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December 4, 2019

The retail industry is becoming increasingly competitive, making players in the sector innovative with their customer service. Bealls Florida has understood the need for organized customer service structures for feedback collection. That is why they introduce surveys to complement its customer loyalty program. This article is a review of the retail store and how they use surveys to improve customer satisfaction.


Description: Bealls Florida prides itself as a leader in the retail industry in the US. Since 1915, they have expanded to 500 locations in the country, wading through challenges associated with business growth.

Bealls Florida Summary

At only 22, young Robert Beall committed all his savings as a startup-capital for a vision of being a leader in retail. It was not a rosy affair; after all, it marked the beginning of a life struggle.

As the business picked, the great depression kicked in, shattering his dream of building a solid retail venture. To make things worse, world war 2 was in top gear; no one was spared as businesses crumbled to zero capitation.

Beall’s business model wasn’t supportive, either. He had designed a model that capped prices of all products at 1 dollar and named the venture Dollar Limit. That was unrealistic in a free market economy, but the man was undeterred by his lifelong goals.

To benefit from better customer service experience, Bealls Florida introduced surveys to collect customer feedback. Since they deal with retail goods like footwear, luggage, apparel, and houseware, good customer service is a must.

With regular customer service surveys, there is so much to watch out for in the future. Bealls Florida surveys provide a methodological way of handling customer issues and identifying opportunities.

It helps the organization maintain benchmarked standards of satisfaction while benefiting from customer loyalty. And as the company develops new products and services, the feedback from surveys form the baseline.

Eligibility and Rules

  • You must be a US resident or coming from a territory owned by the United States unless there are binding limitations entrenched in law.
  • You must have attained 18 years old or over to contribute to Bealls Florida surveys.
  • You should own a device like a smartphone, tablet, or computer to participate in the surveys.
  • A participant must possess a valid email address.
  • Each customer is allowed one entry to a survey per day.
  • One person in a household is eligible to enter within a day.
  • Prizes won are neither transferable nor substitutable.
  • One cannot sell or swap Bealls Florida Coupons
  • For you to participate, you should recall the most recent shopping experience at Bealls Florida store.
  • Any member of the board, employees and close relatives and members of their households(even if they are not related) are not eligible to take surveys.
  • You must understand either Spanish or English.
  • Any bias when answering surveys will lead to automatic disqualification; the same applies to a bias targeting the Beall brand. Honesty and integrity are appreciated.
  • Bealls Florida sweepstake rules apply.

How to Participate in Bealls Florida Surveys

Participating in Bealls Florida surveys is a straightforward and exciting experience. The surveys add value to you and the company too.

There is nothing strange or out of the blues! It is you decoding what you already know based on your shopping experience at any Bealls store.

Before you participate, be sure to purchase a product or service at your nearest outlet. Keep the receipt as proof of purchase; it will also be required when filling out the survey.

With a receipt at hand, start filling a Beall online survey. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Beall survey site by clicking on the link http://www.Bealls If you encounter any technicalities at this point, please contact
  2. Glimpse through the instructions and regulations guiding the survey
  3. Proceed to tap on Take a Survey menu in the middle of the screen
  4. Fill the date of visit as asked
  5. Now press 16 digits required as captured on your purchase receipt
  6. Enter all other details asked
  7. Take a few minutes to respond to survey questions regarding your shopping experience
  8. Afterward, you will be asked if you want to enter into the Beall’s $500 sweepstake
  9. Accept by hitting the YES button
  10. Once you accept, a prompt asking contact details will pop up
  11. Enter the details
  12. Make your submission and stay tuned for updates about the contest

Once done, keep checking email notifications. All prize winners get informed through email. In case you do not check your email within the specified time, your win will be nullified and handed over to the next winner as picked by Beall.

Remember, a $500 gift card is up for grabs every week!


Bealls Florida values its customers hence the $500 gift card on offer every week. The prize, albeit not being cash, guarantees a goodie-packed shopping experience.

Bealls rewards customer loyalty by delivering this promise all year round. They hold quarterly draws to determine winners, an event that comes with surprises for the faithful shopper.

Apart from gift cards, the company has in place a coupon system. Beall’s ritual of offering smart deals stood the test of time since 1915, making it a home of coupon offers.

Check these current coupon offers:

  • 60% off for sleeveless top brands for women
  • 1% cashback for online purchases
  • 50% off for select microfiber sheets
  • 50% off for local Skailz sportswear for men
  • 70% off for Ciao hard side luggage

Aside from coupons, Bealls Florida also offers free shipping deals. Check their site for more!

