ACMooreCares — Official A.C. Moore® Survey [Coupon]

If you love art and crafts, then ACMooreCares has the best deals for you. Once you purchase your favorites at any of the stores in the US, you stand a chance to win gifts. This is easy when you take part in the online survey that tries to find out how you think about the general services you experienced at the store during your last visit.

The survey takes a few minutes since the questions have been simplified. Additionally, you will have a chance to win lots of rewards for the time and effort you spent on the survey. In this writeup, I have prepared for you the guidelines that will enable you to take the survey stress-free. Follow through as we find out more about ACMooreCares.


Name: ACMooreCares

Description: ACMooreCares is the official customer survey by A.C. Moore. Its customers can get discount coupons for participating in ACMooreCares survey.

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ACMooreCares Summary

The essential requirement for the survey is the purchase receipt. Ensure you keep the recent receipt so that you can get an entry into the survey platform and win lots of rewards.

Since the A.C. Moore company is one of the top US corporations that sell all types of arts and crafts, the company believes that you can help it grow and add value to what they do. The survey comes with simple questions that require your experiences so that they can act on them and improves services for you.

For decades, the company has been in business, with tremendous growth. The trend is to continue, and that’s why the survey matters a lot for the company. The critical request from the company is honest feedback so that they can make the best decision with you in mind.

Why should you take the survey on ACMooreCares?

Well, as a shopper, you have your expectations as you shop. Incase the expectations are below standards, that means you will find an alternative store for shopping. However, A.C. Moore still wants to keep you and attract new customers.

This is possible through your experiences. Once you share them honestly, the company listens and acts. The survey is an asset to the company since it helps in decision making. That’s why you will always find something new or a new experience while the next time you shop at one of the stores.

ACMooreCares requests you to go a step higher by providing suggestions and recommendations on what you think the company can improve. The ideas are evaluated and taken into consideration.

As you plan to take the survey, remember the questions are easy and will take less time to complete. You will also take the survey online and during your free time. The questions focus on company products and services. You will be asked about your experiences while you shop for your art and crafts. How you were treated at the store and your suggestions on what you think should be done to improve the situation.

Once you complete the survey, the rewards are in store for you. The company compensates for your time and effort while sharing quality feedback. That’s why honesty and ability to recall your previous experiences are key.


ACMooreCares Eligibility Criteria

Every company that looks forward to improving its services and products has a survey. The survey will always work towards beating competitors by creating unique services. To make the survey authentic, the companies usually come up with rules to guide the entire process. There is also the eligibility criteria for you to meet so that you can proceed.

All these precautions always differentiate serious companies from those that joke with shoppers’ time. This is where the legitness comes in. Therefore, ACMooreCares also has the requirement that you will need to meet so that you can have a peaceful time participating. Read through the guidelines below to find out if you qualify for the survey.

  • You must be an American resident for you to take part in the survey because the locations are in the US.
  • You must have attained the age of 18 years and above as the selected ages for participating.
  • The knowledge about English or Spanish is key since the survey translates in the two languages.
  • If you are an employee, family member, support, or directly associated with the A.C. Moore company, then you are not eligible.
  • Do you have a computer or phone? The gadgets are essential when logging into the survey site to participate.
  • Internet stability is also crucial since it determines the speed and the length of time you will have at the survey site. The faster the internet is, the fewer minutes you will spend at the site.
  • You need a purchase receipt with a survey code. The receipt should be a recent one.
  • The ability to recall the experiences during your last visit is a plus since the questions are on your experiences.
  • Are you willing to provide your contact details? They are vital for sharing survey results and notifying you if you have won anything.


ACMooreCares Restrictions

  • All illegal activities on the survey site are not accepted
  • Calling to influence the survey outcome is not allowed
  • Your contacts and personal details will remain private
  • Attempting the survey on behalf of the actual visitor is not allowed
  • The prizes are not exchangeable or transferable
  • Purchasing more products doesn’t guarantee you a chance to win the prize
  • If the state law declares the survey not suitable then it becomes null and void


Questions to expect on ACMooreCares

As said earlier, the company is searching for your input and hence provides you with easy questions to make your life non-complicated. An outline of the areas you will find in the survey include:

  • Rating your general experiences and satisfaction with the services at the company
  • The quality of the commodities you bought
  • A word on the pricing of the commodities
  • The attitude and behaviors or staff towards you
  • The general hygiene at the store you visited
  • The speed at which you made the order and whether it was delivered on time
  • Arrangement of products at the store you visited
  • Any suggestions and recommendations you have for the store


How to participate in ACMooreCares

Are you ready for the survey? Well, at this point, you must have read and understood the requirements for the survey. Your eligibility criteria must also be positive. Ensure your receipt is also available, and the laptop is on for the survey. Follow these steps and complete the survey for the reward.

