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April 30, 2020

According to Chrissy Taylor, who is the president and Chief Executive Officer of Enterprise Holdings, operational and financial achievement do not last if they are not backed by excellent customer service.

In a bid to provide its customers with the best services, Enterprise Holdings company seeks to develop a powerful staff. It provides the staff with the best training in business management and making the customer satisfied.

Name: MyEHTrip

Description: MyEHTrip is an online portal that was designed for the employees of Enterprise Holdings and Fleet Management. The secure MyEHTrip portal enables the employees and other authorized users to access their MyEHTrip account. The useful log in MyEHTrip portal is available in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, French, among others. This helps to make it convenient for the employees, clients, and other users from the various parts of the world to access it.

MyEHtrip Summary

Logging in to the MyEHTrip account 

If you wish to log in to your MyEHTrip account, you will find two login options on the MyEHTrip log in page. One option is for the employees of Enterprise Holdings and Fleet Management employees.

The other option is for all the Franchise Employees and the Crawford Select Rental Program.

The Login process to MyEHTrip employee account is simple and straightforward. First, to enter the employee account, ensure that you have your login credentials at hand. If you have all the credentials ready, follow the following steps to log in to the employee account.

  • First, ensure that you have an operating device such as a smartphone, tablet, or PC. Ensure that you have a stable internet connection.
  • On your operating device, open your browser and go to MyEHTrip employee login page at
  • You will be directed to the login page. At the bottom of the login page, you will see the different language options available for you to choose from. The languages include English, French, Spanish, among others. Choose the language that you are best conversant with.
  • Next, click on your respective log in the option between the two.
  • If you are an employee of the Enterprise Holdings or Fleet Management Employees, you will be directed to a new employee login. When you get there, you will be required to enter your MyEHTrip username and password. After that, click “Ok”
  • For Crawford Select Rental Program users or if you are a Franchise employee, you should enter your MyEHTrip login ID and password
  • If you have forgotten your password and log in information, click on ‘Forgot login ID and Password’ link that is below the ‘Login’ button

After that, you should input your email address stored in the MyEHTrip account and request to reset your password.

Enterprise Holdings is a private holding company that has been in operations since 1957. Private holding means that the company has not in the public stock exchange.

At present, the company employs over 90,000 people, and it has an annual revenue of about 19 billion US Dollars. Enterprise Holdings is the largest company in the United States of America that deals with car rentals.

Enterprise Holdings company and its affiliates deal extensively in truck rental, retail car sales, car rentals, car sharing, and other services related to transport. It also deals with online ride-matching and corporate fleet management.

It operates in more than 90 countries and territories globally, including Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, and so on.

The company operates under the principle of customer satisfaction. The policy has guided the company’s operations for long, and it has contributed to its success, and it remains its culture.

From when the company started, it always strives to provide its customers with the highest level of service that will keep the customer coming back for more.

To maintain high customer satisfaction, the company hires dedicated and smart men and women into their management training program. They then undergo thorough training conducted by the company until they become frontline employees.

When they become frontline employees, the company ties their advancement in the career to their ability to satisfy customers.

Enterprise Holding Management Training

The management training is geared towards providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. The training operates under the motivation that there is no financial and operational success in business without customer satisfaction.

As such, the trainees get hands-on experience that trains them on how to manage a business. Also, the training helps them to acquire skills on how to empower teams and how to offer excellent face to face customer service.

The trainees also get other business skills, including business to business marketing and sales, and profit and loss management.

The thorough preparation that the employees get from the training program helps them to advance quickly in their careers.

Benefits of employees in Enterprise Holdings

Enterprise Holdings cares for its employees. First, it provides them with intense training that helps them to advance in their career quickly.

Unlike other pieces of training that are theory-oriented, Enterprise Holdings offers its employees hands-on experiences. They, therefore, get the skills to provide the best customer services that will make their customer keep coming back for more.

Additionally, they gain practical skills in managing a business by being exposed to a multi-billion industry. Thus, they get the confidence and skills to manage a huge business.