Besides, they provide the best discounts. Sometimes they go as deep as 70% to reward customers.

Bealls credit card users have more advantages, too, when taking surveys. They earn 100 points for using the card, which is an equivalent of $5 cashback.



  • They offer a diversified pool of rewards for customers
  • Nationwide, Bealls Florida offers affordable and quality products to meet customer needs
  • Very legit. They reward genuine customers
  • Available in 20 states across the US
  • They offer excellent customer service built over a century.
  • Bealls Florida survey system runs on a robust IT infrastructure and simple interface for the customer
  • They adhere to strict privacy agreements that protect its customers
  • The timing of sweepstakes draws happens in shorter cycles of spans of three months.
  • Every customer gets an equal chance to participate in surveys
  • Plenty of surprise gifts when you participate in surveys
  • Spanish and English speakers have the same opportunities
  • Few survey questions to save you time
  • Opinions allowed through social media channels too
  • Open all year round except during Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays
  • Even a small purchase of $1 enters you to the sweepstake


  • You cannot redeem cash with Bealls Florida
  • Taxes accruing from sweepstakes winnings are a liability for the customer
  • The surveys are limited to one member of a household hence not fair
  • Bealls Florida is not available internationally
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What is the Beall’s Florida Survey all about?

This is a customer feedback survey program aimed at improving customer experience to Bealls Florida customers. Throughout the year, the company collects feedback from customers in an organized manner.

The feedback is either negative or positive, depending on the customer experience. Besides that, customers answering the online surveys are entered in sweepstake draws.

Customers enjoy different rewards by participating in Bealls Florida surveys. They receive their rewards in the form of gift cards, discount vouchers, and surprise gifts.

Where can I find Beall’s stores?

You can find Bealls stores in more than 20 states in the US. Locations with most stores include Arizona, Florida, and Georgia.

What is the Senior Day Discount?

This is a special day for senior citizens to enjoy humongous discounts at Beall. On the 10th of July every year, citizens aged 50 years and above get a treat from the company.

On that day, they get a 15% discount for any purchase at Beall. If you love home decor and fashion, that is a day to save on your calendar.

What are the operating times at Beall?

Beall opens at 9 am on each location. Operations till 9 pm. However, since each store has a policy, some may open earlier or extend later. You can check online to understand the schedules for each branch.

Who owns the Bealls store?

It is a family-owned company that has been handed over from generation to generation for the last 100 years. Founding members transferred shares to younger relatives to ensure continuity.

What products does the Beall store sell?

Beall store deals in a wide range line of products. They sell cosmetics, footwear, apparel, accessories, and bags.

How can I participate in the sweepstake?

Joining the Bealls Florida sweepstake is uncomplicated, you follow these few steps:

  1. Navigate to Go to Win page and select sweepstake
  2. Click on Take the Survey to get started
  3. Enter the basic information required and respond to the survey; once complete, you have one entry to Bealls Florida sweepstake.

What are some of the sweepstake rules to watch out for?

Here are a few:

  • Only one entry is allowed per quarter
  • You can only enter the survey code on the Bealls Florida receipt before the stated expiry date.
  • There can only be one victor per every household

How will my data be used?

Bealls Florida is keen on how your data is used. They uphold the highest ethical standards on privacy. The sponsor is the only one allowed to use your data for research purposes and to improve customer service experience.

Is there a specific device to use when accessing Bealls Florida surveys?

Responding to Bealls Florida surveys is not restrictive. You can enter surveys using any of your devices, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

When should I expect to hear from Beall?

Beall surveys happen regularly, but entries to sweepstakes are drawn quarterly. This means that after every three months, winners are notified via email.

Take note that if you win and fail to respond to email at the required time, your win will be forwarded to the next winner.

How can I contact Bealls Florida?

There are flexible options to reach Bealls Florida. Starting from social media, you can drop a message on:

Facebook: Bealls Florida, Twitter: @Bealls Florida and Instagram: @Bealls Florida

You can call 1 (941) 747-2355 or send a letter to Customer Care on P.O. Box 25207 Bradenton, FL 34206-5207


As you look for possibilities of making extra income, retail stores are an option to watch. With lots of offers, you can win through organized sweepstakes while providing valuable feedback to the store. Sometimes, surprise gifts may come your way too. Bealls Florida gives you a year-round opportunity to enter into winning draws.

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