Treasure Trooper Review — Paid Surveys Legit or a Scam?

December 7, 2019

Spending your time surfing through the internet is fun. Sometimes, you might access the internet on your devices to play games or even watch movies. Well, did you know that you can get paid while enjoying your hobby? Treasure Trooper is a platform that comes with many opportunities where you get paid for your opinion as you use the internet for a variety of activities. The kind of information you share improves the services and products in the marketplace. Let’s see what Treasure Trooper has or you.

Treasure Trooper

Name: Treasure Trooper

Description: Treasure Trooper platform is similar to other sites that reward you in cash, gifts, or offers once you take part in their surveys and other research opportunities. All these are on the Treasure Trooper platform, where the site looks jungle-like with a variety of options for you to choose what interests you. The site has a lot of information that one can get confused with the appearance. It is among the few GTP platforms that offer a variety of options for you to earn.

Treasure Trooper Summary

It is worldwide and will require you to have a stable internet connection for participating as some of the tasks involve playing games online. Once you complete your registration, you are open to multiple opportunities for making money.

Is it legitimate or a scam site?

We have seen reviews on different survey platform with panelists lamenting on how they wasted time enrolling for platforms that didn’t meet their needs. Some are even scared to join new platforms due to the negative experience. Therefore, it is to take the time to study a platform and find out if it’s legit or a time-waster.

For the Treasure Trooper platform, we can say it’s legit based on a few facts given by the platform and from different reviews online. First, the survey platform is free to join. You don’t have to pay any cash as a registration fee. Looking at the Treasure Trooper platform site, you will see the fist section showing you the free registration information. This means that the site has a legitimate reputation.

Furthermore, the Treasure Trooper platform pays the participants. We have a lot of positive reviews and payment history for the participants. Once you complete the survey or any activity on the site, you get your rewards as agreed.

Finally, the platform is worldwide, and one can register from any country and participate equally. It is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, and launched in 2005. So far, the platform has paid over $7million to the participants.

Qualifications for joining

As usual, before you decide to join a site, you must have met the essential requirements so that you can participate fully. In most cases, you can join a platform, and after all your details have been captured, you meet the scary message that says you are not eligible.

Getting started and enrolling is easy for this platform. First, it’s free and has the fewest details for signup. But before you get to that step, you must have the following well in place.

  • You must be 13 years and above
  • You need a device that easily accesses the internet
  • You need to have an email address for registration
  • As much as the site allows worldwide participation, it still gives priority to the US, UK, and Canadian residents.
  • You also need a stable internet connection

How to Register?

Registration is free. mAll you need is your email address for registration, your device, and a stable internet connection. Click on this Treasure Trooper platform link for you to access the site. Don’t worry about the flashy and cartoon appearance, as it is the theme for the site. It has a section where you get a chance to register, and it’s written ‘register for free.’ Enter your email address and continue to add your details. Once you finish, submit the information for review. After that, you will get the confirmation email in your inbox. Click on the link for confirmation. This will redirect you to the main platform where you have the freedom to access all the tasks available and make money quickly.

How can I earn from the site- Methods, and Rewards?

Once you have the complete registration details, it’s now time to earn from the site by taking part in various tasks offered. Sometimes you come across platforms that offer only surveys for cash. It is rare to have a platform that will give you multiple ways of earning and hence allow you to meet your targets.

Here is how you can make money through this platform effortlessly.

Take part in the surveys

This is a common way of earning from different platforms. Similarly, this platform has a section for you to attempt to the surveys and earn the treasure for yourself. When you register, your treasure account is credited with $1 for free. This is a fantastic token as it takes you lesser time to finish that process.

Secondly, you can start taking regular surveys. We have many categories for the surveys. You will get the opportunity to do eight surveys for the day, and this pays around $1 per complete task. Once you finish, you get around $8 per day for the surveys done.

