The Best Craps Strategy for Online Casinos

Having a strategy will always improve your chances against the house, regardless of the game, you’re playing. Craps gambling is not an exception. The best craps strategy is all about cutting down the house advantage, leading you into making smart calls, and managing your bankroll. There are numerous variants we can potentially discuss, but in this specific article, we will only mention the best several options well worth going for when playing craps.

Craps Press Strategy 

We will start with a very aggressive craps strategy. If you are new to craps, you should skip the next several lines. This strategy, also known as the Press-and-Pull allows players to win significant amounts with minimal stakes. The main principle has the players pressing their wagers when the place bet lands and taking the profits when the wager lands four times. The only, yet significant, catch is that you will have low odds of hitting a number three of four consecutive times before a seven shows up.

If you find this confusing, we will go through the example:

  • The payout odds for a Place bet at 7:6
  • You want to bet $6 on 6
  • The dice hit 6 and you win $7
  • You then keep $1 and ask the dealer to push it to $12 for the next turn
  • The 6 again lands before the point and you win $14 this time
  • You will now add $4 to the wager and ask the dealer to push it to $30
  • Let’s say the dice land on 6 again and you win $35
  • You then finally add $1 more and go for a total shot of $66
  • If the dice land on 6 for the fourth straight time, you will win $77 just on that specific bet and take your total profit to $143

3 Point Molly Strategy 

This is an even more aggressive strategy. While it further cuts down the house edge, it does demand a significant bankroll and we would only suggest it to the advanced and experienced craps pros. Before even thinking of employing it, you need to possess a strong-enough bankroll, so please have that in mind.

The main purpose of the strategy is to allow the player to maximize the number of bets with low house advantages. The strategy can cause bountiful small wins during the game. You need to be an experienced craps player to employ this strategy, though. Even the tiniest mistake could be lethal to your bankroll.

So, with 3 Point Molly, you always wager on the pass line. You stick to this until a point is established.  Once that happens, you should bet max on the point, placing at the same time a Come wager. Now, if a shooter hits a number different than the point, 7, or 11, that number instantly becomes your second point. Move the come bet to it and add the max odds before placing another come wager. The same procedure works for the third point number. It will be any number that the shooter lands that is distinct from 7, 11, or two numbers you have already placed a wager on. It will become your third point and you back it with maximum odds. You should then keep playing until the shooter throws the point, 7, or 11.