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January 31, 2020

Imagine, you invite some visitors for dinner. You decorate your house, cook the best meal ever. The visitors arrive, take their meal, talk about everything else but don’t comment on the food or the house decoration.

You hold another group of visitors. They come and comment about how you decorated the house perfectly, but they advise you to reduce the wallpapers. They talk about how the food was perfect but also add how better the soup would have been if you added a little more pepper.

With the first group, I bet you would feel bad. They didn’t seem to notice anything. With all the effort you had made, at least a single comment would have worked. With the second group, you love their compliments, although they seem to know more next time you will try doing the things they said and see how it turns out.

TellCharley wants those comments. Those comments you keep to yourself after visiting their restaurant. They want to know how satisfied you are with what they offer you.

This article will help you know all about TellCharley including how to join, what you need and the rewards you get from the survey. That way, when you decide to take part in the survey, the whole process will be a walkover for you.


Name: TellCharley

Description: TellCharley is a survey by the Charleys Philly Steaks restaurant in America. This article will help you know all there is about the Tellcharley survey, from how you join to what you need and what you gain from the survey. That way, when you decide to take part in the survey, the whole process will be a walkover for you.

TellCharley Summary

The Charleys Philly Steaks restaurant has seen changes over the years. It has also changed its name several times. The restaurant has 600 stores in 46 states and Puerto Rico in the United States and 16 more in other countries. The restaurant specialized in sandwiches and the Philly steak. Later it added more recipes to accommodate more people.

TellCharley helps the restaurant know how its customers feel about their services so that they can know where to improve.. Also, from the survey, they can tell which of their store is not on the right track and be able to tell what exactly the problem is.

The survey also provides a platform for restaurant management to interact with their customers and also involve them in decision making. By doing so, the customers will feel they are part of the restaurant, and they will be much involved in it.

TellCharley Eligibility Criteria

  • You must have a recent receipt from the store.
  •  You need to be 18years and above to take part in the survey.
  • The survey is online, so you will need a laptop or a PC to access the internet or even a smartphone.
  • Good access to the internet is also something that you will need for an easy and fast surveying process.
  • You need to be a resident of the United States.
  • Employees of the stores and their family members can’t take part in the survey to make sure the survey is fair.
  • You need to read and understand either English or Spanish as the survey is in those two languages
  • One receipt can only enter the survey ones.
  • Your reward cannot change to the cash
  • You can’t transfer the prize to another person
  • The redeemable code expires in 30days after the survey.

Before taking part in TellCharley, you should make sure you go through all the rules and the policies to make sure you agree with all of them. In case you don’t follow any rule, you can get disqualified from the survey, and you won’t get the reward.

How to take part in TellCharley step by step

Step 1: Visit the Tellcharley survey site  Make sure you have the right site to avoid wasting time and also giving your details to the wrong people.

Step 2: Choose the language you intend to use between English or Spanish.

Step 3: Enter the details on the receipt from the code to the time, date, store number, and everything else that they need. Make sure you enter the correct code in case of a mistake, you can’t access the survey.

Step 4: Select your type of visit and report it to them if it’s your first time.

Step 5: Click the start button to continue with the survey.

Step 6: Answer all the questions honestly, and make sure you answer every question.

Step 7: Enter your details. Make sure you use a valid email as it is the email they will use to communicate to you in case of anything.

Step 8: After you complete TellCharley, you will get a validation code that you present to one of the stores to redeem. Make sure you write the code on the receipt and also take a screenshot to make sure you don’t lose the code. The code expires in 30 days. Make sure you redeem it before that.


Questions asked during the TellCharley survey

  • Would you suggest Charley’s restaurant to a friend?
  • How were the staff?
  • How was the cleanliness of the place?
  • How was the meal you took in the place?
  • How was the pricing of the meal you had?
  • Would you go back to the restaurant?
  • How would you like the restaurant to improve?
  • What did you like most about the restaurant?
  • Which restaurant branch did you visit?

In most questions, they will ask the answer will be either yes or no: the other questions you will be required to rate from either how satisfied you were or the dissatisfaction. The opinion on how you would wish they improve is what you will be required to explain in a few words.

