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How many times have you given a review after visiting a restaurant? It’s probably not something you often do, if ever. Writing a review and telling Chili’s what you think about their services is essential. The information you give helps the company improve its services and the quality of the food.

Chili’s came up with a platform where customers write their feedback after purchasing their food. Through the www.tell-chilis.com feedback, the restaurant can tell whether their customers are content with the services they offer. That way, they can improve the restaurant and provide customers with precisely what they would want. Hence, customers stay happy as the company makes more money.

In this article, you will learn all there is to know on www.tell-chilis.com, from what you need to join, how you can join, and the questions in the survey. With the information, it is easy to join the survey and take part in up to the last point where you enter the draw and get the chance to win the award offered by Chili.

Tell Chilis

Name: Chili's

Description: Chili's started as a small postal in 1975 and later changed to a restaurant. It served tasty food that contains fewer calories to its customers. In 1980, the restaurant opened 28 more stores. The southwest cooking and different types of hamburgers sold in the restaurant are some of the reasons for its success.

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  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time
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www.tell-chilis.com Summary

Later the owner of the restaurant sold the restaurant to the Brinkers group. The Brinkers group was able to take his idea and made a big success by opening over 2000 stores in the United States and Canada. Its success continues as they keep opening more stores in different locations.

Chili’s has www.tell-chilis.com where customers write reviews based on their last visit to the store. Customers tell how much they are satisfied with the services they got and how the staff treated them. They also give recommendations on how they would wish the restaurant improved to serve them better.

With the data they get from the survey, Chili’s management team can make improvements in the store that will help them to give their customers better services, and in return, they will be able to make more profits. Also, the survey helps them to monitor their other stores in different locations. They get to tell which store is doing good and which one is failing and they can understand the reason why. www.tell-chilis.com also helps them to identify the employee of the year and award them to encourage the other employees to do better.

www.tell-chilis.com Eligibility Criteria

  • You need to be 18 years and above to take part in the survey.
  • You need to be a resident of the United States or Canada to take part in the survey.
  • You need to have a general understanding of either English or Spanish as the survey is in those languages.
  • You need a recent receipt from the restaurant to be able to access the survey. The receipt must be less than four days old.
  • You need a smart device to get in the survey, either a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet.
  • You need a secure connection to the internet as the survey is online.
  • One receipt will enter the survey only once, so make sure you take the survey to the end once you register.
  • The prize is not transferable to another person and cannot get converted to cash.
  • You do not need to purchase to join the sweepstake as you can participate through the mail.
  • One mail represents one entry. To enter the survey the next month, you will need to send another letter.
  • Make sure you are honest when taking the survey.

Before taking the survey on www.tell-chilis.com, make sure you go through the rules and agree with all the regulations put in place to avoid taking the survey and agreeing to things you don’t want. Going through the rules will also help you know what they expect of you. Not following the rules can lead to disqualification of the participant and also getting removed from the draw.

Also, make sure you go through the survey policies. The policies will give you an idea of how the data you provide during the survey gets used and how the company protects it from getting to the wrong people or hurting unintended employees.

How to Get in www.tell-chilis.com?

Step one

Enter www.tell-chilis.com. Make sure you have the right survey site to avoid wasting time and giving personal details to the wrong people who don’t have the policy to protect the data.

Step two

Choose the language you intend to use between English and Spanish. You can also look for an app that can translate for you the survey if you don’t understand those languages.

Step three

Enter the code on the receipt. Enter the digits correctly as a simple mistake will lock you out from accessing the survey. Also, you’ll need to enter information such as the check number, amount of the bill, and the name of the server if it is available.

Step four

Rate your experience in the store. First, start with how satisfied or dissatisfied with your experience in the store. Go to specific details, an example of the food, cleanliness, time it takes to serve, design of the restaurant, attitude of the staff, and pricing on the menu.

Step five

Comment on specific issues in the restaurant. Answer the choices questions. Make sure you answer all the questions.

Step six

Give your recommendation to the restaurant on anything you would wish to improve in the restaurant.

Step seven

Go through the questions and make sure all the answers are as you intended. Make sure everything is correct.

Step eight

Enter personal details like your name, address, contacts, and a functional email. Make sure the information you offer is correct and valid as the details will help in contacting you if you win.

Step nine

Submit your work for review. After submitting your work, you will get added to the draw where you have a chance of winning $1000.

