Talk To Sonic Survey

TalkToSonic Survey—Official Sonic® Survey [Free Drink]

Talk To Sonic Survey

Name: Official Sonic Survey

Description: Love the drinks at Sonic? Simply enter the survey and get a chance to win a free fountain drink or an iced tea. Sonic’s team prime focus is to make eating-out simple, convenient, and stress-free. Help them know the areas they need to work on for a better and improved service! Entering this survey will help the restaurant improve on their services and food quality, and you will get a free drink for helping them out!


The Eligibility Criteria

Exited to enter the survey? Check whether you are eligible to enter the survey!

  • To be a part of the survey, making a purchase at any of the Sonic stores is mandatory.
  • You can only enter the survey if you are a resident of the United States of America.
  • The minimum age requirement for entering the survey is 18 years
  • The purchase receipt is required for entering the survey.
  • To fill the survey, you need to be able to speak English or Spanish.


How to Take the Survey

Getting a free reward is super-easy! By following these simple steps, you can enter the survey! Fill in the survey with complete honesty as other than a free reward you might be able to see significant improvement in the services by Sonic! Tell them where they are lagging through this survey and help become Sonic the best drive-in restaurant of the United States of America and get a reward for it!

Step 1: Making a Purchase

The first step to enter the survey is to head to any of the Sonic stores to make the purchase. Make sure you keep the purchase receipt safely as it is required for entering into the survey.

Step 2: Navigate to the Website

The next step is to navigate to the and enter the code that has been provided to you by Sonic on the purchase receipt.

Step 3: Select the Language

The third step is to choose the language in which you wish to fill the survey. It can be either English or Spanish.

Step 4: Answering all the Questions

After you have chosen the language of the survey, you may answer all the questions in the survey. Try to be as honest as possible while filling the survey so that the restaurant can improve on their services.

Step 5: Save Your Code

After completion of the survey, you will be provided with a code for the reward. You will need the code to redeem the offer; therefore, make sure you keep it safe.

Survey Rules

There are certain rules that you need to follow while filling out the survey!

  • Every receipt is valid for one survey and one prize
  • After you make a purchase, the purchase receipt can be used within 14 days of the date of purchase
  • The code that you receive after completing the survey is redeemable within the 60 days of completing the survey


The Secret TalkToSonic Survey Hack

The number of free iced tea and sodas is not limited. You can be a part of the survey as many times as you want. Many of the Sonic customers do not know it, and it is a secret survey hack for you to get as many free sodas as you like!

  • Customer Service
  • Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time
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  • Fast Service
  • Reasonable Price
  • Friendly Customer Service
  • Ample parking space


  • Limited seating area
  • Limited healthy options

TalkToSonic Survey Center

WinnerEvery Participant
Validation Code14 days
Prize Expiry60 days
Purchase Yes
LanguageEnglish, Espanol

The first-ever drive-in restaurant in the United States of America, Sonic, founded in 1953, has revolutionized the fast-food industry. Today, Sonic is one of the most popular drive-in restaurants in the country. Originally based in Oklahoma City, it has now spread in 45 states of the USA with over 3000 franchises. Serving almost 3 million happy and hungry customers every day, Sonic has established a prominent status in the fast-food world.

The History and Growth of Sonic

Known for the famous “extra-long cheese coneys,” and “toaster sandwiches,” the Sonic restaurant was founded in the year 1953 by Troy Smith. Sonic was originally set up at Top Hat Drive-In in Shawnee, Oklahoma. It was established as the very first drive-in restaurant in the United States of America. It was Smith’s fourth restaurant. The three restaurants before Top Hat failed miserably. He came up with the idea of a drive-in restaurant when he came across the homemade intercom speakers.

The curbside speaker technology allowed the customers to order from their cars, and this feature paved the way for the restaurant’s popularity. The service was super-fast, and it helped the restaurant come up with the slogan “service at the speed of sound.” Soon the owner realized that the name is not doing justice to the speedy service. Seven years after this the name of Top Hat Drive-In was changed to Sonic Drive-In. The name Sonic was cool and complimented the speedy service perfectly.

