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Name: McDVoice

Description: McDVoice is an online survey portal of the food chain company McDonald. The survey consists of various questions. These questions are about the quality of the food and the service provided to them at the restaurant they visit. It is very important to know how you can take part in this survey. There is a process with some set of steps which you have to follow to give your feedback.


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Today McDonald is one of the biggest food chains in the world. They have their franchise in most of the countries, with the 37,855 restaurants in 120 countries, this place is still continuously satisfying the hunger of their customers. McDonald wants to know what customers feel about them whenever they visit their restaurant or have food from the restaurant. So, for this sake, McDonald started a customer feedback portal named as “McDVoice.”  The survey is initiated by the customers with the help of unique code which they can find on the billing receipt of their food items. And the surprising part here is that you will get a code which allows you to avail new offers from McDonald’s.


  • Cheap food
  • Quick service
  • Clean restaurants


  • Food quality
  • Unhealthy
  • Few healthy options

McDVoice Survey Center

Validation Code3 days
Prize Expiry30 days
Purchase Yes
LanguageEnglish, Espanol

To take the McDVoice survey, follow the steps listed below:

  • Go to the website of the McDVoice with the above-stated URL. It will ask you the 26 Digit code.
  • Fill the 26 digit code in the blanks available on the website. You will find the code in the billing receipt you get from the restaurant.
  • If you are out of code which means you are not able to find the code in your receipt, then follow the “No Code” link above. Here you have to fill multiple types of details of the restaurant which can easily be available on the receipt. The details must be like store number, date of visit, time of visit, etc.
  • In the next step, a questionnaire will appear in front of you with various questions about the quality of food and customer services.
  • The very first question will always ask you to rate the restaurant with the options highly satisfied, satisfied, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, Dissatisfied, Highly Dissatisfied. So you can choose the option according to your experience.
  • On the next step, you will find with the multiple points on which basis you have to rate them. These points may be the ease of placing an order, the accuracy of the order, the friendliness of the crew, the taste of your food, the speed of service, the temperature of your food, etc. You will get some options to rate them like highly satisfies, satisfied, Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, Dissatisfied and highly dissatisfied.
  • On the next step, you have to rate the restaurant in terms of the hygiene of the restaurant and the food like the lines of the restaurant, quality of the food, and the amount you paid for your food.
  • On the next step, you will have a huge question which comes with the checkpoints with the food items in the option, and you have to choose which food item you buy from the particular McDonald restaurant.
  • If you had any problem with the restaurant, then you must have to let the restaurant know with the next question comes with “Yes” or “No” options. The question will appear. Did you experience a problem during your visit? So if you face some issues at the restaurant, then you can rate yes and if no the rate no.
  • McDonald’s always expect their customers to have food from them again. So, for the clarity of this thing, they ask a set of two questions in this questionnaire. The questions are like “ if you will return to McDonald’s in the next 30 days and will you recommend the place to your friends and family in the next 30 days?”. You just have to rate the questions as to their answers with Highly likely, Likely, Somewhat Likely, Not very Likely, Not at all Likely.
  • You can also write some comments or feedback or suggestions to the restaurant; then you can do the same as well with the next comment section. The restaurant provides a huge space with approximate 1200 worlds for customers to write their reviews and feedbacks.
  • If you visited or placed your order through Drive-thru window of the restaurant, then the next question is for you guys. The question may be, “Were you asked to pull forward out of the drive-thru lane to wait for your order?” So if you faced such kind of issues, the let the owners know.
  • At some places, the restaurant has a special menu which is $1,$2,$3 menu. And the next question is related to that the restaurant keen to know about the liking of the people for this menu, so they asked them that if they had something from this menu. So, it had something from $1,$2,$3 menu then go with the answer Yes.
  • And if you bought something from this menu, then your next question is to rate the food items. In next step, you are asked to rate the quality of food you acquired from the $1,$2,$3 menu with the options highly satisfied, satisfied, Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, dissatisfied and highly dissatisfied.
  • They will ask you if you will buy something from the Dollar menu the options will appear Highly Likely, Likely, Somewhat Likely, Not very Likely, Not at all likely. So choose one according to your experience.
  • Then on the next step, a list of a range of Fast Food restaurants will appear, and you have to tell them which one from the below list is your favorite restaurant.
  • In the next part of the McDVoice survey you will be asked some of your personal details like your gender, age, are there any children under the age of 15 in your house, you annual house holding income, your country origin, etc. The details are important for them to figure out your age group and your likings.
  • The next thing you will see is super excited because here you are being questioned to get a validation code for to avail the offer printed on your receipt.
  • So the first question will appear for you to choose the type of your order like the drive-thru, Dine-in, and carry out.
  • After answering the entire questionnaire at the end, you will get a validation code which is for the reward you won by taking McDVoice survey. To redeem this code, you can go to any of the McDonald restaurants within 30 days of generating the code.


