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January 26, 2020

The survey combines the feedback for two leading discount supermarkets in over 18 countries. The survey is done online, and this is once you have visited one of the locations and made a purchase. intends to correct and improve your experience at the store based on the feedback you share. After that, you get rewarded so that you can always shop more for less. In this writeup, I will guide you through the entire process of taking the survey so that next time you visit the store, you can have an easy time giving your feedback for rewards.



Description: combines the feedback for two leading discount supermarkets in over 18 countries. The survey by ALDI is done online by using the survey code on the receipt. Summary

You might have done your shopping in ALDI stores around the US or any other place. The experience is always there, and that’s what the company is looking for so that they can improve the services you get every other time.

The first store was founded by Theo and Karl Albrecht in the year 1946 in Germany. Currently, the company has over 10,000 outlets in different countries worldwide. The employees run in thousands so that you can get the best services during your shopping. In the US, the outlets are over 1600 and located in different states across the country.

The company has an estimate of over $50 billion annually in revenue and also boasts of paying the employees better than any other supermarket. If that is not enough, the prices of commodities are also lower compared to other supermarkets. Some of the products you will find in the stores include grocery items, produce, toiletries, small electronics, and toys. Therefore, it’s always the one-stop-shop for your needs.

If you recently visited one of the ALDI stores and you would want to express your opinion, then ALDI has the provision for you. Once you purchase any commodity from the store, you will have the receipt that is useful when you want to participate in

Unlike other small stores that will contact their customers for feedback via calling or email,  ALDI instead uses so that the hundreds of customers who visit the store can submit their feedback. This also makes it easy to compile the results so that the company can benefit even faster.

After the survey, you will get a chance to win rewards in terms of gift vouchers worth $100. participating in the survey is free and, therefore, an opportunity for you to seize.

How legit is

You are here because you want to participate in the survey and win the ultimate rewards. Getting to know more about the company will save you time and resources. Since there are hundreds of scam sites out there, you don’t want to be part of them. That’s why we have sampled a few factors to prove that the survey you are yet to take is legit and will offer you an equal chance to get rewarded. And hence it is a legit survey.

  • There are rules and regulations for you to meet before you take the survey. This means that the survey is not for everybody, as other scam sites do.
  • ALDI stores are all over in more than 18 countries, and this means that you can walk in any of the stores and make your purchase and after that participate in the survey.
  • The store has decades in the business, and that’s why it has expanded to over 11,000 stores.
  • The supermarket has amazing services, hundreds of employees, and a variety of goods and services you can get.
  • The headquarters for the supermarket is located in Germany, and therefore you will find it easy to visit for confirmation.
  • There is a help desk with active contacts so that you can reach the customer service desk with ease for you to raise your concerns.
  • Hundreds of customers have posted reviews on their experience and their luck in getting the rewards, and therefore, the rewards are real.
  • The company considers your feedback a lot in decision making, and that’s why they are willing to reward you for your contribution. Eligibility Criteria & Rules

Just like other survey platforms, you will need to meet certain requirements for flawless participation. Our research found out that you need the following so that you can participate easily:

  • You must be a resident of the United States since the stores in the survey are the ones in the USA.
  • Knowledge of English is key since it’s the official language when taking the survey
  • A reliable internet connection and gadgets that can browse is key. Laptops, phones, etc. are suitable for taking part in the survey.
  • You need the purchase evidence. This is a receipt with a unique code.
  • Workers and close associates are not eligible to participate in the survey
  • You must be 18 years or older to take part in the survey. This is a legal age for taking part in the survey.
  • No other forms of entry other than the online survey are accepted
  • No more than two entries per household per week
  • The price cannot be transferred
  • You can not exchange the gift for cash
  • Provide contact details for information about the winnings and rewards


How to take part in

Before you think of taking part in the survey, make sure you have read and understood clearly the eligibility criteria, rules, and regulations provided. Also, ensure your internet-enabled gadget is available with a reliable internet connection. Now you are set.

