Branded Surveys – Online Paid Surveys Legit or Scam?

October 28, 2019

One of the easiest ways to make money online in 2019 is by completing online surveys. There are so many sites that will pay you to give your opinion. However, getting a legit site may not be an easy task.

Branded SurveysBranded Surveys is one such site that pays you to air your opinion on several issues. You need just to fill out some surveys, and you get rewarded for it. The platform has been around for a while, but you have to be cautious when choosing an online site to join.

Deciding on whether a site is legit or not can be a daunting task. There are so many reviews online, both good and bad. So, what should you believe?

Well, you do not have to worry about that anymore. In this article, we will provide all the information you need to know about Branded Surveys. Have a look and find out whether the site is legit or just another scam.

Branded Surveys Review
Branded Surveys

Name: Branded Surveys

Description: Branded Surveys is a global market research community. Members of the community are rewarded with points for every survey that they complete.

What is Branded Surveys?

The website is owned by Branded Research Inc. and has been in existence since 2012. Up until late 2017, the company was known as Mintvine. For the seven years that it has been in operation, Branded Surveys has helped global brands to gather vast amounts of honest consumer feedback. Because of this, Branded Surveys has gained a large following and has come to be known as one of the world’s leading market research companies.

Branded Surveys works by matching individuals to specific surveys. These surveys are chosen based on certain demographics that users provide after joining the site. The feedback from the reviews is then shared with appropriate research companies. In return, the users are then awarded points that they can later redeem.

How to Earn Money on Branded Surveys

On Branded Surveys, you earn money through points. As a member, you are awarded points after the completion of surveys, which you can then exchange for cash. Here are four different ways through which you can earn on Branded Surveys.

1. Taking Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are the backbone behind Branded Surveys. The website has partnered with several companies that offer paid surveys. Each day, you will receive either one or two reviews for you to complete. The points you earn from each survey will vary depending on the length of the survey.

An advantage of how Branded Surveys presents its surveys is that they let you know how many points you will earn before you even get started. This helps you decide what surveys to take and which ones to leave out, especially if you are in a hurry.

Although the rewards are not the best in the market, they are quite decent. While you may not get to earn a substantial amount, paid surveys are a great way to make some quick cash.

2. Daily Polls

As a member, you can also choose to participate in the daily polls. These are usually short surveys posted daily on the website. You will only need a few minutes to complete the poll, for which you will be awarded 5 points.

Daily polls may not be the best way to make some money on Branded Surveys. However, you can use these to supplement your income, even if by just a little. The best part is that it won’t cause you a lot of trouble or time.

3. Partner Surveys

We already mentioned that Branded Surveys has partnered with some other sites. These sites also give you the chance to earn through their partnership with Branded Surveys.

Usually, these partners will put up several offers, which may require you to answer surveys or quizzes. Whenever you are logged in, be sure to check out if there are any available partner offers. You won’t get as much from these, but why not accumulate some extra points?

4. Referrals

Earning points through referrals is one of the most common features of get-paid-to sites. Branded Surveys lets you share your referral link with others. You can either send it to them via email, post it on your website, or your social media pages.

Whenever any of your friends join via the referral link, you get to earn a percentage of what they earn whenever they complete surveys.

How to Sign Up as a Member

Like most get-paid-to sites, signing up as a member is a free and easy process. All you need to do is to access their website and register for an account. You will need to provide your email address and the necessary information. You will then receive a confirmation link via your email. Once you have confirmed your account, you are good to go.

Another easier way to register for an account is by using your Facebook account. For this option, you will not need to provide details about yourself. Branded Surveys will get this information directly from your profile.

In both cases, you will have to answer some additional questionnaires. These questionnaires help them determine the best surveys fit for every individual. According to their website, the more the details they can gather about you, the more the number of surveys they can send.

A unique feature at Branded Surveys is the different levels of members. Upon the creation of a new account, new members are automatically placed under the Bronze Branded Elite level. Members can work their way up to Silver and Gold levels by completing more surveys and earning more points.

Once a member earns ten points by completing a survey, they are awarded one point. Once the points accrue to 60 points, the member automatically advances to the Silver stage. An accumulation of 210 credits earns the member a Gold level status.

