Predictions For The 2020 Tennis Season

December 12, 2019

There is new hope every new year. There arise new hopes for the tennis players as well! The new year will begin and there are already so many tournaments happening. These tournaments have resulted in serious injuries to many players.

Due to which they have to back out from most of the tournaments. Most people say about tennis that “the sport with no clock” and they are probably not wrong. The first major tournament of the year is just two weeks away and we cannot wait!

Some Crazy Predictions! You’ll Be Shocked!

Now, that the new tournaments are on the way, people cannot stop making so many predictions and assumptions. Let’s look at some of the “Bold” predictions for the coming year:

  • One of the most controversial predictions is that no male player, other than Nadal, Federer, or Djokovic, will win any major game this year. (Are you serious?)
  • The second prediction says that Serena Williams will tie Margaret Court, making all-time major records. The record will be such a huge thing that it can be straightly compared to Steffi Graf’s mark.
  • The third prediction states that Naomi Osaka, Ash Barty, Simona Halep, or Bianca Andreescu will not be the top-ranked players of the Women’s Tennis Association by the end of the year. However, there will be some new female players who will surpass all the mentioned players.
  • We know that Stefanos Tsitsipas was one of the players who cracked the Big Three. This year, some other players will also crack the Big Three. That player will be Daniil Medvedev.
  • We all are always eager to know about the top-raked female player of the year. People might be speculating between Serena Williams, Sloane Stephens, Coco Gauff, or Sonia Kenin will be the top-ranked player. However, it is predicted that Madison Keys will be the top-ranked female player of the year.
  • Comeback announcement is one of the recurring annual events. It is predicted that this year the announcement will be made by a former WTA player, Tatiana Golovin.
  • We all love the William sisters – Sharapova, Feeder, Nadal, and Djokovic. They all are some of the best players who have five or more majors. It is predicted that two of them will be announcing their final year in 2020.

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  • In addition, the same is also predicted about the Bryan Brother. The Bryan Brothers – Mike and Bob are yet other players who are ruling the tennis world! A prediction about them is speculated that they will be deciding to end up their career after they win at the U.S. Open.
  • In other good news, there is a prediction regarding Nick Kyrgios. It is said that he will finally take ownership of his talent. Due to this, good results will follow up.

Predictions About Summer Olympics

There are many speculations regarding the Summer Olympics as well. It is predicted that the Summer Olympics will:

  • The event will gain sudden importance as it is predicted that some big names will be announcing their exit after Tokyo 2020. This will bring in more and more audience and viewers to the event.
  • Another prediction is that Naomi Osaka will win the major game and this will make her earn millions of dollars in endorsements. In addition, the player will also be rewarded with a Japanese award that is equivalent to knighthood.
  • After the above-mentioned tennis schedule, it is acceptable that the players will end up being overworked, and fatigued. This exhaustion will lead to their underperformance in the U.S. Open. However, their previous performance will be a win for the tennis!
  • Talking about the good news, the word bandwidth will be replaced with a value proposition.
  • It is also predicted that the tennis game will face huge challenges due to climate change. Considering the rise in the temperature, it is evident that the outdoor games will be hampered (especially during the summer season).
  • Just a little movement will lead you to sweat. The climate will not only affect the players, but also the officials, and the spectators. The summer will just lead the players to be more tired, resulting in a bad game. They will not be able to give their best in the game, even if they desire to!

Final Words

  • Manage to survive, even after the decline of Serena, Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic.
  • The new year will be spent figuring out a new way to make a deal will China.
  • There will be a change in the media landscape that will result in sport’s global appeal. This will also result in improving the value proposition.

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