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Businesses that deal with food and yummy things like the restaurant and bakery have much more work to do to remain in business. People’s tastes also keep changing, and companies have to keep up with the trends.

Corner Bakery Cafe has discovered how important it is to keep their customers happy. They have come up with www.cafefeedback.com, where the customers write their reviews. With the input, they can tell whether their customers are satisfied or if they need to improve and come up with more ways to keep them content. Also, with the feedback, they can track the changing taste of their customers and change their menu accordingly.

In this article, you will learn how to join www.cafefeedback.com and how you can take part in the survey. We will also list what you need to participate in the survey. With the information below, the whole process will be much easier for you should you decide to participate in the survey.


Name: www.cafefeedback.com

Description: Corner Bakery Cafe is an American chain of cafes with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The chain started in 1991, and 27 years later, it is expanding and opening more stores in different locations in the United States. The Cafe is known for its breakfast and bakery product, which has a unique taste. The Cafe is also well-known for its well-made and tasty sandwiches and homemade soup.

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www.cafefeedback.com Summary

The Cafe now has www.cafefeedback.com where their customers write on their experience in the Cafe. With the feedback, the management can know if their customers are satisfied with the services and the quality of food they offer. That way, they have an idea of where to start improving to make sure the customers are entirely content. As a result, they gain customers’ loyalty and even acquire new customers.

www.cafefeedback.com also helps them know how their stores are doing and identify the problem in stores that aren’t doing too well. They also get a chance to interact with their customers and foster a more personal relationship. Customers get a chance to give their opinion freely without the fear of hurting specific people.

The management uses the information collected to come up with the best way to improve the Cafe. They also use the data they gather to select the employee of the year and award them to motivate the other employees.

www.cafefeedback.com Eligibility Criteria

  • You need to be 13 years and above to take part in the survey.
  • You need a recent receipt from the Cafe so you can use the details on the receipt to access the survey.
  • You need a laptop, smartphone, or any other smart device to access the survey as the survey is online.
  • A reliable internet connection is needed to make the whole surveying process easy and fast.
  • A basic understanding of English is essential as the survey is in English.
  • Employees and their closest family members cannot take part in the survey to make sure the feedback is not biased.
  • You must be a resident of the United States or the United Kingdom.
  • You must complete the survey within a week after the purchase, after which the receipt becomes invalid, and you can’t use it to access the survey.
  • The award you get after the survey isn’t transferrable.
  • One receipt will help access the survey only once.
  • You need a valid email and active contact.
  • The award you get after the survey remains valid for 30 days. After this period, you cannot redeem the prize.
  • Make sure the answers you give during the survey are honest to avoid misleading decision making.
  • Purchasing more products does not give you more chances of winning the cash.
  • Interfering with the survey system is illegal, and a person can get sued in the law courts.
  • A single person is eligible for five entries per month.

Before taking the Cafe Feedback Survey, make sure you go through all the rules and requirements to make sure you agree with everything. Taking the survey is a sign you agree with the rules, and in case you don’t follow the rules, you can get disqualified from the survey and your award withdrawn.

Also, go through the policies to see how the data you provide helps. Also, from the policies, you will see how your information is protected from other parties to make sure your data does not land on the wrong hands.

How to Take The Survey Step By Step

Step one

Go to www.cafefeedback.com and make sure you have the right site to avoid wasting time and giving personal details to the wrong people.

Step two

Enter the details required from the receipt. Enter the code, date on the receipt, day, time of your last visit, the location of the store you were in, and how often you go or order in the Cafe.

After entering the details on the receipt, click “next” to continue with the survey.

Step three

Rate your experience in the store on your last visit. The scale provided ranges from satisfaction to dissatisfaction.

Step four

Anwer the choices answers asked and make sure all your answers are from experience and not guesswork.

Step five

Write a recommendation on things you would love improved in the Cafe for more satisfaction of the customers.

Step six

Make sure you answer all the questions to get a chance to win the $1000. After answering all the questions, go through the answers to make sure all the answers are as you intended.

Step seven

Enter your contact details. Make sure the details you give are correct as the details and the contact is what they use to communicate the winner.

Step eight

Submit the survey. After you have submitted the survey, you will receive a message confirming your entry to the sweepstake.