In the year 1973, when ten principal franchise owners purchased Sonic from Troy Smith, it was restructured and converted into Sonic Systems of America, and after some time, it was upgraded to Sonic Industries. In 2001 the sales of Sonic reached $2 billion. The restaurant chain employed 60,000 teenagers, and it was named as one of the top ten jobs that rock by the Teen People’s Magazine. Sonic was ranked as one of the 200 best small companies in America.

What You Didn’t Know About Sonic

Sonic, the first-ever drive-in restaurant, is known for its speedy service. There are numerous other facts that many of its customers are unaware of. Here is the complete list of all the things you did not know about the famous Sonic Drive-In Restaurant.

Root Beer Stand

Before setting up Sonic, Troy Smith started three other restaurants. It was a root beer stand which Troy converted into a car-to-kitchen intercom system.

The Name

The drive-in restaurant was known for its super-speedy service, and that is why its name was changed to Sonic from Top Hat.

Drink Combinations

The drinks at Sonic are delicious but did you know that today, Sonic offers exactly 168,894 drink combinations.

Test Kitchen

The headquarters of Sonic is located in Oklahoma City. There is a test kitchen facility in there. The purpose of this test kitchen is to invent new menu items and perfect the old ones.

Adult Playgrounds

Batting cages, volleyball courts, and much more are provided at the local Sonic Restaurant.

System-Wide Skating Competition

As the waiters and waitresses at all Sonic restaurants are on wheels, to promote this feature, the restaurant in collaboration with RC sports and Dr. Pepper, holds an annual skating competition.

Ordering Discontinued Menu Item

Has Sonic discontinued your favorite menu item? Well, you can still order discontinued items most of the time. If they have the ingredients at the moment of your order, they will make the food you desire!

NASCAR Sponsor

In the 2001 race season, Sonic was involved in NASCAR. The chain sponsored Dale Earnhardt, Sr. Even after the fatal accident they continued the sponsorship.

The Best Milkshakes

They are the masters of milkshake. The summer of 2013 was Summer of Shakes as Sonic launched 25 different flavors.

Majority of Flavors are Employee-Submitted

Another hidden feature many customers are unaware that most of the flavor combinations are submitted by the employees. In 2011, every employee was asked to submit a flavor combination that was off the menu. The total entries received were around 600, Blue Hawaiin is one of the flavors from the entries.


  1. What is TalkToSonic?
  • The Sonic drive-in restaurant chain is the very first drive-in restaurant in the United States of America and is very popular today. They are constantly working to improve on their service, as TalkToSonic is a survey the customers need to fill with honest opinions. Using the survey results, the restaurant works on its weak area. By simply entering the survey and completing it, you can get a free fountain drink or an iced tea. Follow these instructions to enter and complete the survey:
    • Go to a Sonic and make a purchase
    • Save your receipt
    • Go online to and enter the survey code on your receipt to start the survey
    • To take the survey in Spanish, go here
    • Answer all survey questions
    • Write down and save your free code at the end of the survey
    • Visit a Sonic use your code for a free soda or iced tea on your next visit within the next 60 days
  1. At what time does Sonic open and close?
  • The regular opening hours of most Sonic Drive-In locations on weekdays are from Monday to Friday 6AM-12PM, in the weekend on Saturday 6AM-12PM and on Sunday 7AM-11PM.
  1. When and how was Sonic set up?
  • The establishment of Sonic drive-in restaurant dates back to 1953 as the first ever drive-in restaurant in the United States of America. It was founded by Troy Smith after three of his restaurants failed miserably. It was a root and beer stand which was converted into an intercom service to make eating-out simple, easy, and convenient for the people of America.
  1. What is Sonic Happy Hour?
  • The sonic happy hour starts from 02:00 p.m. and stays on for 2 hours, it ends at 04:00 p.m. During these two hours, customers can get drinks at half of their original price and snacks just 99 cents.
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