Other benefits that employees of Enterprise Holdings enjoy include:

  • Financial benefits for both full-time and part-time employees
  • Private medical cover
  • Pension
  • Life assurance
  • Employee assistant programs
  • Holidays
  • Health and welfare benefits

Do you want to join Enterprise holdings as an employee?

It is simple.

Visit the company’s official website and look out for various openings. If you meet the requirements for the position, go ahead and apply.  If you get the job, you will get a handsome amount of salary, not mentioning other benefits.

Enterprise Holdings also advertises its positions on social media. Also, it uses a referral program where it rewards its employees if they bring new staff on board.

“Top Box”

Apart from training their employees on excellent customer service, the company also conducts surveys to gauge their customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is vital for the survival of any business. If a customer is happy with the products or services that you offer, they will always come back for more. They may even bring along their family members and friends, which will lead to more sales and profits.

There is no better way of finding out if the customers are satisfied or not other than finding out from them.

The feedback that you get from the customers will inform you of areas in your business that you need to improve on.  Thus, you will provide better products and services.

To find out about the satisfaction levels of their customers, Enterprise Holdings conducts telephone surveys on their hundreds of customers monthly.

The company performs the surveys depending on the different zones where it operates.

As such, each location will receive a ranking depending on the customer satisfaction in that area. The customers will answer survey questions and say if they were completely satisfied with the last rental experience that they got from the company or its affiliates.

The ranking is the customer service standard that the company sets for itself. The standard is what is called “top box.”

The survey scores from the local operations are then compared with the corporate average. The scores from the survey also come in handy in helping the company to make vital decisions. These include decisions regarding employee advancement and rewards.

The company combines the “manage-what-you-measure ” approach with other technologies and better ways of meeting the customer’s needs to offer award-winning services.

The approach and long-term business culture have seen the business become a world leader in the highly competitive car rental and transport industry.



  • Intuitive login page
  • Easy to log in
  • Secure online portal
  • Available in a variety of languages



  • Takes time to log in
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What is Enterprise Holdings?

Enterprise Holdings is a private holding company that deals with car rentals, car sharing, and other travel-related businesses. Private holding means the company is not in the public stock exchange.

The company has been in operation since 1957 and has grown to be one of the largest car rental and travel companies in the United States of America.

One principle that has contributed to the success of the company is its insistence on the best customer service. Its employees are trained to ensure that customers receive the best services.

What is MyEHTrip?

MyEHTrip is an online portal that is used by employees of Enterprise Holdings to log in to their account. The secure online portal allows the employees and other authorized people to access their MyEHTrip accounts.

The portal is available in a variety of languages, including English, French, Spanish, and others. This allows their employees, clients, and other users from all over the world to access the portal.

How do I log in to MyEHTrip account?

Logging in to the portal is a straightforward process so long as you have your credentials ready. If you have an operating device, open your browser and go to

If you are an employee of enterprise holdings, choose your option and select the language that you are most conversant with. Next, you will be taken to another login page where you will enter your credentials, and you are good to go.

In case you forget your login details, just click on "Forgot login ID and Password." You will be redirected to provide your email and reset the password.

Why should I become an employee of Enterprise Holdings? 

Becoming an employee of Enterprise Holdings comes with a ton of benefits. For instance, you will get training on how to offer customers the best services so that they are satisfied.

You will also gain practical training on the best way to manage a huge business as you get access to the multi-billion Enterprise Holdings company.

You also get a handsome salary and a host of other benefits such as life assurance, health benefits, and so on.

How do I become an employee of Enterprise Holdings

There are a variety of options available. First, you can log in to the company website and check out the available openings. If you meet the qualifications, you should go ahead and apply.

You can also check out their advertisements on social media.

Also, you can join through their referral program. The company rewards its employees if they bring on board worthy staff.


Did you want to know what MyEHTrip is?

There you have it.

It is simply an online portal used by employees of Enterprise Holdings company to log in to their MyEHTrip account.

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