Questions in www.cafefeedback.com

The questions in the survey will focus on:

  • Rating the overall experience in the Cafe.
  • Rating specific aspects in the Cafe,
  •  The service
  • Quality of food
  •  Pricing of food
  • The attitude of the staff
  • The cleanliness of the Cafe
  • Any other problem you experienced in the Cafe
  • Any recommendations to the Cafe that will help improve and bring more satisfaction to the customers.


www.cafefeedback.com Reward

www.cafefeedback.com is targeting loyal customers of the Cafe. The customers get a chance to tell their opinion and reviews freely. As an appreciation for taking part in the survey, the customers get entries to a draw where they have a chance of winning $2000, which is in cash.

After the customers win the award, they cannot sell the prize to another person or even transfer it. The winner should claim the prize by confirming the email immediately after the winning notification. Failure to do so will get the winner withdrawn, and another draw takes place.

Why is www.cafefeedback.com Important to the Corner Cafe?

The survey helps in collecting quality data that helps in making decisions on the best changes to make in the Cafe to make sure their customers get maximum satisfaction. Also, Corner Cafe gets a chance to interact with their customers. They get to know how their customers feel about their services and the quality of food.

www.cafefeedback.com is essential to the Cafe as they can monitor other stores in different locations and tell how they are fairing. With the survey, the Cafe can establish its weaknesses and strongholds. That way, they can capitalize on the fortress to make more profits and work on their weaknesses.

Why Should the Customers Take the Survey on www.cafefeedback.com?

By taking the survey, the customers can express themselves freely. They can tell their experiences without the fear of victimization or hurting certain people.

Customers get a chance to be a part of the decision making in the Corner Cafe. The opinions they give help to make decisions that help to improve the Cafe.

The best part of taking part in the survey is you get a chance to win a $2000 cash prize.


  • They can monitor their other cafes as they receive reviews from customers who are from different locations.
  • Customers get a chance to give their review freely, and something gets done about it.
  • Customers get a chance to win a $2000 cash prize.


  • The receipt that one gets after purchasing expires in a week.
  • Not everyone gets rewarded for completing the survey.

CafeFeedback Center

Winner(s)One per month
Validation Code2 days
Prize Expiry7 days
EntriesOne per day
Purchase No
EnterOnline, Mail

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How do I know www.cafefeedback.com is real?

The survey is by the Corner Cafe, which has been around for 27 years. Over those years, it has continued to expand, meaning people trust the Cafe and hence the continued success. If you still don’t believe www.cafefeedback.com, you can visit the nearest Corner Cafe and ask about the ongoing survey to be sure.

How long does it take to complete the survey on www.cafefeedback.com?

The questions on www.cafefeedback.com are based on your experience in the Cafe. There is nothing to think about critically. You only need to remember your last experience in the store. The questions have choices that you choose from, making it easy to answer the question. The survey takes five minutes on average when you have a good internet connection.

What can lead to the disqualification of a customer from www.cafefeedback.com?

Several reasons can lead to disqualification. One reason is if the answers you give doing the survey are not honest. The other reason is if they suspect you didn’t follow the rules while taking the survey.

You could also get disqualified if you have manipulated www.cafefeedback.com. It is an offense according to the United States law, and you can get sued. You also get banned from ever taking part in the survey again.

How do I know I have the right www.cafefeedback.com site?

To make sure you have the right survey site, use the link given in the original site. Also, you can compare the logo in the two sites and the colors to make sure you have the right survey site. Taking the survey on the wrong website can lead you to give your details to the wrong people who do not have a policy that protects your data.

How do I know the data I give is safe?

www.cafefeedback.com has security software that protects the system from hacking. The data you give during the survey gets displayed to the people analyzing the data without identity. No employee reads the survey reviews. Your identity is only used with your permission.

What do I do if, am having trouble accessing the site?

If you are having trouble accessing www.cafefeedback.com, enter the details on the receipt keenly to make sure it’s not an error with those details. If you still can’t access the survey, contact the customer care, and explain to them the trouble you are having, they will help out.

contact:+1 404-215-9000

By taking part in www.cafefeedback.com, you are helping the Corner Cafe improve their services so that they can provide the best to you; the customer. The survey is free, and you don’t need any qualifications to take part. The questions are simple as they are all on the experience in the Cafe.

Spare a few minutes and help the Cafe to give you maximum satisfaction. The fact that you can win a $1000 should be your motivation as the cash will help you save some bucks.