An advantage of having a higher member status is that you earn more points from completing surveys. You also gain more through your referrals. This move by branded surveys ensures that the members earn from engaging with the platform as well, instead of earning from the referral program only.

Eligibility Criteria

Branded Surveys does not have too many requirements for you to be a member. The most important factor is your location. For you to earn through Branded Surveys, you have to be a resident of the US, the UK, or Canada.

There’s also an age restriction for joining members. You have to be 13 years or older for you to join the site. Once you have met these two requirements, all you need is your email account and some patience to answer all the questionnaires used to determine the best surveys for you.

Cashing Out

Branded Surveys will mainly reward their members using points and credits. The credits help to determine your member status level. The higher your status, the higher your chances of earning.

The points you earn after completing each survey are accumulated, and you can cash out for the first time once you get to 1000 points. When cashing out, you can choose to redeem the points as either PayPal cash or gift cards from your favorite stores and restaurants.

You may have to provide a valid phone number for you to cash out. Once your withdrawal has been approved, you will wait for 1-2 business days for the processing to be completed.



  • Branded Surveys works with some of the biggest market research companies in the world. As such, you can be sure that the surveys vary in topic and are quite impressive. This assures you that you will never be bored since there are chances that you will get a different theme each day.
  • The surveys allow you to earn $3-$4 in half an hour. While this may not be an ideal hourly rate for any other job, it is quite a good pay from an online survey site.
  • Branded Surveys advances members based on the credit points that they have accumulated. This also means that it becomes easier to increase your earnings. By proceeding to the next level, members earn more, and it becomes easier for them to get to the 1000 points needed for withdrawal.
  • Just like any survey site, you may sometimes get a survey that you are not qualified for. However, unlike other sites, Branded Surveys will still award you some points for such reviews. You will also have to fill in some questionnaires to minimize the chances of receiving a survey that you are not eligible for.
  • Another bonus point for Branded Surveys is that you can choose how to get paid. Because you are mainly rewarded through points, you get to decide whether to redeem the points as cash or as gift cards. The freedom to choose what you want makes it so convenient for every member of the site.
  • It also helps that the gift cards vary extensively. You can choose to redeem your points for gift cards for restaurants, online services, online streaming, auto repair stores, among others. Need a specific product or service in your house? Redeem your points for a store or site that offers that service.
  • Finally, we have to appreciate that the Branded Surveys website is presentable and easy to use. Many survey sites have neglected sites that make it difficult for users to wade through. The simplicity of Branded Surveys enhances users’ experience.


  • One of the main disadvantages of Branded Surveys is that members have to be either in the US, the UK, or Canada. It is not open to members of other countries.
  • Qualifying for a survey is not easy. Branded Surveys takes into account several demographic factors before they can send you a survey. Filling out the pre-survey questionnaires can, at times, be time-consuming and exhausting. Besides, depending on these demographic factors, you may, at times, find that you have little or no surveys to complete.
  • Some users said that the value of the surveys decreases with time. This makes it a bit difficult to get to the 1000 points after starting with well-priced surveys.
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Is Branded Surveys a legit site?

Yes. Absolutely. Branded Surveys has been in operation since 2012 and has built quite a reputation since then. Branded Surveys have also partnered with some of the biggest market research companies, making them reliable and accountable.

Can you use it on a mobile?

Yes, the site works just as fine from a mobile. It is compatible with almost all browsers and offers the same ease of use as the website. This is helpful if you want to complete surveys whenever you are on the go.

How much can I earn from Branded Surveys?

The amount of money that you earn will depend on the number of surveys that you complete each day, and how much each survey is worth. You can increase your earnings with the daily poll and referral program. However, the referral program is only available at Silver and Gold levels. It is also worth noting that members at higher levels earn more. You should, therefore, strive to achieve a higher membership level.

If you are looking for an option that lets you quit your 9-5, Branded Surveys may not be it. Just like any other site, starting is quite tasking, and it will take some time before you can earn some substantial amount. You should also make sure that the answers you give are honest to increase your chances of getting more relevant surveys for you to complete.

However, Branded Surveys is a legit online survey site. If you are patient enough, you can efficiently work your way to the top and achieve Gold Level status. At this level, you will be able to make money easier and faster.

So, if you are looking for a site that allows you to learn a few extra bucks, then Branded Surveys is undoubtedly worth a try.

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