Rules you have to follow to take part in McDVoice survey

There are always some set of rules stated by the organization to take part in such kind of surveys so as with the McDVoice. You have to follow below-stated rules to take participation in this survey. So let us figure out which are these rules.

  • You can only take part in the survey if the receipt you have from McDonald’s is 7 or fewer days old. If your receipt is much old, then you are not eligible to take part in the survey.
  • The internet connection is just to start the survey because it is a web portal and to access a website you have to go to world wide web which needs an internet connection for sure.
  • The participator must have the age of 15 years and more. If you are below 15, then you cannot go for the survey.
  • The survey web portal is only for the people of the United States. So you have to be the resident of the United States to take part in the survey if you do not, then forget the survey and the discount coupon.
  • McDVoice survey is only available in two languages, which are English and Spanish, so you must know one of them to understand the questions stated in the survey.
  • You can take part in the survey for the limited number of times in the month, which is five times in a month. You cannot exceed this limit; if you try to take part for the sixth time in the survey, then the portal will not let you enter in the survey.
  • The reward you earned from the survey will survive or valid only for 30 days. After 30 days it will automatically be got deleted from the databases of the restaurant.
  • You can redeem your reward from any restaurant of the McDonalds available in united states.
  • If you are buying something from the restaurant on discount then the code will not be valid for that, you have to buy items which are not on discount by the restaurant.
  • Only one person can avail the coupon code, which means you cannot share your offer with anyone else.

So the above are the various eligibility criteria you must follow to take part in the survey and avail the coupon code from the survey. Above I also stated some important things you must know while redeeming the offer. So be careful and attentive and claim your code within the validity period only.

What is the purpose of McDVoice survey?

If you are wondering why McDonald is so keen on the customer experience, then you are in the right place. Today I will tell you everything behind this survey. So, whenever an organization asked you to fill such kind of feedback forms or surveys, then there is a big secret behind this. The secret is concerned with them as well as with you. So let us discuss this thing in detail.

  • The first secret behind this is to know the customer’s taste. The food chain wants to know what kind of fast food is like among various age groups among the particular area. This thing is important because if you are not selling the products according to the customer’s liking, then you will never satisfy them with your services.
  • The second benefit to the company is that through the McDVoice survey, they can get important information about the stores around the world. Image if you are the owner of a food chain like McDonald’s and you must have information about all the restaurant you own then it is very difficult to have information about all of them. So, these surveys are the medium for the higher officials to know about the quality of service which their staff members are providing at the different restaurants of McD.
  • The third thing is for customers as they read above, the customers will get a kind of code, which is an offer on the McDonald’s restaurant. If you got to know that by filling or sharing your experience with the organization you will get some kind of discount coupon then why not to fill this. This is human nature; we always get attracted to these kinds of things which save our money.
  • Next benefit goes to the organization itself. Here we are talking about the staff members of the organization. If you are working somewhere and you got to know that you may be going to rate as per your services to the customers then you will serve them as their best. This is a strategy by the restaurant chain to let their staff members perfect with the customers.

