www.RateFD.com — Official Family Dollar® Survey [$1,500]

If you are a shopper, then Family Dollar is a familiar store. It’s all over the USA and other selected countries. This is where you shop for anything, and the store is known for its affordable pricing. That is why it has spread fast all over the USA.

Once you shop, the services you receive aren’t taken for granted. The store will be pleased to hear your feedback concerning the entire experience at any of their locations near you. That’s why they have a customer feedback survey. For those who don’t have the receipts, you still stand a chance to participate through other means. Since your opinion counts, let’s guide you through www.RateFD.com – the Family Dollar survey for efficiency when participating.


Name: www.RateFD.com

Description: Family Dollar is a shopping store spread all over the USA and other selected countries. The store is known for its affordable pricing. www.RateFD.com is a platform where customers can leave their feedback about the services they received.

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www.RateFD.com Summary

One of the passionate entrepreneurs named Leon Levine started the company in 1959. He was only 22 years when he came up with the idea once he visited one of the famous stores in Kentucky and realized that they offered goods at very affordable prices at $1. He got inspired by this, and that’s why he started the store the following year.

The only difference was that his store offered prices at $2, unlike the other stores that offered $1. Over time, the store has been increasing the costs so that they can meet the demand of the customers.

At the moment, Family Dollar has grown to over 8,000 stores in the USA and other countries. The only states that don’t have the stores yet include Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington.

Today, the store has even branched to sell expensive electronics such as phones and other electronic devices. The services and the various stores have attracted a pool of employees so that you can get the best services.

Since the store is still growing, the company has trust in your feedback, and that’s why they came up with www.RateFD.com so that you can share your experiences and help in the growth of more stores. In return, you get rewards in terms of cash and also a chance to enter the monthly drawings that attract huge bonuses.

The objective of www.RateFD.com is to learn from you so that the next visits become even better than the previous one. This is because all the suggestions you put in the survey are taken seriously. The management emphasizes this by saying that every word you write is read and handled carefully so that your concerns are put into consideration.

In return, you enter a sweepstake that gives you an equal chance to win $1000 daily. Well, this is a lot if you become that winner. Isn’t it? Therefore, once you shop at any of the many outlets, remember to keep your receipt as it will be useful when taking the online survey on www.RateFD.com.

Everyone has an equal chance of landing the massive rewards and hence the need for you to participate. The fun thing about the survey is that you can take it anywhere since it’s an online survey. The only requirement is a receipt with the code. Alternatively, you can still take the survey without making the purchase.

Is www.RateFD.com Legit?

Well, the online platforms feature a lot of surveys, and sometimes you come across overhyped surveys that end up scamming and spamming your inbox. Some will always redirect you to third-party sites. Others will misuse your contact details without your consent. This is one of the lowest moments for anyone looking for a site to make an extra income or get rewards.

We have taken our time to analyze www.RateFD.com by Family Dollar, and for sure, this is a survey you shouldn’t miss. Well, unlike other sites that will not disclose their locations, Family Dollar has stores everywhere, and since it is among the top retail stores in the USA, you will perhaps develop your trust in them.

Another factor that boosts our confidence in www.RateFD.com is that you have equal chances of winning the massive rewards. Once you make a purchase, you can still keep the receipt and use it for the survey. This positions you for the daily rewards and coupon discounts on your purchases.

Lastly, the store is one of the top retail entities that offer all the types of items you would want to have in your house. You can make a physical visit to any of the stores around the US and ascertain the legitness of the company and the surveys. This is possible if you are a resident. Alternatively, the company has provided contacts where you reach them in case of any questions or concerns.

Are you eligible to participate in www.RateFD.com?

Well, the surveys at Family Dollar are not for everybody. As long as the store is near you, then you can easily take part in the www.RateFD.com survey. If you are a shopper at one of the stores, then you are guaranteed entry into www.RateFD.com. With this in mind, some of the requirements and basic rules you need to meet so that you can enjoy the rewards as other shoppers are doing are:

  • To participate, you must be 18 years. If you are in Korea, then you must be at least 20 years.
  • You should not be associated with Family Dollar in any way. Employees, staff and close partners are not eligible.
  • Basic understanding of English or Spanish is vital as they will be used during the survey
  • You can have the purchase receipt or not as there are other alternative ways to participate
  • Priority is for the legal residents of the USA, as that’s where the majority of the stores are located.
  • Eligibility is there for one candidate, one entry per day. The more entries after each passing day increase the chances of winning the massive draw price.
  • You must have an active internet with a phone or a computer since most of the surveys are done online.
  • A winner is selected randomly, and therefore you have an equal chance of winning
  • The prize will be given to the winner in the currency of their residing country except for Korea, who will receive in USD.
  • The reward whether money or coupon provided by the company is non-transferable
  • You should submit your contact details so that it becomes easy to be contacted in case you win the ultimate prize.


