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January 25, 2020

HEB is a supermarket chain in America. The name has over 350 branches located in different states of America. From the stores, you get everything you need for home use. The company has a customer satisfaction survey on www.HEB.com/Survey so that you can tell them how they are doing.

All the experiences you get at the store while buying should be expressed when doing the survey. We have compiled some information to help you through the process of taking the HEB Customer satisfaction survey on www.HEB.com/Survey. Follow through and win amazing rewards as well as entry into the sweepstakes.

HEB Survey

Name: www.HEB.com/Survey

Description: www.HEB.com/Survey is the official site run by HEB. Customers get a chance to win a $100 gift card for participating and completing the survey on www.HEB.com/Survey.

HEB Survey Summary

The HEB chain of supermarkets is a privately owned corporation. The company serves most of US residents with household items. You can purchase anything from the supermarket and save time moving from store to store. This is a convenient goal the company gives you.

As you shop from this supermarket, you are likely to encounter various experiences from staff, products, or even the environment around. These experiences are either positive or negative. The company believes that the experiences you have either helps them to grow or brings them down.

That’s why HEB is interested in your honest feedback onwww.HEB.com/Survey, where you will tell them about your concerns as they listen. This works through the online survey, where you will require a purchase receipt from any of the company’s retail stores. The receipt has a unique code that grants you entry into the survey.

Once you take the survey and submit, the outcomes have advantages to both the management and you. It is a win-win situation where you support the management, and in return, you get a reward. In most cases, buyers who complete the survey enter into a sweepstake to win one of the fifty $100 in gift cards. This means that you have an equal chance of winning the gift card if you participate.

The company will use your feedback on www.HEB.com/Survey to improve the way the store runs. The concerns are rectified so that you access better services every time you visit the HEB store near you. This requires you to recall the activities you had at the store during your previous visit. It is always a good habit to attempt the survey early when the information is still fresh in mind.

The HEB Customer satisfaction survey comes with requirements that you need to meet so that you can participate in stress-free. Always read the guideline that has rules and criteria for participating. This will save you time before you start attempting the survey. We have shared some of the rules and eligibility criteria below so that you can have adequate information prior to starting the survey.

www.HEB.com/Survey Eligibility Criteria

Every company with a survey will have rules that govern the entire process. The HEB has its criteria and general rules that a participant needs to meet so that they can participate in the survey. Below are some of the rules and the criteria. Read carefully before starting the survey.

  • You must be 18 years and above to take part in the process
  • Legal residents of America are eligible since the branches are all over the US
  • Employees, partners and any other affiliated person is not eligible for the survey
  • The purchase receipt is core for the online survey since it has the code for entry
  • The receipt should not be old as it will be invalid
  • Have a computer or any gadget that can access the internet
  • The need for reliable internet access is high because it is great for speedy response
  • At least basic knowledge in English or Spanish since they are the main languages on the survey site.
  • Willingness to share your contact details for communication in case you win the sweepstakes prize.
  • Ability to follow the rules and the guidelines for the survey
  • You need to remember some of the details of the last visit to the store since you will need to share honest feedback.


www.HEB.com/Survey restrictions

  • The gift is not transferable, shareable or exchangeable
  • Do not contact or influence the reward system by calling
  • You should not let anyone do the survey on your behalf
  • No cash rewards available for you after survey
  • If the state law disqualifies the survey, then it’s null and void
  • Tampering with the survey site is illegal and subject to legal process


Questions you should expect on www.HEB.com/Survey

Different surveys come with direct questions depending on the industry type. Well, this is a supermarket, and hence the questions will revolve around the supermarket. That is why it takes fewer minutes to complete the questions. The following are some of the sections you will cover when attempting the questions in the survey.

  • Rating how the shopping experience went
  • Whether you were impressed with the cleanliness in the store
  • The prices of goods in the store
  • The attitude of the staff and behavior towards you
  • The quality of the products you purchased
  • The speed at which your order arrives
  •  Some of the suggestions and recommendations for the store


How to take part in the HEB survey and win $100?

At this point, the assumption is that you have gone through the rules and understood them well. You also have your computer with a stable internet connection ready for the survey. Besides, you have your purchase receipt with the code available. Now let’s follow the steps below for successful survey completion.

Step 1: Test the internet on your computer and ensure it is stable and running

Step 2: On your browser, search the HEB Customer satisfaction survey or go to www.heb.com/survey to access the survey site.

