February 15, 2021

Evolution of Bet365

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In case you already have experience with placing online bets, you must’ve heard about Bet365. The company had a clear vision of what the world of online betting could become. You can see for yourself the offer they have today on https://www.sportni-portal.com/bet365.

The beginning of Bet365

Back in the late 90’ies, Denise Coates worked with her father Peter and her brother John in their betting shop chain Provincial Racing.

In January of 2000, Denise invested a rather large amount of money, £10 000, in a domain named Bet365. The idea behind the name was to enable players and sports fans to bet online at any given moment of the year. That’s right. As opposed to their competitors Bet365 was initiated and founded by a woman.

Unlike any other bookmaker, Bet365 was initiated by a woman that today enjoys a reputation of one of the most successful women in the history of the UK.

Nobody could have predicted their success and what kind of influence Bet365 would make in the world of online bets. But Denise had a clear vision of what would be possible with the Internet.

On the site, Bet365 was specified that they presented a division of Bet365 Group Limited which was the UK’s leading licensed betting and gaming group action since 1974.

They also stated that Bet365 handles over 250 000 bets weekly and operates in 59 additional land-based stores in the UK.

At that time other bookmakers, even William Hill’s online division, were placed offshore. So this meant certain security to people in the UK.

Bet365 and its development into an online betting giant

Bookmakers were still struggling with implementing new ideas in the online betting world. Back in 2001 most online betting websites offered horse races, most of the European football and major US sports events.

Bet365 stood out immediately from others because, right of the bat, they offered odds on many additional football leagues, but also they were accepting bets on boxing, cricket, darts, cycling, international basketball, Formula 1 races, motorbikes, NASCAR, tennis, speedway, athletics, and many other sports.

Their first version of the website Bet365 included the same features they’re famous for today and those are bonuses. Initially, Bet365 offered a £20 free sports bet and a $25 casino bonus.

Bonuses are much larger nowadays, but the same guidelines remain.

In 2004 Bet365 introduced online poker to implement their wide range of options for online betting and casino games. Today Bet365 offers a 100% of a $1000 bonus on their poker.bet365.com online poker site. Over the years Bet365 even sponsored a few professional poker players. The most significant would be a Danish pro poker player Jesper Hougard.

Bet365 today

Back in 2004, being aware of the possibilities that the Internet provides, Bet365 introduced a couple of novelties that proved to be the right steps.

First was making Bet365 the first online betting website that offered its menu in other languages than English. Knowing that the Internet was about to make our world smaller this was a smart business move to attract players from non-English speaking countries. Originally the Bet365 site was available in German, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Chinese, and Norweigan, and in time they implemented other languages like Spanish, Czech, Romanian, Portuguese, Greek, Polish and the list goes on.

Another novelty by Bet365 was introducing other currencies, making their site into a little currency market, where players could keep a more detailed track of their wagers. Today, Bet365 is available in 17 languages, supporting 29 currencies.

In 2005 they decided to focus on the online betting business alone and Bet365 sold all of their 59 betting shops to Coral for £40 million. This was maybe the smartest move of them all, mostly because focusing only on the online bets, they really made an impact in this world.

Bet365’s mobile platform is one of the best ones known today because it is versatile and works with all devices and operating systems.

On their mobile platform, you can bet on all major US and European sports and hundreds more like English Super8 volleyball or Latvian Virsliga in floorball.

One of the commodities is using their in-play live betting, where many matches are being streamed on their site directly. You can also keep track of match winners and updated propositions.

Bet365 Bonus

Bet365 enjoys the reputation of an online betting site that really cares about its players and sports fans. One of the ways they express gratitude to their customers is through many different bonuses, loyalty points, and personalized promotions.

Welcome bonus – after opening your account on Bet365 the first next step is making a deposit. If you make a downpayment of only 5 euro, you will receive a double amount in betting credits by Bet365. The maximum bonus credit is 25 euros.

Welcome bonuses are recently made available even to new players from Croatia, BiH, Serbia, Macedonia, and Albania.

Loyalty Bonus – Bet365 tends to spoil their most loyal and active players by adding free betting credits to their accounts, sometimes even without notifying them. They are known for offering their most active players a chance to deposit 25 or 50 euro before the games start, which entitles them to free betting credits for live in-play betting.

Bonus 0-0 – This bonus is valid only for certain championships and is offered to certain players. In short, online bets on game outcome, halftime outcome, or first goal achiever are made void in case the match ends with a result 0-0. This means that you’ll receive back the money deposited in total by Bet365. Loyalty and being active on their site really is worth your time and money.

First Goalscorer Bonus – In case you’re one of the daredevils that like to take risks and be precise in their predictions, this bonus is for you. When you make an online bet on a first goalscorer and that player doesn’t achieve the first goal in the game but scores anyway during the game, your wager will be classified as a winning one by Bet365 and at 1/3 of the odds.

Sounds impressive, right? We should note that you need to be active to get a chance on bonuses provided by Bet365 because your account could be blocked if there’s no action in the first 90 days. In case you decide to make two different accounts on Bet365, all your privileges will be terminated.

There are over 6 million satisfied Bet365 customers from more than 200 countries in the world. Before you decide to join them we recommend going through their T&C.


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