Some of the www.RateFD.com restrictions

  • You will be banned in case you get caught spreading false information about the company
  • If you try to hack into the survey website or cause any harm to it, then you will be banned.
  • The survey is void when restricted by the law
  • Participants cannot take the survey on behalf of other persons
  • You should not share the survey questions or entrance with anyone
  • Always give true feedback


How to take part in www.RateFD.com survey

Once you are sure that you meet the requirements and the rules for participation, you can go ahead and take part in the Family Dollar survey. As said earlier, there are several ways in which you can participate in the surveys. Follow the guidelines below so that your feedback can make an impact.

Family Dollar www.RateFD.com Survey Online

  • Make the purchase at Family Dollar for the receipt
  • Go online with your laptop or phone ready for the survey
  • Access Family Dollar through your browser
  • Select language either English or Spanish
  • Enter the transaction ID located on your purchase receipt
  • Click on the Next button
  • Answer the survey questions that pop up. Always provide genuine feedback
  • Enter the personal information for the entry into the lucky draw/ sweepstakes
  • Ensure all the details you have written are satisfactory
  •  Submit the survey and wait for the feedback


RateFD by mail

This is an alternative method so that you can have a chance to speak out and give valued feedback. At this point, you enter the survey via mail.

Write in your handwriting the following “Please enter me in the Empathica Daily Sweepstakes for a chance to win daily one prize.”

Write your contact details and mail them to the following addresses.

[Enter Month/Year]Mail-In Entry


c/o [Enter Name of Participating Client]

511 Avenue of the Americas, #40

New York, NY.



[Enter Month/Year]Mail-In Entry


c/o [Enter Name of Participating Client]

2121 Argentia Rd., Suite 200.

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

L5N 2X4


[Enter Month/Year]Mail-In Entry


c/o [Enter Name of Participating Client]

One Victoria Square

Birmingham, UK

B1 1DB

Note that one mail per day is the only allowed limit. Therefore, always stick to this rule so that you can have fantastic chances to win the rewards.


  • You access the site free
  • There are two main methods in which you can participate, i.e., via an online survey or through mailing.
  •  Everybody has equal chances of winning
  • The stores are many, and therefore, you can find the closest one to you so that you can get your reward easily.
  • You get to enter the monthly draw for more significant rewards
  • The questions are exciting and straightforward such that you will be happy about taking part in the survey.
  • The site is legit and therefore safe with your information
  • No spam messages in your inbox
  •  The entries can be done daily


  • Only for residents of America and select few countries
  • 18 years and above and hence those below the age are locked out
  • You are not sure if you will win the reward since because it is a draw
  • You will still require a code entry from your purchase receipt even though there is a mail option without a receipt.
  • No referral program
  • You cannot transfer your reward to another person

www.RateFD.com Center

Prize$1,500 - Weekly
$1,000 - Daily
Winner(s)3 - Weekly Prize
1 - Daily Prize
Validation CodeNA
Prize ExpiryNA
Purchase No
EnterOnline, Mail
LanguageEnglish, Espanol

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How many times can I participate in www.RateFD.com?

The platform offers you a chance to make an entry daily. This means that one entry per day per person. You will, therefore, have a lot of opportunities to boost your chances of winning the bigger prize.

Do I need to pay to participate in www.RateFD.com?

Participating is free, and the only requirement is your purchase receipt, where you enter the purchase code for the survey. The win-win situation strengthens the customer relationship with the store and hence the massive growth with the store.

How can my concerns be addressed?

Well, Family Dollar has a help desk that will respond to all your questions and concerns. Just get in touch via the following channels

  • Website: www.familydollar.com
  • Survey Website: www.ratefd.com
  • Phone Number: +1 866 377 642
  • Mailing Address: ORC International, 310 Culvert Street, Suite 200, Cincinnati, OH 45202, Attn: Beki Grey

How do I know that I am a winner on www.RateFD.com?

Winning is a fair deal. You provided your contact details, and once the draw has been conducted, you will be notified via the contacts you shared. This means that you need to provide real contacts so that you don’t miss the reward.

Can I transfer my reward?

The company prohibits two critical things. First, you should not take the www.RateFD.com survey on behalf of the person who visited the store. Second, once you win any reward, you don’t change or transfer it. If the company notices the change, then you will be nullified, and another person picked for the reward.



If you are ready to participate in the survey, feel free to make a purchase at your nearest store and keep the receipt for participating. You can log in to www.RateFD.com during your free time and share your feedback by answering the questions.

The feedback you share helps in service delivery for you and other customers. That’s why you will always love the kind of services you get after that. In addition to the best services, you get a chance to enter a draw that, if announced a winner, then that’s a massive reward for you.