Offline Entry to the Sweepstake

In case you don’t have a receipt, but you still want an entry to the sweepstake, you can send a mail to Chili’s. Write your name, address, contact, email address, and send the letter to their address in an envelope. Make sure the address you give is functional as they will help to contact you in case of a win and also to determine whether you had entered the sweepstake through the online method.

With the offline method, you have equal chances to win the award. One mail will enter you in that month’s draw. To enter the next month, you will need to send another letter to the address.

What is the Prize?

www.tell-chilis.com is for the loyal Chili customers to help the restaurant provide them with the best services. As a form of appreciating their loyalty, the management has come up with a reward system. Every person who takes part in the survey to the last point gets a chance to win $1000 in that month’s draw. After completing the survey, you get added to the survey directly.

The sweepstake draw happens once every month. The winner gets announced at the end of the month after the draw. The winner is informed using an email and should confirm his or her address — failure to do that, the award will be void, and another draw happens. The award gets to the winner in 60 days from the announcement day.

Why is www.tell-chilis.com Critical to the Chili Restaurant?

With www.tell-chilis.com, they can correct quality data that they compare to come up with the best way to improve the restaurant to make sure their customers are satisfied. The survey is from customers from all the stores in different locations, and the reviews are from those different stores. This helps them to monitor the stores in different areas to make sure they are also working toward providing the best for their customers.

www.tell-chilis.com helps the restaurant pick the employee of the year and award him or her to motivate the other employees to work toward being the best. That way, they make sure the staff offers the best services to the customers. The survey also helps Chili and its customers have a more valuable relationship that does not involve buying and selling. The customers feel valued and are more likely to be loyal customers due to this gesture.

Why www.tell-chilis.com is Essential to the Customers?

With www.tell-chilis.com, the customers can give their opinions freely without the fear of getting victimized or hurting specific employees. The customers also get a chance to take part in decision making as their opinions help in making decisions. Customers’ views are essential as they play a significant role in the decision-making process.

Customers feel valued as they have a special relationship with the restaurant. The restaurant also improves, and the customers can have maximum satisfaction in the restaurant. Customers also feel good for helping a restaurant improve and be able to make more profits. The best part is the customers get a chance to win a $1000 gift card.


  • Quality data that helps in making informed decisions.
  • Interaction with customers that change them to loyal customers.
  • It is a form of marketing that helps attract more customers to the restaurant.
  • Customers get a chance to air their opinions freely.


  • Not everyone is honest, hence misleading decision making.
  • The award system is through a sweepstake; hence not everyone who takes part in the survey that gets something.
  • The receipt becomes invalid in 4 days. That is a short period.

www.tell-chilis.com Center

Validation Code4 days
Prize Expiry7 days
Purchase Yes

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Is www.tell-chilis.com real?

The Chili restaurant sponsors www.tell-chilis.com. The restaurant has been around for many years, and people trust their services and food. By this, it's clear you can trust the survey. To be sure, you can visit the nearest Chili's restaurant store and ask about the ongoing survey.

How do I know the information I give on www.tell-chilis.com?

www.tell-chilis.com is protected using robust protection software to make sure no one can hack the system. No employee has access to the survey, and so they can't see anything in the review. Every data get presented without any identity. In case they need to show your status, they must obtain permission from you.

How do I make sure I have the right www.tell-chilis.com?

Due to the many scam websites on the net, you need to make sure you have the right survey site to avoid giving personal details to places that don't have a protection policy. Also, personal information may land on the wrong people's hands and get misused. Use the link from their official website to avoid any mishaps.

What can get me disqualified from www.tell-chilis.com?

Different reasons can lead to disqualification from www.tell-chilis.com. The other purpose is not following rules put in place by the review. This can lead to exclusion, and you may not be able to take part in another survey held by the Chili restaurant.

In case you are caught manipulating the survey system, then you can get disqualified and also sued as it is illegal according to the United States law.

What do I do if I am having trouble joining www.tell-chilis.com?

If you have tried joining www.tell-chilis.com and you can't, first enter the details in the receipt again and carefully. If you still can't access the website, contact the restaurant customer care and explain to them the problem you are having.

I bet you spend a lot of time online doing things that are not that important. Rather than spend your time adding no value, you could make time to complete surveys, and stand a chance to win something. Complete a survey like the Tell Chili survey and, in turn, help the management improve its services.

Apart from that, you get a chance to win a gift card, which will help you save some cash. And if you don't get to win this time, you could always try again. Taking the survey is completely free!

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