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December 7, 2019

Converse Stores is an American shoe manufacturing and supplying company. It is owned by Nike Inc. and was founded in 1908 in the American state of Massachusetts. The company has over more than 100 retail stores worldwide and deals in not just shoes, but clothing and apparel too.

Converse Store’s management respects the trust its customers place in its products and strive to provide them quality wear at reasonable prices. However, when it comes down to customers’ in-store shopping experiences, the management feels it needs improvement.

The Converse Store management believes that with a little guidance and training, it can empower and educate its customer service team members. Thus, it assumes the responsibility to do everything in its power to improve its customers’ future shopping experiences. For this reason, it has introduced an online feedback mechanism called the MyConverseVisit Survey.


Name: MyConverseVisit

Description: MyConverseVisit survey is an online customer feedback collection tool, hosted by the Converse Store management. The survey seeks to gain insights into its customers’ last experiences at the stores. The survey is available online only and no other methods of participation have been established.

MyConverseVisit Summary

Participants must be legal residents of 50 states of the United States of America and must be at least 13 years of age or older at the time of entering the survey online. Participants will require a valid purchase receipt and enter within 7 days of their last purchase made at any of the participating Converse Stores.

Upon completion, the Converse Store management in appreciation of the time and efforts put in by its customers awards them with a $5 worth gift card. This gift card can be redeemed at any of the participating Converse stores at the respondent’s next visit.

How to Enter MyConverseVisit Survey?

There is only one way to enter MyConverseVisit Survey which is on the website: The landing page presents customers with three language choices; English, Spanish, and Chinese. Choose the one which is your language of ease and then proceed to the next page.

On the second web page located here:!/2 the customers are asked to enter details printed on their receipts.

Yes! MyConverseVisit Survey requires its participants to make a recent purchase at any of the participating Converse Stores and save its receipt with them. This receipt contains information which you are required to fill in on the website for gaining access to the online MyConverseVisit Survey.

The details which need to be entered on the second webpage include information such as the store number you bought merchandise from, date and time of your visit, the transaction number and the amount you spent on purchases while shopping in the store. After that, you click on the blue-colored tab on the bottom of the web page which reads ‘Next’.

This click leads you to the next web page. Congratulations! You have now successfully entered the MyConverseVisit Survey. Once you have entered the feedback program start answering the questions which come your way.

The survey starts by presenting customers 2 questions about their customer service team members’ behavior and conduct on their last visit to the store. The questions ask the participants to rate the team members’ behavior on a scale of 5 ratings. They read as in to ask if the customer service team was friendly and cooperative or not and that whether they made the customer feel welcome at the store or not. The participants have to rate the customer service team’s responses according to their experiences and then move on to the next category of questions.

After the respondents have provided feedback on all the questions and submitted their responses, they are provided with a choice. They are asked whether or not they would love to receive a redeemable discount coupon on their next purchase to the store. If the respondents choose ‘Yes’ as an answer, they are prompted to provide their First name, last name, and email address so that the management can contact them later.

The number of entries allowed in MyConverseVisit Survey is 2 per 7 days period per household. A purchase receipt can be used to enter 1 time only. For a second entry, participants will have to make another purchase to get their hands on the second receipt. In addition to all the information mentioned beforehand, participants need to be mindful of the fact that only the receipts generated from transactions performed via in-store purchases qualify for the online survey. Receipts generated from online purchases carry no survey invitation on them. Additionally, the receipt validity period is 7 days strictly, so the participants are encouraged to enter as soon as possible.


Prizes of participating in MyConverseVisit Survey include a Converse Store gift card worth $5. Winners are contacted via the email address they have provided at the end of the survey. Be mindful that you enter a valid email address. So, when the management contacts you to claim your prize, you save yourself from the hassle of situations arising out of neglect on your part.

The gift cards awarded to the participants once claimed, cannot be re-used. Participants will be able to redeem them on their first shopping trip to the Converse Store after they have received them. However, gift cards need to be redeemed within 60 days. After 60 days, the gift cards expire.

The gift cards cannot be converted to cash or traded for any other gift cards worth the same or of more value. The gift cards are subjected to other terms and conditions as laid down by the Converse Store management.

Rules and Eligibility Criteria

  1. Participants must b 13 years of age or older when entering the survey.
  2. The MyConverseVisit Survey can be attempted in 3 languages only; English, Spanish, and Chinese.
  3. There is a limit of 2 completed surveys per household in a 7 day period.
  4. A purchase receipt is required to enter the MyConverseVisit survey online.
  5. 1 entry per survey completed.
  6. For the second entry, customers need to make another purchase to acquire a valid purchase receipt.
  7. The purchase receipt validity period is 7 days.
  8. Participants are allowed to re-enter twice after 7 days period.
  9. Gift cards are awarded via email addresses.
  10. Gift cards have a validity period of 60 days.
  11. Gift cards can be redeemed at all participating Converse Stores.
  12. The employees, their immediate families, household inmates, associates, and people having any kind of affiliation with the Converse Store are not allowed to enter into this survey.
  13. Participants must be legal residents of 50 United States of America only.
  14. Online purchases do not qualify for a valid purchase receipt.
  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • Great selection of shoes
  • Original chuck shoes
  • Good customer service
  • Fair prices.


  • Limited to chuck style shoes
  • Same clothing material for most shoes
  • Brand name disappearing
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MyConverseVisit Survey Center

Winner(s)Every Participant
Validation Code7 days
Prize Expiry60 days
Purchase Yes
LanguageEnglish, Espanol, Chinese

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What happens if I try to enter more than two times the MyConverseVisit Survey within a week?

If a participant tries to enter the MyConverseVisit survey more times than specified whether, through fair or unfair means, their entries will be disqualified completely.

How is my personal information handled by the Converse Store management?

The Converse Store management strives its best to protect the respondents’ personal information and uses it only when a situation prompts it too such as notifying respondents about their prizes etc.

How does the Converse Store management use my responses?

The Converse Store management reserves the right to use the participant’s responses to the best of its interest, which includes but is not limited to improving its performance in terms of customer experiences and customer care.

How long does it take to complete the MyConverseVisit Survey?

It takes approximately 5 minutes to complete MyConverseVisit survey.

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