EarnHoney Review — Paid Surveys Legit or Scam?

January 21, 2023

Who does not like earning money? This digital world has become large enough to offer earning opportunities for every user, whether a student or a housemaker. Even if you have a full-time job, it is pretty easy to make extra dollars online as a part-time.

EarnHoney Paid Surveys SiteHowever, on a platform like the internet, nothing is free, not even your opinion. You can make money by giving a single opinion. Yes, you heard that right. Many websites are willing to pay you against your valuable opinion. Getting users’ opinions is one of the most popular marketing strategies companies employ to know what the users think about their products and services.

EarnHoney is one such platform where the user attempts to survey and get paid for it. The users can get paid only by participating in surveys but through numerous fun activities like online shopping and playing games.

EarnHoney Review

Name: EarnHoney

Description: Bay Bee LLC owns EarnHoney Survey. EarnHoney Surveys is located in Chicago, Illinois. It was launched in 2015. The company allows users to earn money three times faster than any paid survey site (the claim hasn’t been proven yet). The rating of the company on the Better Business Bureau adds to the credibility of this platform.

Sign-Up Process

The sign-up procedure for EarnHoney Survey is free. It does not involve any complexities. EarnHoney is only available in the United States, the UK, and the CA. At EarnHoney Survey, you can earn 30$ Honey Dollars for a task as simple as watching a one-minute-long video tutorial. You can make an extra 10 Honey Dollars to complete your profile.

EarnHoney Survey Currency

EarnHoney Survey has its currency, which they call Honey Dollar. The ratio of reward to money is 100:1, which means that 100 Honey Dollars are equivalent to $1. EarnHoney Survey has another currency, which is known as Nectar. When the reward is lower than a Honey Dollar, you get paid in Nectar. The ratio of Honey Dollar to Nectar is 1:9, which means that 9 Nectars are equivalent to 1 Honey Dollar.

How Can You Earn on EarnHoney Survey

Earning money on EarnHoney Survey is not a difficult task. From tasks as simple as participating in a survey to fun tasks like shopping, playing games, and watching videos, every activity gets you rewards.


Surveys are the main task that helps you earn rewards. Surveys that you get are usually based on the information you provide. You get qualified for surveys on the basis f the information you provide during the sign-up process.

The pay rate of the survey varies from one survey to the other. Not all surveys reward the same. Surveys that are simple and quick get you 5 Honey Dollars. However, if you fail to qualify for a survey, you won’t be allowed to participate and will be paid 1 Honey Dollar as a consolation.

Playing Games

Another way by which you can make money on EarnHoney Survey is by playing games. Who does not like games? Everyone does. So why not start playing to earn some dollars? You can earn rewards for downloading particular games and playing them. EarnHoney Surveys pays 3 Honey Dollars every 10 minutes.

Watch Videos

One of the most commonly used features of EarnHoney Survey is watching videos. People find it simple and exciting. Watching videos has become routine for many people. At EarnHoney Survey, earning money is now just a video away.


Other than participating in surveys, playing games, and watching videos, there is another feature of the EarnHoney Survey. The company sends numerous offers from time to time that let you earn some extra rewards! These offers could be anything from asking you o download a game or watch a video against a said number of Honey Dollars.

Earning via Codes

Earning via codes is a newer feature that EarnHoney Survey offers compared to other website features. When you log in to the website, you may see a feature called HoneyCode.  HoneyCodes are promo codes that are offered for free. Many other websites offer promo codes as well.

Referral Program

The referral program is an effective way to earn money on EarnHoney Survey. All you have to do is refer your friends, family, or anyone you know. When they join EarnHoney and start making money, you will get 10% of your friend’s earnings.

How Much Can You Earn?

The amount of money you earn on the EarnHoney Survey depends on the tasks you participate in. If you are playing games, you can easily make 1$ a day. In contrast, videos pay you lesser than playing games.

In the case of surveys, you get additional badges for every survey you attempt. The more surveys you attempt, the greater your chance of qualifying for something bigger.

Reward Redemption

EarnHoney offers different options when it comes to points redemption. The company has two categories: VIP redemption and standard redemption.

To avail of the VIP redemption option, you must fulfill some requirements like verification or earning some specific amount of money. Once you achieve that, you will get paid within 24 hours via Visa transfer.

The standard redemption category includes a Visa Debit card, OPTin coin, EarnHoney.com or PayPal, and Amazon card.

Like other money-making platforms, there is a minimum limit on EarnHoney too. The minimum limit for an Amazon card is $2 (or 200 Honey Dollars), and you need to have 5$ for transference through PayPal.



  • Many paid survey websites have a disadvantage in that they are not available for free. EarnHoney, on the other hand, is free and does not charge any fee.
  • The cash withdrawal system of EarnHoney is relatively straightforward.
  • EarnHoney pays you for simple tasks like watching videos and referring a friend, which is relatively easy.


  • There is no customer service, which is an issue itself. Even if there is some customer service, the users get replies weeks later.
  • Technical errors are widespread on this website. Users complain that videos do not work correctly.
  • The redemption policy of EarnHoney is poor, as there are a lot of complaints regarding being late or getting declined entirely.
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What is the ratio of Honey Dollar to actual Dollar?

The ratio of HD to Dollar is 100:1, which means you need to earn 100 Honey Dollars to make one dollar.

What does EarnHoney pay on signing up?

EarnHoney pays you 30 Honey dollars for watching a tutorial video.

How does EarnHoney pay you?

EarnHoney pays you via PayPal, Amazon, Visa Debit cards, OPTin coins, and EarnHoney.com.

How much does a referral pay you?

EarnHoney pays your 10% of the reference’s earnings.


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