October 28, 2019

Cross Media Panel (Google Opinion Rewards) Review — Legit or Scam?

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As a tech giant, Google does not take anything for granted, and that explains its Cyberspace command. In the quest to improve on the quality of products and services, Google endeavors to collect relevant information from users for better user experience.

Cross Media PanelIt is no doubt that over the years, we have witnessed tremendous strides in the way that google meets consumer needs. Of course, without being biased, Google has become a household name in virtually every part of the world, whether North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, or Oceania.

Cross Media Panel is the newest platform in the Google Family. Before the year 2016, the site was referred to as the Screenwise Trends Panel, with the name change coming after its acquisition by Google. Like any other survey company, this tool helps Google understand internet users by learning how they utilize the web.

From a business point of view, Google can understand their users based on interests and critical reviews by analyzing the background information from their apps. Of course, this is a good way of understanding products and services while forming a basis for making worthwhile improvements.

In this review, we dissect the Cross Media Panel to help you get the best out of this site. You’ll get an analysis of how it works and how to earn.

You will also understand issues regarding eligibility, how you can make money by utilizing this tool. Once you learn how to earn, you will also get to understand the various ways you can receive your rewards. Aside from that, you’ll get to know the pros and cons of this platform and if it’s worth your time.

We hope that the full review will make you more knowledgeable as you make a decision to use Cross Media Panel or not to enhance your earnings. Now let us dive in a little more!

Cross Media Panel Review

Cross Media Panel

Name: Cross Media Panel

Description: Briefly, this is a market research program that is owned by Google, which seeks to understand how people make use of the internet by picking critical info. As mentioned earlier, it is the predecessor of the Screenwise Trends Panel that was acquired by Google in 2016. Currently, it is run by Research Inc Ltd on behalf of the owner-Google.



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What is Cross Media Panel?

The aim of setting up of the panel by its visionaries was to analyze interactions among users of online products and services with a view of providing better experiences. The whole idea was to understand the users and help them get the best they deserve as they utilize online services. This is a noble idea for customer service, isn’t it?

Cross-Media Panel runs seamlessly in the background of your device, whether a smartphone, tablet, or computer. As a research tool, it highly depends on the people that use the internet for feedback. It does not interfere with users’ work, only focusing on online interactions.

As everything is happening in the background, it is worth noting that users’ rewards get recorded. This panel offers a win-win scenario for both the user and the business owner. How sweet is it that you can earn massive passive income as you go about your daily internet browsing?

With longer periods of usage, this panel guarantees you more earnings. It assures you an opportunity to redeem gift cards and online vouchers when you need them. Unfortunately, you may not be able to redeem cash as there is no provision for such.

How to use Cross Media Panel?

How do you go about utilizing the Cross Media Panel? There are a few easy steps that you need to follow to start realizing the benefits of the panel.

First, you need to sign up to the Cross Media Panel website where you will enter your email and a few details such as the House Code. In the process, ensure that you read the sections on Privacy and Terms. And if you do not have enough knowledge about Google, you can check out the About Google and Google Products sections.

Then, you will be required to verify your email address by simply signing into your account and following the verification link.

Next, proceed to install the Cross Media Panel app.

Once done, you are now good to go! Simply go ahead with your daily usage of the internet. The more you use the net, remember you accumulate your rewards, which you can, later on, redeem as gift cards and vouchers.

To get the best from the Cross Media Panel, there are a few selected sites that have fantastic rewards. These sites include BestBuy, Amazon, Nike, Sephora, Walmart, Target, Starbucks, and Home Depot.

How enjoyable is it to receive $2 for each device sign up? Those are free bucks to grab anytime, not forgetting $3 per week for enabling background running of the app on your device. Your only job is to use the internet and earn your passive income.

And so as not to miss out on surveys, Cross Media Panel will alert you through email notifications. Just be on the lookout and ramp up your earnings.

It is worth noting that for you to start enjoying the benefits of the panel, you ought to accumulate at least $25. Once you hit this mark, you can redeem your first gift or online voucher. After that, you will only require $5 to redeem your reward.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to use Cross Media Panel, you should be living in the US. Your IP will pick out your address! The computer address will detect your location, and if you are outside the US, you are not eligible.

You also ought to be aged 18 and over to use Cross Media Panel.

