent to them using the address they provided. Thus, the Lego sets will be selected according to the type of the set the winner surveyed for, and age. Prizes won are non-transferable and have no cash alternatives.

How do I win?

A random draw will pick each potential winner. Hence the chances of winning are 1:1000 with the exact odds dependant on the number of eligible entries that are received. Potential prize winners will have to complete and return an affidavit of eligibility, liability and publicity release to be declared the prize winners. Failure to which you will forfeit the prize.

How do I find out if I have won?

Each potential winner will receive an email notification within 7-14 days from the drawing date. Thus, for a list of prize winners, you can email and let the company know which drawing month you are interested in knowing the winners.

How do I know if my data is protected?

The entrant’s data will only be used for this competition unless otherwise stated and accepted by you. Hence, to take part in the survey, you give the company information such as your full name and email address. For more information, try the following links;


To speak up and share your suggestions, comments, complaints, and opinions according to your recent visit to Lego, click You will spend a few minutes to answer the questions and get a chance to win afterward. The Lego feedback survey allows you to express your views and changes that you wish to see. Thus, the company gets to improve according to your demands while you get a chance to walk away with a Lego set.

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