Smart Panel Review – How to Signup and Earn [Legit or Scam?]

October 28, 2019

Thanks to the ever-changing technology, smartphones are now a common device for people of all ages across the globe. Most people will spend around 24 hours every week online. So, why not get paid for it?

Smart PanelThere have been several get-paid-to sites emerging in the past few years. However, Smart Panel offers a unique way of rewarding its users. Once you are a member of Smart Panel, you only have to download the app on one or all of your smart devices and start getting paid whenever you spend some time online.

For many people, this may sound too good to be true. Is Smart Panel legit, or is it just another scam?

We understand that there have been many such sites that started as lucrative and ended up costing people so much money. Well, this is why we went to all the trouble to get you all the information you need to know about Smart Panel.

We will take a detailed look at Smart Panel, how it works, what you need to be a member, and how you can earn. Hopefully, this helps you choose wisely on whether or not to join the site.

Smart Panel Review
Smart Panel

Name: Smart Panel

Description: Smart Panel was founded in 2014 by Verto Analytics. The research company that is based in New York created the Smart Panel research program to collect data on how people use the internet. This information is then used by businesses to improve their services and products. According to Verto Analytics, Smart Panel is a market research project whose primary goal is to make your favorite technology even better.

What is Smart Panel?

Smart Panel is one of the best ways to earn some passive income. By having the app on your smartphone or any other device that has access to the internet, the app collects data on how you spend your time online. You are then rewarded for this data. Through the app, you can also choose to take part in some surveys and boost your income.

How to Earn Money on Smart Panel

As a member of the Smart Panel research program, there are several ways through which you can earn some cash.

One of the easiest ways to earn is by merely using the Smart Panel app. Download the app to your smartphone, tablet, PC, or desktop. To increase your earnings, you can download the app on more than one device. With the app installed, all information regarding your online activity will be collected. This information, together with that from other users, is collected anonymously. The data is then shared with tech companies, websites, and apps. They use the information to understand how people use the internet and to model their products to meet the users’ needs. This is one of the simplest ways of earning since all you need to do is download the app and ensure that it is connected and running as you get by with your daily activities.

You can also decide to take part in some surveys so that you boost your income. Because the polls are not the platform’s primary mode of earning, they may not be as many as is the case in other survey sites. As a member, you can take part in that occasional survey and pocket an extra buck.

The free monthly prize draws offer another way to get rewarded for being a member of Smart Panel. For these draws, winners will be selected randomly for cash prizes of up to $100. Three members will get the cash prize each month and will be announced via Smart Panel’s social media sites.

The final way that you can earn through Smart Panel is through the loyalty bonus program. Once you are accepted as a panel member and have the app downloaded, you are awarded $5. You will keep receiving a loyalty bonus for as long as you remain a member. Three months after you join Smart Panel, you will get a $5 bonus. At six months, this bonus is doubled t $10. You will then be awarded the same amount, $10, every three months.

How to Sign Up as a Smart Panel Member

Joining Smart Panel is a little different from other survey sites. Because the data shared is entirely anonymous, you will not even be required to give your name. Here is a step by step guide to becoming a Smart Panel member.

Step 1:

Head over to the Smart Panel website and sign up for an account.

Step 2:

Take the short survey to determine whether you qualify to be a member. The survey will only take five minutes.

Step 3:

Once you get accepted as a member, you will need to download the app. Do this on as many smart devices as you can.

Step 4:

Keep the app running in the background and ensure that you are always connected to earn. You also get to gain by keeping the app installed for specific periods.

Eligibility Criteria

Most survey sites are usually open for just about anyone to become a member. To join Smart Panel, you have to complete a short survey. This survey contains questions about certain factors that help the creators determine whether or not you qualify to join the team. According to their website, Smart Panel handpicks its members to represent a more significant portion of the internet users and understand their online patterns.

Another criterion used to lockout users is their location. Smart Panel is only available in select countries. For you to be a member, you have to be living in the US, UK, Germany, Canada, India, or China. You also have to be over 18 years old.

Cashing Out

You can withdraw your earnings at any time by cashing out to PayPal. You will need a PayPal account to make withdrawals. If you do not have one, you can choose to redeem your earnings as Amazon gift cards.