Since the surveys form a large percentage of earning on this platform, you will have to choose the surveys from the various methods available. For this platform, it offers you three sections for the surveys. These include what is called Study Storm, Survey Seeker, and six daily surveys. Once you click on the study storm and survey seeker, you will be redirected to other platforms where you fill extra information and other additional details. Once you complete, you can now start taking the surveys and earning. But before you begin earning from these two sections, your profile will need to be approved within 24 hours.

The daily surveys offer you the chance to do at least six surveys daily, and this is enough to get you a good amount for your side hustle.

Once you finish the surveys, it will reflect in your treasure waiting section, and once it’s approved, you will see your earnings in the treasure box. After you hit $20, you are good to withdraw.

When we approximate, you can make around $4 a day minimum from this platform, and this translates to $120 monthly. This is a great amount to help work on a few things here and there. Sadly, you are not guaranteed the income as some of the surveys might not be your type; hence, you get disqualified.

The more you remain active on this platform, the more your earnings and chances for participating in great opportunities arise. Therefore, the surveys will be a tipping point to your success on the platform.

Cash Offers on the Platform

Another way you will earn your treasure on this platform is through cash offers. At this point, you are not guaranteed a lot of cash. Instead, you have to purchase something so that you get the cash. For instance, you can buy something and get the money back in your cash trooper account. This means that you get the product for free. Another way to get the direct cash reward is during the registration, where you get $1 in your account for registering.

Treasure Trooper Search

This functions like a Google platform where you search your content and get the outcomes easily. For this Treasure Trooper platform, you are encouraged to search using their search engine and, later on, get rewarded in your trooper account. In most cases, they will directly want you to make the search engine as your default browser, which is something you can choose or ignore. You will get rewards in terms of arrows, which are useful in the dragon section for your other activities.

Get your cashback when Shopping

There is also a system where the platform encourages you to shop and get your money back into your Trooper account. They have collaborated with various small online stores on specific products that you shop and get the money back. It’s a great way of buying something and in the end, getting it for free.

Other methods for getting cash include watching videos online and playing games. You can also use the Facebook app and grow a dragon as a way to boost your treasure earnings.

Once you accumulate your cash, you will withdraw it when you hit $20. It’s processed efficiently, and you are paid between 15-20th every month.

Pros and Cons

Many things are good with this platform. We also have some negatives. Let’s look at the positives first.



  • It is free to register and hence a legit site
  • You have more than one way of earning your cash
  • It pays you in terms of check or cash which is preferred by many users
  • Once you join, you will meet a friendly support group.
  • There is a referral section where you earn from your active referrals and improve your earnings.


  • We have some products that you will need to buy food with your cash for a refund later on.
  • The surveys take almost four to six weeks for approval
  • Sometimes you are not guaranteed the surveys full time if you don’t meet the requirements.
  • It is tasking to climb the dragon levels and requires you to make a referral and stay active for a long time.
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Treasure Trooper Survey Center

NameTreasure Trooper
PayoutCash, Check
Minimum Payout$20
Payment MethodPayPal, Paper Check
Points ExpiryNA
Sign UpOnline

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Can children participate in Treasure Trooper?

Yes, the platform allows participants from the age of 13 and above.

Will I get the same opportunities as other regions?

We cannot guarantee you about this, but according to Treasure Trooper, priority goes to the residents in the US, UK, and Canada.

Can Treasure Trooper make me rich?

Rich? No. if you want to earn extra income, then you need Treasure Trooper. It’s available for those who need an additional income to whatever they earn.

How much do I need to register?

Registration is free.

How do I get paid in Treasure Trooper?

After you have completed your tasks, you get the rewards in your Trooper account. These will be paid to your PayPal account or via cheque.


If you are looking for an extra income, you probably need to sign up for the Treasure Trooper platform. We might not say it is the best, but as per the pros and cons, you can get the direction of your choice. The site looks great and encouraging to participate. They also pay via PayPal to those in the UK or US. This simplifies the payment process.

You can try it through the Treasure Trooper platform link and let us know your experience.

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