McD is giving free French fries to all the customers on Friday

The restaurant is decided to run an offer on some of their stores. Under this offer, people who will visit the restaurant on Friday within happy hours will get free French fries. This offer is available in some places only. And at some places, the offer is only applicable for people who will order from the mobile application of Mcdonald.

They adopted the idea from other food corners, which are providing their customer’s freebies. This is also a strategy of the organization to get online orders because people are avoiding to use the application for placing the orders. Due to this, the organization has to face so much loss in terms of mobile applications. But the offer can only be availed by those people who will spend a limited amount while placing their orders. So please spend as much so that you can get the offer.

If the strategy works, then definitely they will get so many downloads on the mobile application. We wish luck to the organization for this strategy. But also advised people to use the electronic media as well, because the world is going digital then why the food ordering can’t be digital.

McDVoice Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many questions asked by people when they came to know about these kinds of surveys. So, here I am to answer all these questions. I picked up some random questions which are very likely asked by most of the customers. So let us have a look at this question with their answers one by one.

  • People who listed the word McDVoice for the first time ask what it is.
    • For them, I already answered, let us do it once again. So McDVoice is a web portal through which McDonald’s took feedback from the customers for their various outlets and restaurants.
  • The second common question is how we can take part in McDVoice survey?
    • Here is the answer. You must have to become eligible as per the rules and eligibility criteria defined by the McDonalds. Also first you have to purchase from any franchisee of the food chain.
  • The third and very common question is where we have to visit to take part in McDVoice survey?
    • So, to take part in this survey, you have to visit the web portal of McDVoice which is
  • If you are going to take McDVoice survey for the first time that this question will strike your mind, which is “what kind of reward I will get after taking part in this survey?”
    • You will get a reward after the end of McDVoice survey for sure. The reward will be in the form of validation code. This validation code will be valid for 30 days after you get the receipt.
  • Next common question asked by people is, “What kind of offer they may avail from the validation code?”
    • The code will let you have different kinds of coupons which may be in the form of discount coupons, Full mean or some item from the menu. The offer attached with the validation code will only be revealed to you when you visit the restaurant to redeem the code.
  • When a person heard about these kinds of surveys from which they can get rewards, this question strike up them for sure. The question is, “How many times I can take McDVoice survey in one month?”
    • SO you can take the survey only  five times in a month. If you try to do this for the sixth time, then the system will automatically reject.
  • If you are very foody and love the food of McDonald’s, then this question will be your question. Here is the question “Am I eligible to use multiple codes at one time?”.
    • This is very sad, but the answer is no. You can redeem only one coupon at one time. Also, you can not collaborate the coupon with the already running offers in the restaurant.

Story or Revolution of McDonald’s

Today there is no doubt that McDonald’s is one of the greatest and biggest fast-food chains. But it is very interesting to know that this chain is started from small drive-in restaurants. Two brothers named as Mac and Dick McDonald shifted from England to California. They had an inborn talent to became businessmen and also a dream to become famous. Dreams are always considered as the strength of the human being. It is always said that people who dream big will become big. The team of these two brothers already tried their luck in the movie industry, but they failed in that. Then with a lot of research, they decided to open a restaurant which will have the facility of the drive-in.

With the launch of their first restaurant, they get a lot of customers. Then like all businessmen, they decided to take the risk, and they introduced a faster service system in 1948. They named this system a “Speedee Service system,” and it offered hamburgers with the cost of 15 cents for one. This offer changed their future and how they became a big name in the industry of drive-in restaurants. And then they decided to open more such restaurants in the country.

In 1954, the team of brothers met Ray Kroc. He was a musician who turned as the salesmen for the milkshake machine selling company. They made him as the Frenchies agent, and with his help, they opened their first restaurant in the year of 1955. Initially, the food chain was named as McDonald system Inc, but later it was changed as McDonalds Corp. Later the rights of this brother’s organization were acquired by McDonald’s in 1961 for $2.7 million.