Step 3: Once on the survey site. Choose your preferred language between English and Spanish

Step 4: Find your receipt and locate the code

Step 5: Enter the code in the section provided and click ‘start’

Step 6: Answer the questions from the survey honestly. This will require you to remember some of the details during your previous visit.

Step 7: Once you complete, share your contact details, including phone contacts, email ID, mailing address, and location.

Step 8: Click submit and wait for the feedback

Step 9: If you are lucky, you will receive a call from the management. The winners are published at https://www.heb.com/static-page/article-template/H-E-B-Customer-Satisfaction-Survey-Winners as well, and each receives a gift card of $100

www.HEB.com/Survey Rewards

HEB rewards participants just like other supermarkets do. In this company, you will participate in the sweepstake that allows 50 winners to take away $100 each after the sweepstake. The equal chance participating and winning is available for you. Besides, you will get notified about offers early since your contact details are with the company.

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • The survey platform is easy to navigate and saves time
  • It takes less than five minutes to complete the survey
  • The questions are easy and straightforward and related to the company
  • It is a legit survey with physical locations for the stores
  • The fact that it is online makes it easy to take from anywhere
  • You have an equal chance of winning the $100 gift card
  • There are clear rules that guide the survey
  • Your input is considered an asset by the company


  • No cash rewards only gift cards
  • No exchanging or transferring the gift
  • Eligible for Americans only
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www.HEB.com/Survey Center

NameHEB Survey
Validation Code7 days
Prize Expiry14 days
Purchase No
EnterOnline, Phone, Mail

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Who benefits from www.HEB.com/Survey?

Once you complete the survey honestly, the feedback you shared is key to the company. They use it in making significant decisions when it comes to service delivery. The suggestions, therefore, should be honest so that they make sense when the outcomes are available. The changes you will see the next time you visit the store are your effort while taking the survey. In return, you get an entry into the monthly sweepstake where you have an equal chance of winning $100.

How will I know if I won the gift on www.HEB.com/Survey?

The sweepstake gift is announced at the end of the month once the entries have been completed. While taking the survey questions, you shared your contact details. The information shared is used when breaking the winning news to you. Always share the correct contacts so that you don’t miss the gift. Again, the company publishes the names of the sweepstake winners on the website.

How secure are my contact details with www.HEB.com/Survey?

Once you share the contact details, the company understands it is a private document. The contacts will serve the purpose of notifying you in case you win. Additionally, you will get offers early enough. The company never shares your contact details with third-party partners. Only compiled reports can be shared with third parties that include supplies for the commodities you purchase.

What makes www.HEB.com/Survey legit?

Well, not so many sites offer legitimate services. Some are scam sites that will take your information and use it for marketing purposes. Well, HEB works perfectly for you since it has physical offices and contacts for you to inquire about any concerns you may have. The supermarket was also ranked among the top in the survey research conducted on supermarkets in the USA. This means that they are protecting their brand and hence giving buyers a legit survey to help them grow.

How do I solve problems at www.HEB.com/Survey?

If you are having problems with the survey site, always do a check first before contacting the customer care. This is important so that you can resolve any problem that might come from your side. First, check your internet connection and make sure it is stable and working. Also, find out if you have accepted cookies from your settings. You can also check if your device is faulty. Once you have carried out the three steps and the problem persists, then reach out to the help desk for assistance. We have shared some of the contact details below so that you can raise your concerns fast.

Are there contact details for HEB in case of concerns?

Yes, if you have concerns, there are various ways you can reach the help desk. We have shared them below so that you can pick a suitable way to raise your issue.

HEB Customer Service details

  • HEB Corporate Number:
  • San Antonio, Texas: 210-938-8357
  • Toll-free: 1-800-432-3113
  • HEB Customer Email Address:
  • Attention: Customer Relations Department
  • PO. Box 839999 San Antonio, TX 78283-3999



We have shared with you the information that will help you complete the HEB Customer satisfaction survey and win rewards. The process is simple, and the questions are easy. Once you visit the store closer to you, remember to carry the receipt or the survey. Your input is worth to the company, and that’s why you get the chance to win a $100 gift card.

If you are ready to partcic[ate in a survey platform this year, then www.HEB.com/Survey should be a top priority. Other than the rewards, you get a chance to experience better services. If you have questions about the survey, feel free to share it in the comment box below. We are available to guide you further.

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