Make sure all the answers you give in the survey are true. The answer you write helps in decision making, and in case the answers are not true, you may end up misleading those making the decision. Also, if in case they suspect your answers are not true, you can get disqualified from the survey and end up not getting the award and also get banned from taking part in another survey held by the restaurant.

TellCharley Rewards

Not many people will be willing to take part in the survey for the sake of helping only. People will need more than that so they can take the survey. That is why Charleys Philly Steaks restaurant management has come up with a reward system to motivate more people to take part in the survey.

Those who take part in the survey to the last point gets a code that they redeem in their next visit to the store. The code could be redeemable to free drinks and also free meals. The code you get from them is valid for 30 days from the day you acquire it.

Why does the TellCharley hold the survey?

The main reason for them to hold TellCharley is so they can tell how much their customers are satisfied and to get ideas from the customers on how they can make the customers even more satisfied. Also, the survey helps them to know the quality of food they are selling and how much the customers like it.

With the survey, they can tell how different stores from different states are fairing. They can tell if those stores are not following the general rules and what could be affecting the stores that are not doing very well in terms of profit. Also, the survey is an excellent platform to interact with their customers and also involve them in decision making.

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • You get a chance to tell your opinion on a platform where they implement the ideas
  • You get to save a few coins from the discount they get after taking part in the survey
  • You get to feel important as they are involved in important decision making
  • The survey is also a marketing channel for Charley’s as more people get to hear about the stores from the survey.


  • The survey is online, the system can get manipulated, and the data lost or taken by their competitors and use it against them.
  • The validation code has an expiring date, so you are forced to purchase within those 30days.
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TellCharley Center

Winner(s)Every Participant
Validation Code3 days
Prize Expiry7 days
Purchase Yes
LanguageEnglish, Espanol, Arabic, Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Persian, Russian

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How long does it take to complete TellCharley?

The questions in TellCharley are simple, and most of them require yes or no answers. Also, the questions are purely on the experiences in the restaurant, so there is nothing to think about. So the survey can take very few minutes. The average time to finish the survey is five minutes when your typing speed is average and also the internet connection. This means you can finish the survey even earlier than those five minutes or even more.

Are there other ways of taking the survey rather than TellCharley?

The only way you can take the survey is online. Charley’s chose TellCharley as it is a cheaper method compared to other methods. Also, using the online method will help them to collect more data in a short time and also be able to collect the data from a big geographical area.

What reasons can get a person disqualified from TellCharley?

Several reasons cause disqualification from TellCharley. One of those reasons is giving false information in the survey. If by any case, they suspect the information was false, you will get disqualified, and you can’t take part in another survey held by Charley’s restaurant.

The other reason for getting disqualified is manipulating the survey system to your favor or messing with the data. Doing so can cost you a lot as you can also get sued if, by any case, what you did cost the company or exposed data that was private.

In case they realize that you didn't follow the rules kept in place by the survey, you will get disqualified and banned from taking part in any other survey they hold, and also they will cancel the award you got.

How can I be sure the information I give is secure in TellCharley?

The information you write in TellCharley is secure. Starting with the opinions you give and the views on your experience in the restaurant, that information gets presented without identity. They will be able to read the opinions, but they can’t tell the person who wrote it. In case they want to show your identity, they must ask for your permission. The site is also secure. It has software that protects it from any hack or leaking of any information. That way, your personal information is safe with them.

How long do the receipt and the TellCharley code remain valid?

The receipt you get from the survey remains valid for seven days. After that, you can’t use it to access the survey. The code you get after taking part in the survey remains valid for 30 days. After that, you can’t use the code to get a discount in the stores.

What should I do in case I’m having trouble accessing TellCharley?

In case you can’t access the survey, try entering the details on the receipt again and keenly, especially the code. If still, you can’t access the survey, contact Charley's using the contacts they have provided on their site, and explain to them the problem you are having.


Phone number: 800-437-8325



TellCharley is free, and you also get to learn something from the survey. Apart from that, by taking part in the survey, you join the decision-making team, and also you help the restaurant to improve and give its customers the best surveys. For you, you get to save a few coins from the discount you get from the survey.

For Charley’s, TellCharley helps them to get useful information that they use to improve their store and be able to make more profit than before. It also helps them to get more customers and to get loyal customers. The customers who take part in the survey feel important, and they feel they are part of the Charley’s while other customers get to learn about the stores from the survey.

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