After having this amazing history if we look today at McDonald’s then you will find that this place is popular among more than 120 countries and had more than 37000 restaurants. Their customer service is considered as the best service in the world. They treat their customers like the king. If we look at the menu, then you will find that the organization set the menu according to the tastebuds of the locals. If the people of the particular region ate lots of beef, chicken, etc. or we can say non-vegetarian, then the menu will be according to that. If people of a particular region like vegetarian, only then their menu will be according to that. If people of the region love to have a mixed variety of food like vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian, then they set their menu according to that.

The organization earned from the royalties, fees, and rents which are being paid by the franchises, it also included the sales made by the franchises of the organization. According to the report of a news channel, the organization is reported as one of the biggest organization which higher employees. The figures are around 1.10 million workers.

The menu prices in the McDonalds are according to the economy of the country. If the economy of the country is very strong, their prices will also be good; if the country has the majority of people with low wages, then their prices will be according to that. And this is a good move, by this, they are making room for people with all type of earners. I am very much impressed with this policy of this organization.

Let us look at some news

To look at the news related to the McDonalds will help us to check out what is recently happening there and what are the recent facts. So, let’s jump into the news section.

McDonald’s is bringing a new menu in the United States

McDonald’s is all set to launch its new global menu in the United States. As we all knew that in the US, people are coming from different nations, and there is a big difference in their tastes and choice. So McDonald’s is decided to introduce a menu which will be like by people of all the countries. The menu will have items for the people from the Netherlands, Canada, England, and Australia. This will be run by the organization as an experiment, and they will add food items according to a taste of more countries as well. The officials of the organization stated that people of the US also visited so many places in the world and they will find difficulties to get the food as per their likings, this menu will help them as well when they find the global menu on other places as well.

McDonald’s introduced the Meatless burger

McDonald’s introduced their meatless burgers in the market, and they are very close to becoming the chain of meatless burgers as well. These burgers are launched at the international level, which means the burgers will be available at all the restaurants and outlets of the McDonalds. As the customers are looking to eat healthy food, the organization understands the requirement of these customers, and they get these burgers in their menu. People with the fitness freeness now can enjoy these burgers and McDonalds also provide them so many options of the vegetables as the filling of the burgers. The reason behind this is the likings and disliking of the people because some people like some stuff and some not. So, they can modify their burgers accordingly.

The accounts of McDonald’s customers were hijacked

According to a report of a news media, the app users of McDonald’s complained about the hijacking of their account. The McDonalds application is used to place an order at the restaurant or any outlet of the McDonalds to get it through home delivery, but these days in updated versions of the application the customers can preorder their food for all types of orders like dine-in, drive-thru, take away and hi=ome delivery. But in 2019 it was reported by so many customers that their accounts are being hacked and the order was made with $2000. And the items purchased were big Macs and nuggets. The application is going in the wrong direction in terms of security concern, and the organization has to make it more secure for sure.

McDonald’s is now establishing their footprints in Italy

Italy itself is known for its amazing Italian food. Now McDonald’s is all ready to jump into the atmosphere of Italy with all new 25 restaurants. It is the first time when McDonald’s opens its restaurants in the cities of Italy. But now this is all upon the people of Italy. Will they like it or not?

But if we check the recent facts, then you will figure out that the restaurant is getting good response in Italy. People like American food there. Italy is considered a place where people come from all the countries to explore the country. If you like spicy food then you must know Italian food is not spicy, Italian food is known for its delicacy, so have spicy food you have to jump on some other places and McDonald’s is now one of them.

McDonald’s is now becoming a technology fast food corner

If you recently visited McDonald’s which has upgraded in terms of technology, then you must see there some devices looked like big sized mobile phones with touch screens. These devices can be used now for placing the order. So, if you have to sit in the long queue to place your order, then you can place your order from these devices. They are very friendly, amazing. Although you have to wait for your turn to get the order thou don’t have to need to stand in the long queue to get it. This strategy of the restaurant is working very well, and now so many customers are coming to try this once. These machines also collect data from the customers like their names, phone numbers, etc. and after the order is being placed, the order will automatically get updated at the database of the cashier. To pay for the order, you have to go to the cash counter simply when you are going to get it and the pay for that. Now, this experiment is done at 700 outlets and restaurants of McDonald’s. The food chain is now coming in the world of technology.

