December 4, 2019

Mindfield Online Review — Paid Surveys Legit or a Scam?

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Why do you take surveys? Can surveys be your primary source of income?

While surveys can be a good source of making some supplementary income, not many of them have a very decent pay to warrant them becoming a primary source of income.

For that reason, we want to have a critical look at Mindfield Online survey site. We want to find out if it is legit or a scam. When you follow this review to the end, you will also find out how you can earn on the site and how much you can make.

MindField Online

Name: MindField Online

Description: Mindfield is an online survey panel that McMillion research owns and operates. The site allows members to share their opinions about products from various brands and in turn, earn a reward. The surveys may be about products already in the market or some that are yet to enter the market.

The survey site with more than ten years of experience has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. They also use the IQD (Insuring Quality Data), which allows them to secure their data and control its quality for better results.

The site is open to residents of the United States and Canada only. You also need to be at least 15 years for you to join the site.



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Mindfield Online Summary

McMillion Research LCC owns and operates Mindfield Online surveys. The company has been around since 1980, and they have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. Mindfield Online has been operational since 2004.

The survey panel helps businesses and other brands to perform market research that will help them in making crucial decisions about their business.

Eligibility criteria

Mindfield Online is open to residents of the US and Canada only. You also must be 15 years and above.

How does Mindfield Online work?

Mindfield Online is a trusted survey panel with a large variety of clients from different niches in the market. Thus, you will always get a chance to participate and share your opinion.

Mindfield Online has a website that is easy for you to navigate and use. You will have no problem logging in and participating in the surveys.

For you to take part in the surveys, you must sign up for the survey site. To register, you should open the website and click on the “join now” button. After that, you will need to fill out your personal information, which will include your name, email address, etc.

You will also need to fill in your demographic details such as your age, gender, income, level of education, and so on. This data is crucial in matching you up with the available surveys. For example, if you are a businessperson, you may get more invitations to participate in business-related surveys rather than general ones. Also, the number of invitations you receive will depend on the profile you create. You should, therefore, provide your current details and update your profile regularly.

When you have an account and start receiving invitations to participate in surveys, you may undergo further screening. You will answer some questions to determine if you qualify to participate in that particular poll. All this is to ensure that the feedback that Mindfield Online gives to their clients is accurate and correct.

When your account is set up, you will start receiving invitations to take part in various surveys through your email. You can also sign in to the website and check for the available ones.

One great feature of this survey panel that beats the others is that they have a mobile app. Thus you can take part in surveys while you are on the go. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices, and you can download it from the App Store or Google Play.

Note, the highest paying surveys that require specific demographics will be sent through your email. The same applies to Focused Group offers, which are the highest paying.

The types of surveys you will take part in will differ. Some surveys will ask for what you think about existing products and services in the market. This will be to improve the said products and make them better.

The second type of survey is where you will get some products that are yet to be released in the market and provide feedback about them.

All the surveys on this survey site will vary in terms of length and complexity. Most of the surveys will range from 5 to 30 minutes. For these, the pay will vary from $1 to $20, depending on how long the survey will take and how complex it is.

You can also get an invitation to participate in online focus groups. This is an online community where you get to do tasks together. You will share your opinion with others or with a particular brand. Focus groups take longer to complete, and you may have to take multiple sessions. These are the highest paying activities on the survey site as you may get up to $100.


For participating in the surveys, you can get a reward in the form of cash or Gift card. For you to request a payout, you have to reach a minimum threshold of $5.

For cash rewards, you can receive them through your verified PayPal account. The cash will get to you within a few days after cash out.

For gift cards, you can get them through several brands, which include Amazon, Walmart, and so on.

How to earn on Mindfield Online

The survey panel offers you various ways that you can earn. These include:

Participating in online surveys

Mindfield Online is a survey site. Thus, the primary method of earning is by taking part in surveys. Some of the surveys are from Mindfield Online themselves, while others are from other clients who contact the survey site to conduct market research on their behalf.

For you to qualify to take a particular survey, you will undergo screening to determine if your profile meets the goals targeted by the poll.

The surveys will range in length from 5 to 30 minutes, and the amount you make will depend on the length of the survey and its complexity.

Inviting friends to the panel

Mindfield Online allows you to invite friends to the panel, and you get a reward for that. This method will not earn you a lot of money, but there is nothing terrible with making that extra buck.

For every friend who joins through your invitation, you will get $1 when they sign up and complete one survey.

The more the friends you will invite, the more you can earn

Taking part in sweepstakes

Each time you take part and complete a survey, you will get a chance to enter into the monthly sweepstakes by the survey panel. In the monthly sweepstakes, you can win up to $500.

You also get an entry into the sweepstake each time you invite a friend to join, and they start taking surveys.

This is an excellent way to earn on Mindfield Online that is not available in many other survey sites.

Focus groups

This is the best-paying option on Mindfield Online survey site. Sometimes, you get an invitation to participate in focus groups. This online community allows you to review products and brands together with other members of the Mindfield Online community.

You may get up to $100.

However, focus groups are not very forthcoming on the site, and it may take time before you receive an invitation to participate in one.

Is Mindfield Online legit or a scam?

Mindfield Online is a legit survey panel. They do not ask you for any payment before you can register, and they are known to pay your rewards on time.


  • Unlike many other survey sites that pay in points, Mindfield Online pays you in cash
  • They have a low minimum payment threshold. It is not difficult for you to hit the $5 minimum threshold.
  • They offer higher pay for every survey take where you can earn between $1 to $5
  • The site also provides focus groups, which are the highest paying option on the site. The focus groups are also fun as you get to interact with other members.
  • Their website is straightforward and easy for you to navigate
  • Mindfield Online has a mobile app that allows you to participate in the surveys while on the go.
  • It is free to join the site


  • Their rate of survey invites is low
  • Their rate of disqualification from surveys is high

Mindfield Online Survey Center

NameMindfield Online
PayoutCash, Check
Minimum Payout$5
Payment MethodPayPal, Paper Check
Points ExpiryNA
Sign UpOnline

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Who is eligible to join the panel?

You are eligible to join the survey site if you are 15 years and above. You also need to be a resident of the United States or Canada.

It is free to register and join Mindfield Online surveys.

Is the site legit?

Yes. The site is 100% legit. It is free of charge to register, and they pay their rewards in time.

The site is also operated by a reputable mother company known as McMillion research. The other thing that points to its legitimacy is the fact that it supports payments through PayPal. PayPal is known to be very strict in its transactions. It has no room for scams and frauds.

How do I earn on the survey site?

Mindfield Online is a survey site. Therefore the primary method of earning is by taking part in surveys. The surveys vary in length and complexity. The more extensive and more complex a survey is, the better it pays.

You can also earn on the site through their referral program. Here you are given a chance to invite your friends to the platform. For every friend who joins through your invitation, you will get a reward.

The other option of earning is through the focus groups, which is an online survey community. Lastly, you can earn by participating in the monthly sweepstakes and winning a prize.

Do they have a mobile option?

Yes. You can access the surveys through a mobile app that is available for both iOS and Android operating systems. You can download the app from Google Play for Android or App Store for iOS devices.

The app allows you to participate in the surveys while on the go. This means you can do more surveys, which translate into more income.


Mindfield Online is a survey panel that helps brands in conducting market research. The survey panel allows its members to share their opinions about different products in the market and others yet to be in the market. In return, the members get a reward that they can redeem in the form of cash or gift cards.

The site is legit, and nothing should stop you from joining and making some extra cash.

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