Since this is a Google product, you need to be signed up for Google to be able to enjoy this service. The basic requirement is to have a google email account.

Invitations from existing members can qualify you to join Cross Media Panel.

If you are employed by media companies that provide similar services, you do not qualify to use the platform as this becomes a conflict of interest.

You will need reliable internet access as this app runs on the background of your devices; therefore, sync is required at all times to keep it updated.

How to earn

You may earn as much as possible from the Cross Media Panel. This is dependent on your activity as picked by background data from your device. As noted before, you will be eligible to withdraw as soon as your balance hits $25. But for any subsequent withdrawals, only $5 is needed for you to redeem. It is worth noting that no cash withdrawal is accepted for the panel.

You redeem rewards in the form of gift cards or online vouchers from major brands like Nike, Amazon, or BestBuy.

You earn $2 for the initial installation of the app and $1 weekly, and this amount doubles when you add it to another device. The more connected devices, the more money you earn.

By also responding to additional surveys and special programs, you get to earn extra rewards. So you ought to stay tuned for survey notifications.

Modes of payment

Payment with Cross Media Panel is effortless! You can redeem awards through gift cards and online voucher redemption. However, cash redemption is not acceptable.


  • One key attribute that you must credit the builders of this platform is the simplicity of the product. Anyone can use it without experiencing any forms of complications. You need to install the app and let it run in the background without worrying about restarting it again.
  • You stand to benefit from cross-device rewards, fancy that! When you embrace the Cross Media Panel and use it from all your devices, whether smartphone, computer, or tablet, each device earns you rewards. Assume it is the first install alone? You get $6 on the spot, meaning the earning is $2 for an individual device.
  • The earnings are reasonable from surveys by reputable companies like Amazon, Nike, Walmart, and the rest. This product eases your shopping experience by effortlessly rewarding you.
  • Credibility is always a concern for any online user, but once you understand this panel belongs to Google, you automatically shelf your worries. Google is a global leader in internet technology, and this is the reason why this is a great deal. Your security is assured with the robust system in place, so no cause for alarm.
  • The threshold for payment is reasonably low for Cross Media Panel. With a meager $25, you can redeem your first gift. Subsequently, you may redeem from as little as $5, which is quite convenient.
  • Withdrawal requests are completed within a relatively short period. From the time of request initiation, the transaction takes a maximum of 2 days.


  • There is no assurance of privacy protection for the users. The site works like a surveillance tool that picks your data on the go! Anyway, if you are not into crime or bad habits, there is absolutely nothing to worry about by installing this monitoring tool.
  • The absence of a referral system is hindering the penetration of the product hence slow growth. With an incentivized referral system, more people will be able to embrace the concept, therefore, helping them enjoy the benefits.
  • There is a limited number of surveys available for users. This means if you are looking to expand your earnings from the panel, you may not be happy about it as constituted currently.
  • Only residents of the US are eligible to use the site; hence, the rest of the world is locked away from the awesome rewards offered by the platform.
  • There are no cash payouts, which means that if you want to supplement cash needs, it is quite an impossibility.
NameCross Media Panel (Google Opinion Rewards)
PayoutGift Cards, Vouchers
Minimum Payout$25
Payment MethodGift Cards, Vouchers
Points Expiry2 years
Sign UpOnline

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How much can I earn on Cross Media Panel?

Once you install the panel, the earnings are dependent on internet usage. Generally, you will earn $2 for every install for up to 3 devices and a weekly earning of $1 per device. There are occasional surveys you’ll also be asked to participate in.

Can I withdraw cash with Cross Media Panel?

No. You may only redeem gift cards or online vouchers from reputable partners such as Walmart, Amazon, Nike, Sephora, and BestBuy.

How much do I need to accumulate to withdraw?

You ought to accumulate $25 to redeem your first gift card, but subsequently, only $5 is okay!

Should I worry about my Privacy?

Not at all. Your data is kept anonymously. However, Cross Media Panel is only interested in abstract data for research and article review.

How legit is Cross Media Panel?

Legitimate. The owner of this site is Google LLC, which is a leader in the internet, software, cloud computing, and online advertising solutions.

Cross Media Panel is undoubtedly a key innovation by Google that is here to help you earn easy rewards in an effortless manner. If you are looking for a simple way to earn passive income, then this is the right platform for you. What’s great about it is that it is compatible with all your devices.

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