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February 17, 2020

How do you like shopping? What kind of arrangement do you love in a supermarket? Have you ever visited the Bi-LO supermarket? Did you like their services? Was there something you didn’t like in the supermarket? You can now tell it to the right people who will help bring changes in the supermarket.

TellBI-LO is a survey held by Bi-LO supermarket to get feedback from their customers. With the feedback they get, they can tell whether their customers are satisfied, and if they are not, they can tell what’s making them unsatisfied. That way, they can improve and make sure their customers get maximum satisfaction.

In this article, you will read what you need to take part in TellBI-LO. Also, you will learn the process and the questions you will need to answer during the survey. That way, when you decide to take part in the survey, the whole process will be easy and fast.


Name: TellBI-LO

Description: Bi-LO is a chain of supermarkets that has 164 supermarket stores in different parts of America. The supermarket belongs to the Southeastern grocery in Florida in the United States. The supermarket has different things that people need in a household. They range from frozen food, dairy, bakery, grocery, produce seafood, snacks, liquor, meat, pharmacy, and many others.

TellBI-LO Summary

The supermarket has been operating for over 57 years. It has 13,000 employees. It has been able to survive by making sure their customers are happy and also providing the best products for the customers. To continue serving their over 18 million customers who visit them in a week in the right way, they have come up with a survey; TellBI-LO.

With the survey, BI-LO intends to collect quality data that will help them in coming up with the best ways to improve the stores and to make their customers more satisfied. Also, the survey will help them know which employees are doing their job well and reward them for motivating others. The survey will also help in monitoring the stores in different locations since the reviews will be from customers from all the stores.

For the customers, it will be a great platform to air your grievances and give your opinions without the fear of victimization. Also, you get a chance to be a part of the decision making in the supermarket.

TellBI-LO Eligibility and criteria

  • For you to take part in the survey, you need to be 18 years and above.
  • You need a recent receipt from the stores as the receipt contains digits code that you enter to access the survey.
  • You need a smart device as the survey is online. Those devices include a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet.
  • You need a strong connection to the internet. That way, the survey will be easy and fast.
  • You need to understand and be able to read English or Spanish.
  • You need to be a resident of the 50 states of America or from the District of Columbia.
  • Make sure you remember all your experiences from the last visit to the supermarket.
  • Before taking the survey, go through the rules and regulations.
  • Employees of the supermarket are not allowed to take part in the survey.
  • One receipt per survey.
  • After entering the receipt, make sure you take the survey to the last point.
  • You cannot use one email to access the survey multiple times.
  • The receipt you use must not be old.
  • The code you get after the survey cannot get changed to cash or any other gift.
  • The offer you get after the survey is on the receipt.
  • Different stores have different offers.
  • Before redeeming, make sure offer on the receipt is for the store you plan to redeem in.
  • You must present the hard copy of the receipt and the validation code when redeeming your offer.
  • To get your prize, you must complete the survey to the last point and make sure you submit your work.

Before taking the survey, make sure you go through all the rules and the policies put in place by the survey. By doing so, you will know what to expect and decide whether you agree with the rules or not. Then you can decide to go on with the survey or stop at that point.

Not following the rules can lead to disqualification from the survey and not being able to take part in surveys held by the company again. By taking the survey, it is a sign that you agree with all the rules, and you agree to follow all the rules.

How to go through TellBI-LO step by step?

Step one

Go to the survey site; Make sure you have the right survey site to avoid wasting time and giving your details to sites that don’t have policies to protect the data.

Step two

Choose the language you intend to use. Either English or Spanish. If your device has translating tools, you can translate to the language you understand best.

Step three

Go through the rules and requirements to make sure you agree with all the rules. Then make sure you have all that is required to take the survey.

Step four

Enter the digits on the receipt so you can access the survey. Make sure you are keen when entering the digits as a single mistake can prevent you from accessing the survey.

Step five

Click on the “start” button to start the survey. Once the code is verified, you will get the survey page.

Step six

Rate the experience in the store from how much you were satisfied with what you got or how much you were dissatisfied.

Step seven

Answer the choices answer and make sure the answer you give are from your experience and not guessing or another person’s experience.