Step 1: Access ACMooreCares website

Step 2: Once the platform is open, choose your preferred language between English and Spanish

Step 3: Check on your receipt and find the code, date, and other details required for the survey.

Step 4: Fill in the sections given and click start

Step 5: You will get to the survey questions

Step 6: Make sure you can remember some details about your last visit

Step 7: Answer the questions honestly

Step 8: Once you complete the survey, provide your contact details, which are useful when communicating the winning coupons and gifts to you.

Step 9: Click submit and wait for the outcomes. Once you get the coupon code, which is redeemable on your next visit, write it down.

ACMooreCares Rewards

Once you complete the survey, the company has impressive rewards for you. First, you will get gift cards so that you can shop at your favorite stores near you. Additionally, you get a chance to win free discount coupons redeemable when you visit the store.

Ensure you write down the coupon code so that you can redeem it quickly on your upcoming visit. Always redeem the prize within thirty days. You will also get updates on discounts and offers available since you shared your contacts with the management.


  • The survey platform is easy to navigate
  • Questions are simplified for you to attempt easily
  • The rewards are worth the time
  • The survey is online and hence offers you the flexibility to do it anywhere
  • The branches are all over the US and easy to purchase and participate
  • You have the contacts available for raising concerns
  • The guidelines are available to lead you through the survey


  • The receipt expires, so you need to use it early
  • Forgetting the experiences at the store won’t bring out the feedback
  • The American residents have the advantage of participating
  • The reward is not shareable, transferable or exchangeable

ACMooreCares Center

Winner(s)Every Participant
Validation Code5 days
Prize Expiry15 days
Purchase Yes
LanguageEnglish, Español

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Is there an alternative entry method other than ACMooreCares?

No, the only method is the online survey. This requires you to have the receipt you received after the purchase. The receipt has the details, including the code for you to access the survey questions.

How many times can I participate in ACMooreCares?

You can participate frequently, but this will not increase your chances of winning the prizes. Therefore, for quality purchases, you can participate in five or fewer times per month. Using the recent receipt is vital since the information will still be fresh in mind.

How beneficial is ACMooreCares’ feedback?

First, honest feedback is vital. Once you speak, the company listens and uses your information to make significant decisions concerning the issues you raised. Besides, the company benefits by creating an enabling environment to attract more buyers. You will benefit from improved services since your feedback creates the changes. Again, you will win gift cards and coupon codes for your upcoming shopping.

If ACMooreCares is not working, what should I do?

Sometimes, the site problems might be caused by poor internet connection, failure to accept cookies, using a faulty gadget, and bug attack. Ensure you check for the mentioned sections before contacting the customer care. If the issue persists, then get to the customer care and inquire. You might be opening the site in an area that is not allowed hence the issue.

Are there contact details for sharing my frustrations?

Yes, in case you have a concern, the company provides both the online and offline ways to reach out for help. We have a social media platform, phone contact, and email address. Find out from the list below the best you can use.


1907 Street Rd, Bensalem, PA 19020, USA

33X4+87 Bensalem, Bensalem Township, PA, USA

Call +1 267-223-6144

A.C. Moore Website:

What makes ACMooreCares legit?

The company has branches all over the US. There is also a clear guideline for the survey and general rules to control the survey. Lastly, the company has existed for many years and is still expanding.



Finally, we hope you have had the insights you need to take this survey. We hope you are ready to use your receipt and share your feedback for rewards. The survey takes fewer minutes as long as you have everything set. You can also take it from anywhere since it is online.

If you have questions, kindly direct them to the comment box. We are available to guide you even more so that you can shop and win rewards. It’s a great way to save this 2020 — all the best as you get to ACMooreCares.