McDonald’s is providing Voting day offers

India these days is considered as a huge place for the business of food chains. So as McDonald’s, as per facts this food chain earning so well at this place. As India, these days elections are running. So to cheer up the mood McDonalds giving offers to people who voted for the elections. On the day of elections at most of the Indian cities, McDonald’s is giving special deals to the customers who have voter Id’s and voted for these elections. People are also enjoying this deal very much. No other food chain through this kind of offer for people, so this is a great chance for McDonald’s to earn well. But the staff should also become attentive to handle the crowd at the restaurants.

Reviews made by people

There are so many reviews by which we can check the public’s response to McDonald’s. This is important because people who are new in the world of McDonald’s must know what people who already tried it think about it. Because nobody can impress everybody, some people had bad experiences, and some had good ones. Let us know who had a bad one and who had a good one; we picked up random reviews available on the various websites on the internet.

  • If we check the first review written by a person from Shepherdsville, then we see that she gave five stars to the restaurants. She stated that they eat a lot of classy food at classy restaurants because she is rich. Next, she writes that she was on a trip, which was a road trip, and suddenly she felt hungry. Then she saw McDonald’s on the way, and she stopped there to get something to eat. She orders a double cheeseburger with fries. She said that she loved the food very much and she never had an amazing burger like this one. Now, whenever she saw McDonald’s outlet, she just jumped in to try new food items, and every time she loves the place.
  • If we check the next review stated for the restaurant in New York, then the person rated the restaurant with five stars. She stated that they grabbed a coupon for McDonald’s, so they visited the restaurant with their family, which includes her husband, kids, and herself. They order pancakes there, and she especially mentioned that you have to ask for the sauce from the staff because they don’t offer it with the pancakes. Apart from that, they had an amazing experience at the restaurant. She also stated that the pancakes were amazing, and they also did not have to wait for the order for a long period. The staff was quick and efficient to fulfill the orders. The restaurant was also very clean, and she allowed their kids to play there as well with the permission of the staff. Staff members were very much supportive and polite with the customers.
  • Next review is all coming from Vancouver. The lady rated the restaurant with five stars, let us know the reason behind this. So, she stated that the restaurant was very nice and clean. She placed three different orders. There was a lady on the cash counter, who was very polite. She took the money for their orders and handed them their food items in a fraction of minutes, which was very quick. She said that she never experienced this kind of quick service at a food place. And she also advised other food corners that they should learn the abilities from them.
  • This one is all coming from California. The man stated here that he is not the regular customer of McDonald’s, but once he was invited for a party thrown by his friend in the McDonalds. There they ordered big Macs with the French fries and also they had chocolate milkshakes. He loved all these items very much. He also stated that like other food corners, he did not stand for a long time in the queue, the staff was very quick, and they get their order within five minutes after placing it. That was so quick.

Now you know everything about the restaurant. If you want to share your experience with us, then feel free to do the same in the comment section because every customer experience counts for the organization’s goodwill.



As we stated all the information about the store and also the survey, so its time concludes the whole article. The main motive of the article is to let you know about the various places where you like to visit and also the reasons to visit these places. In this article, we talked about the popular food chain named McDonald’s. First of all, we provide all the information about the survey driven by the organization. The information included like what is this survey, how to take the survey, what will be the benefits to you to take the survey, what are the benefits to the organizations from the survey etc. Apart from that, the rules and regulations should always be clear to you before entering the zone of surveys. Different organizations have their own rules and regulations to take place a survey, so read them carefully. If one knows the steps to be followed in the survey, then it will become easy for them to take the survey also, they may need less time to take the survey. Before taking the survey, you must know for which organization you are writing the survey that’s why we stated all the information about the organization like who were the founders when the organization was founded when it became huge, etc. We also stated the reviews provided by different customers, which were all positive in the case of McDonald’s. If you check the news section, then you will find that McDonald’s is doing so much as per the taste buds of the public. The organization is all set to introduce new things so that they can attract more customers as well.

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