Step eight

After answering the questions, go through all the answers and make sure everything is as you had intended.

Step nine

Submit your work for reviewing. Once you submit your work, you will get added to a sweepstake draw where you have a chance of winning a gift card.

Step ten

You get validation code after you are through with the survey. Write it down on the receipt as you will need to present it when redeeming your discount. You can also take a screenshot of the validation code to make sure you don’t lose it.

While taking the survey, make sure all the answers you give are honest. The answers you give during the survey help in decision making. Any wrong answer can cause a wrong decision. An example is a dishonest comment on bad services; it can cost an innocent person a job. Also, in case they suspect the answers you give are not honest, you can get disqualified from the survey.

TellBI-LO Rewards

TellBI-LO is to help both the management of the stores and the customers. But the management has come up with a reward system which is a bonus to their loyal customers who agree to take the survey. At the end of the survey, the customers get a validation code which they use to redeem a discount on their next visit in the stores. Also, at the end of the survey, the customers who take the survey to the last point join a sweepstake where they get a chance of winning a gift card.

The award the customers get is on the receipt they get in the stores. Every store has different awards. Customers should make sure they confirm whether the stores they want to redeem their award has that offer before going to redeem. Also, customers should carry with them the receipt, and it must be the original receipt when they are going to redeem, and the validation code should be on the receipt.

Why is TellBI-LO important to the Bi-LO?

With TellBI-LO, the Bi-LO supermarket will be able to collect quality data in a short time. With the data, they will be able to make an informed decision that will help improve services in the stores. The survey also provides a channel of communication between the management and the customers. That way, they will have a mutual relationship with them that does not only involve buying and selling.

TellBI-LO is essential to them as they will be able to monitor activities in their 164 stores. They will be able to tell which store is running the right way and which one is not. That way, even the stores will make sure they give their best as they know someone is watching. Bi-LO supermarket will also be able to tell which employee is doing his or her work best and award them.

Why is TellBI-LO important to the customers?

The customers get a chance to be part of decision making.

They also get a discount after completing TellBI-LO that they redeem on their next visit to the store, which helps them to save. Also, the customers get a chance to join a sweepstake where they have a chance of winning a gift card.

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • The survey is easy
  • It takes a few minutes to take
  • The site is easy to navigate through
  • Your opinions are heard
  • You get to help improve the store


  • The receipt must be recent.
  • The survey is online; there are chances the survey system can get hacked.
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TellBI-LO Center

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What discounts & gift cards can I win in TellBI-LO?

At the end of TellBI-LO, the customers have a $5 discount on a purchase worth $100 or above. The discount is for every person who takes part in the survey to the last point.

After taking part in the survey, the customers get added to a sweepstake draw where they get a chance of winning $1000. Not everyone is guaranteed the win, but a good number wins the gift card, which they redeem in any store.

How do I know I have the right survey site?

You can make sure you have the right survey site by confirming the logo and the brand symbol on the survey site and compare it with the original site or use There are scam sites that pretend to be the sites so they can collect personal data and use it for the wrong purpose.

How do I know TellBI-LO is real?

The survey is held by the Bi-LO supermarket, which has been there for over 57 years. With many years in the market comes with credibility. The survey can be trusted, and everyone who takes part in the survey gets their reward at the end. But just to be sure you can ask in the store about the survey for proof it is real.

How long does it take to complete TellBI-LO?

TellBI-LO questions are multiple questions. You do not have to think of the answers critically. All you need is to remember your experience in the store. With a good internet connection and good speed, the survey should not take you more than five minutes.

What do I do if I am having issues accessing TellBI-LO?

In case you are having trouble accessing the survey, start by entering the code on the receipt again. Enter the digits keenly to make sure it’s not an error with them. If you still can’t access the site, contact Bi-LO customer care, and explain to them the problem you are having, they will help you solve it.

Contact:(844) 745-0463



TellBI-LO is free. You don’t need any qualifications to take part in the survey. All you need is to visit the store. Tell them what you think about what they offer and your experience in their store. The information will help improve the stores and provide better services to their customers.

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