  • In your browser, key in to access the survey site
  • Once you are on the survey platform, prepare your receipt and locate the unique code
  • Enter the code in the space provided on the survey platform and click next to proceed to the survey questions.
  • You will find questions that require you to tick as well as those that need you to write in the text box. With all honesty, answer the questions so that the company can depend on your genuine feedback to serve you better. Note that recalling your previous shopping experience during your visit will be great since that’s the feedback needed.
  • Once you are done and confirmed that the information given is clear, add your contacts and press submit.
  • If you become a winner for the $100 reward, you will be notified through the contacts you shared. It is, therefore, crucial for you to share correct contacts so that you don’t miss out on the rewards. Restrictions

  • It is an online survey only, which means you need to purchase and retain the receipt for the code.
  • You are not supposed to do it on behalf of the shopper
  • The reward cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash
  • No tampering with the survey site
  • If the state law voids the survey, then it will not continue.
  • Attempt the survey that is in your region
  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • It’s legit with over 10,000 locations in 18 countries. You can, therefore, take a survey easily in your region.
  • The branches available allow you to make the purchase with ease and use the receipt for the online survey.
  • There is a provision for you to take the survey online, which takes less than four minutes. This is an advantage to you since you won’t spend the entire day on the survey
  • The survey questions are easy, and your feedback will add value to what the store provides
  • The store has its headquarters in Germany, and this means that it is a genuine store for you.
  • You get the coupon code for you to redeem the price at the store since you, as you shop, which you end up getting discounted prices.
  •  The company assures you that your personal information will remain confidential
  • Finally, you have all the contacts, including social media sites where you can get the information you need about the company, which makes your entire participation stress free.


  • Children under the age of 18 are not eligible
  • If you are an employee at one of the stores, then you are not allowed to participate
  • Cash rewards are not available. Instead, you get the gift card.
  • You cannot transfer your reward
  • You must purchase something in Aldi stores to get the code on the receipt that is the key to participating in the survey.
  • Only those in the areas where the stores are located are eligible for the survey.
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How will I know if I am a winner on

Once you have completed your survey on, you provide your contact details, including phone number and email ID, so that you can be contacted when you win the rewards.

How will I contact the store regarding any concerns about

Use these contacts to reach the customer care desk


Telephone: 0800 042 0800

Write to: Aldi Stores, Holly Lane, Atherstone, Warwickshire CV9 2SQ

Retail ADR,

33 floor Euston Towers,

286 Euston Road,


NW1 3DP.

Tel: 0203 137 8268

Is there an alternative way to participate other than doesn’t provide an alternative way of taking part in the survey. Once you make the purchase, always keep the receipt since it has the survey codes you will need for validations when taking the survey.

Is the same in the regions where the stores are located?

Well, the survey questions on are the same. However, your location will require you to take the surveys that are allowed. For instance, if you are in the USA, there is a special link that allows only US residents. On the other side, those in the UK have an alternative link to follow. is not loading; what can I do?

If you realize that is slow or not displaying, then you need to find out if the problem is on your side before contacting customer care. In most cases, internet issues like unstable connections lead to issues. Additionally, if you are using an unfamiliar browser, then you might experience some difficulties. If you have solved them and still experiencing issues, then you can contact the customer care support for assistance

How many entries can I make on

You are eligible for two entries per week. This allows the company to analyze the feedback and give you the required assistance and also improve the sections you suggested.

What if I lost the receipt, can I still participate in

If you lose your receipt, chances of participating are rare. The receipt has the cases that you need when opening the survey questions. However, you can still visit the store for you to find out information on your receipt, such as the code can be retrieved. Although this looks like a tiring process, you can give it a try. Always give the store a call to confirm whether you can retrieve the code to avoid going back all the way to the store.



If you are a frequent shopper at any of ALDI stores, then you stand a chance to win lots of amazing discounts on the purchases you make. This is simply through taking part in the online survey provided by the company. The survey requires your honest feedback so that the service you are given daily can become better each time you visit the store. Therefore, the next time you

visit one of the many stores across the US, don’t throw away the receipt, instead, use it to log in at and share your experiences for rewards.

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