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January 24, 2020

When the idea of shopping comes up, especially your shoes and socks, what comes to mind? What does your ideal store look like in your mind? What is the one thing you would love to have in your ideal store? This is the information Payless wants to know from their customers. They want to get the customer’s feedback through TellPayless so they can know which areas to improve.

This article will help you understand all there is about TellPayless. It will guide you to know what you need to join the site to how you join and then take you through the survey until you get your coupon.


Name: TellPayless

Description: TellPayless is the official customer survey started by Payless. Customers get the opportunity to leave feedback on their recent visit to one of Payless's outlet. In return, customers get discounts for their time and effort in providing feedback through TellPayless.

TellPayless Summary

Payless has over 4500 stores across the world and more than 25,000 employees. It’s worth more than $3 Billion. It aims to provide affordable shoes to everyone. It also wants to make sure it gives the best services to all the shoppers so they can feel appreciated, and that way, next time they want to shop for shoes, they can go back there.

A good business person knows you need to give the customers what they need so you can stay in business. That is why Payless is conducting an online survey. TellPayless is a survey where customers give their feedback on their shopping at the store. In return, you get coupons for taking time in the survey.

Also, TellPayless is a way of involving the customer in the decision-making process. This way, the customers feel they are part of the store and are more likely to go back shopping there. On the other hand, the customers can air their opinions freely without the fear of victimization or the fear of hurting a specific person.

TellPayless Eligibility Criteria

  • For you to take part in the survey, you need to be 18 years and above
  • If you are an employee or related to the employee, you can’t take part in the survey. This is to make sure all the opinions are genuine and no biased comments.
  • For you to take part in the survey, you need a recent purchase receipt from the store, as you will need a code in the receipt to enter the survey.
  • The survey is online, so you will need access to the internet, a laptop, or a computer for access to the survey site.
  • One receipt is equal to one entry
  • The prize you get after taking the survey can’t change ownership
  • For you to take part in the survey, you must be a resident of the United States of America, United Kingdom, or Canada.
  • The receipt is valid for 14 days after you acquire it. After that, the receipt is null and void
  • One person is limited to one survey per month
  • For you to take part in the survey, you need to know and understand either English or Spanish as the survey is in those two languages.
  • If you tamper with the survey, it will be taken as a violation of the law, and actions can be taken against you.
  • In case the information you give is suspected to be false, it will lead to rejection of your feedback, and hence no coupon will be awarded to you.
  • Purchasing more in different stores will not increase the chances of winning the final prize as everyone has an equal chance of winning.


Why TellPayless?

The main purpose of TellPayless is to get customers’ feedback and know-how satisfied the customers are and also get information that will help improve the store to make sure all the customers get what they want.

TellPayless Step-by-step Guide

Step 1: Go to the TellPayless

Step 2: You will see instructions directing you on how to go about the survey

Step 3: Select the language you prefer using either English or Spanish.

Step 4: Enter the code on your receipt. It’s a 13 digit code. Confirm you have entered the right numbers. The code is located at the bottom of the receipt.

Step 5: You will receive an invitation to the after that, press the start button to start the survey.

Step 6: Key in your contact details honestly as this is how the company will contact you so that they send the coupon.

Step 7: Answer the survey questions honestly as your answer will help in decision making

Step 8: After you complete the survey, a coupon number will be provided, screenshot the number, and write it on the receipt and provide it on your next visit to the store so you can get the discount.

Questions to expect on TellPayless

The first question asked in the survey is questions about Payless store associates:

  • Did you need any assistance from the staff?
  • Did they help you, and how well did they assist you?
  • Did the staff suggest shoes for you to try?
  • Did they give you an opinion on the shoes you fitted?
  • Did they mention to you about the ongoing survey and the discounts that come with the survey?
  • Did the staff ask you to provide an excellent rating for the store?
  • Comment on how the staff who served you were in terms of customer care.

The next set of questions is on the shoes:

  • Did you get the shoes you were looking for?
  • Were they easy to get on the shelves?
  • Did you get the exact size you wanted, or was it not available?
  • Did you see another type of shoe that you would have loved to buy?
  • Did you exactly spend what you had planned to spend, or you spent more or less?

The money you spent on the store:

You will get a question asking the exact amount you spent on the store. If you can’t remember how much you spent, you can always refer to the receipt you got from the store.

Why do you shop at Payless:

Here you will be asked the reason for shopping at Payless. Make sure you describe the reason in detail and give an honest answer. Remember, there’s no wrong answer. Maybe the price at the store is favorable or quality of the shoes or the strategic position of the store. Any reason is good.

TellPayless Rewards

As a form of motivation for people to take part in the survey more often, the store has come up with a reward that they give you after completing the survey. The award is in the form of coupons, which, when you present it to the store, you get a discount. The discount you get depends on the time you take the survey. The coupon has an expiry date, so make sure you present the coupon to the store before it expires.

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • TellPayless provides an interaction platform between customers and management
  • You get discounts for taking the survey
  • It is easy to take
  • You end up purchasing stuff at Payless at a discounted offer, which helps you save some money.
  • You get to give an opinion that counts in the company’s decision-making process.


  • The receipt may expire before you even take the survey
  • The coupon isn’t transferrable to somebody else
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TellPayless Center

Winner(s)Every Participant
Validation Code7 days
Prize Expiry30 days
Purchase Yes
LanguageEnglish, Español

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How long does it take to complete the survey on TellPayless?

With a good internet connection, the TellPayless survey will take less than three minutes to complete. Also, how fast you complete the survey will depend on how fast you are typing. But even if you are slow, the survey will not take more than five minutes. Make sure you complete the survey to the last point so you can get the coupon. Incomplete surveys are not considered for discounts.

How many times can I use the receipt?

You can only use one receipt for one entry into TellPayless. After that, the receipt is invalid. Make sure the first time you enter the code on the receipt, you complete the survey to the last point because if you quit and come back, the receipt will not be valid. Apart from that, the receipt is valid for 14 days after acquiring it. After that, the receipt is invalid.

If I have issues during the TellPayless survey, where can I get help?

In case you have issues joining the TellPayless survey, first, make sure everything you entered is correct from the code and make sure you are on the right site. That way, you rule out it’s not a fake site. If, after that, you still have an issue joining the survey, contact customer care using the contacts provided on their website, and you will get assistance.

You can contact customer care through

Alternatively, you can contact them by filling out a form on their website:

Is the discount from TellPayless constant, or it changes, and if it changes, what affects the changes?

The discount is not constant. The discount you get after completing the TellPayless survey depends on which period you took the survey. Different periods have different discounts. The discount could be 10% or even 5% percent. The discount you get will be on the site for people to see before taking the survey.

How many times can one take the TellPayless survey?

Every person is limited to one entry per month. So even if you have more receipts, you can’t take more surveys.


If you want change, be the change. How about taking part in this helpful survey so that you can influence decisions made in the company? Want more friendly staff? Want more discounts? Make a purchase at Payless and take part in their survey and let them know what you think about their services.

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