  • Everyone loves free and easy money. Smart Panel is a great way to earn some passive income. You do not need to do much for you to earn.
  • Another pro of this site is that it only needs to run quietly in the background. You can leave the app running and go about using other apps on your device. This way, it does not hinder you from doing anything and still earns you money.
  • We all want an app from which we can always opt-out. Smart Panel does not limit its members from leaving the site at any time. The process is also quite simple. If and when you get tired of the app, you can simply uninstall it from all your devices.
  • Speaking of devices, it is excellent that Smart Panel allows you to link more than one device to your account. Each device will earn you rewards separately. Therefore, you can download the app on several devices to increase your daily income.
  • Smart Panel offers a lucrative loyalty bonus program. Members are rewarded for keeping the app running for specific periods. These rewards, coupled with the daily earnings, amount to a significant amount of passive income.
  • Given that the app collects users’ data, privacy is an important issue to address. Smart Panel collects the data from its members anonymously. It also uses encryption to ensure that this data is safely stored. This way, users do not have to worry about their privacy.
  • Finally, Smart Panel offers rewards either as PayPal cash or as Amazon gift cards. Both payment methods are easy to access and very convenient for users from different eligible countries.


  • Celebrated as the app is, Smart Panel comes with several drawbacks. For one, you do not get to choose your preferred mode of payment. Instead, the surveys will decide how to pay your rewards.
  • Unlike other get-paid-to sites, Smart Panel does not offer a guaranteed time of payment. Once you are done with a survey, you can only wait to get paid without having a specific day or time. For example, say you complete a survey in October. Smart Panel may withhold your funds until they are done collecting the information they need, which may take another few months.
  • For you to earn, the app needs to run continuously in the background. Should it stop running, you will not get the loyalty bonus for that month, and you may end up having some trouble when cashing out. Because the app is always running, it tends to slow down the internet connection on the device it is installed. Also, you can’t turn off the app unless you uninstall it completely.
  • Although you can have the app installed on several devices, they will all be linked to one account. This means that you need to ensure that the app is always running on all the devices. If any of the devices stop, you will not be paid for any of the others.
  • You can always tell a lot about a company from the quality of their customer support. The Smart Panel app customer support is often unavailable and is quite unreliable. Users have reported that their inquiry emails have been ignored, even after several follow-ups.
  • The last disadvantage of the Smart Panel is that it currently does not offer a referral program. Most survey sites allow their members to earn some extra money by referring others to the site. This is not the case with Smart Panel. However, a referral program may be included in the future, according to their website.
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NameSmart Panel
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Can anyone join Smart Panel?

At the moment, you can only join Smart Panel by invitation. This is because the panelists are precisely and carefully chosen to give an accurate representation of internet users. To be considered for an invitation, one has to complete a short survey at Smart Panel’s website.

Is my data secure?

Yes. Smart Panel ensures that all the data is collected anonymously to protect the users’ privacy. Information that can be identified personally is stripped before any data analysis is done. The Smart App uses encryption as well as VPN to make sure that the data is transmitted safely and securely.

After how long can I withdraw my earnings?

For you to redeem any earnings, the app needs to be installed and remain running in at least one device for 30 days.

How much money can I make from Smart Panel?

A bonus point for this site is that you can earn through the loyalty program as well. With the loyalty bonus and the monthly earnings, you can earn up to $100 annually.

Is Smart Panel legit?

Yes. Smart Panel is one of the legit sites that you can use to earn some money online. While there is no stipulated time for payment, the site will always ensure that you get paid for every survey you take.

Let’s face it; you will not get rich by being a member of Smart Panel. However, if you are looking for some little passive income, then this is the site to start with. By only having the app on one of your smart devices, you can earn up to $15 each week plus the $5 loyalty bonus.

While some users complained of having some issues during cash out, it is essential to note that several factors could lead to this. For one, if you are using multiple devices, you have to ensure that the app is running in all the devices. You also have to ensure that the app doesn’t stop running at any point.

If you are wondering whether to try Smart Panel or not, I would suggest trying it out for a while. Signup is free, and even if it does not work for you, you will not face any losses. Install the app and try it out on one device for some time before deciding whether or not to keep it. Smart Panel may be just what you need to boost your income.

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