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January 31, 2020

Gordon Food Service Store offers a variety of fresh food. After the purchase, you get a receipt, which is essential for entry into the Gordon Food Service Customer Satisfaction Survey. This survey aims to collect your views on the services you received during your last visit.

The survey features simple and straightforward questions for you to save time while attempting them. The management is interested in your feedback for making significant changes in the company. Follow through the process below as we guide you through the process of taking part in this survey.

Gordon Food Service
GfsStore Survey

Name: GfsStore Survey

Description: Gordon Food Service Store offers a variety of fresh food. They also have GfsStore Survey where they collect your views on the services you received during your last visit.

GfsStore Survey Summary

Just like other stores that get feedback from the services you got, Gordon Food Service is also interested to know how you got the services and the kind of suggestions you have for the company. This is made possible through GfsStore Survey. This is a series of questions based on the experiences you had at the store during your last visit.

Sharing them honestly helps improve their services. You require a purchase receipt that has a code for entry into GfsStore Survey. Since this store has several chains across the USA, it’s best for you to provide genuine feedback so that other buyers can get better services courtesy of your honesty.

Why you should take part in GfsStore Survey?

Taking part in this survey is a voluntary process. The company would love to hear you speak as they listen. After that, they act on your suggestions and areas of concern to improve service delivery.

Participating in this Gordon Food Service Customer Satisfaction Survey will earn you an entry into sweepstakes where you can win $1000 gift cards. This is enough for your shopping and will cut on your budget.

The questions in the GfsStore Survey base on your experiences when you recently visited the store for some food. Were the services satisfactory? These plus other questions will pop up in the survey, and that’s why they form the simplified version of questions that will excite you and take a few minutes to complete.

Apart from creating a welcoming environment for you to have your food, you will also assist other customers to get incredible services at the store courtesy of your truthful feedback. Therefore, this survey offers you a chance to speak on behalf of other customers.

Lastly, your input is key to the company since it’s in the process of competing with other related food stores; therefore, your feedback, whether negative or positive, helps improve services. The company can know the areas in which they are performing well and those that require adjustment for better services. That’s how your input matters in decision making.

GfsStore Survey Eligibility Criteria 

Before you think of using that purchase receipt for the survey, first, there is a criterion that you need to meet and the rules that require you to abide by. All these measures by Gordon Food Service Company ensure that the survey produces the quality and honest outcomes once taken. More so, this sets the store above the rest as it will have the right appeal to the participants for genuineness.

The following criteria and rules govern GfsStore Survey. Therefore, make sure you have read and understood so that your process can be smooth.

  • Are you an American resident? The survey works for American residents only since the stores are in the US.
  • You must have attained 18 years and above to take part in this survey
  • You need a purchase receipt. The receipt should be a recent one with a survey code. You require some knowledge in English or Spanish as they are the two languages you will use in the survey.
  • The ability to remember details about your previous visit is vital since you will need experiences when taking the survey.
  • You must not be related to the company either as a worker, partner, or family member, as you will not be eligible.
  • The survey is either taken online or through mailing
  • You need gadgets that can browse, e.g., a laptop or phone for the online survey
  • Faster internet speeds are essential for you to complete the survey in fewer minutes
  • Be ready to share your contact details so that you get notified when you win. Your email ID, phone number, and mailing address are key.


GfsStore Survey Restrictions

  • Do not attempt the survey on behalf of the person who visited the store
  • If the state laws disqualify the survey, then it becomes null and void
  • The rewards will not be exchanged, transferred or shared
  • Trying to interfere with the information on the survey site is a criminal offense
  • The survey receipt takes three days to expire and hence the need to mater the time
  •  Follow the eligibility criteria or get disqualified
  • Participate in the survey one single time with one receipt


GfsStore Survey Questions

Every company has its survey questions based on the services offered. For this Gordon Food Service Customer Satisfaction Survey, the questions are simple. They focus on what you bought in the store and the kind of service you received. The questions are simplified so that you can have a few minutes completing them. We have areas that the questions will come from. Most importantly, your experiences matter a lot. Have a look at these areas:

  • Rating on your overall satisfaction for the store
  • The kind of attitude and behavior showed by staff towards you
  • Cleanliness of the store
  • Your view about the menu offered
  • Quality of food served and the other products
  • The speed at which you got the order delivered
  • Your recommendations and suggestions for the company


How to complete GfsStore Survey and win?

At this point, you must have read and agreed to the rules and regulations. Besides, you need to have met the required criteria, as well. Unlike other surveys, this one has an online section where you can answer questions through the online survey. It also has the offline section where you send your request to take part in the sweepstakes via mail. Let’s find out how the two methods work so that you can win by either.

How to participate via online?

Step 1: You need your computer with reliable internet ready

Step 2: Access the survey website through

Step 3: Once on the platform, choose your language between English and Spanish

Step 4: Have your receipt ready with you

Step 5: Find the 25 digit code and the amount you purchased on your receipt

Step 6: Enter those details in the boxes provided. Make sure they are accurate to avoid login problems.

Step 7: Once you complete keying in the details, click ‘start’ which takes you to the survey questions.

Step 8: Recall as much info as possible from your previous visit

Step 9: Respond to the questions honestly and give your positive feedback

Step 10: Provide succession and recommendations for the company

Step 11: Share your contact details for communication purposes in case you are the winner

Step 12: Click submit and wait for the outcome


How to participate via mailing?

At this point, a purchase receipt isn’t necessary. Have the mailing address only.

  • Write your name, email address, location and phone contacts on a piece of paper size 3″x5″
  • Put the paper in an envelope and mail to the following address: GFS Store Survey Sweepstakes, PO Box 398, Macedon, NY 14502-0398.
  • Ensure you have enough cash for mailing charges
  • Wait for the outcomes once you post the letter


GfsStore Survey Rewards

Once you participate in the Gordon Food Service Customer Satisfaction Survey, the company has impressive rewards for you in the store. You must provide the contacts so that you can get the notification once you win the sweepstakes or any other available reward. Note that the rewards keep on changing and hence the need to observe and follow the process keenly.

When you submit the survey, you get into the sweepstakes where you have an equal chance to win $1000 gift cards. This saves you a lot on your budget.

Apart from the grand prize, you will have additional opportunities where you get offers and discounts earlier than the other buyers. This will be sent directly to your inbox.

Lastly, the company provides you with surprise gifts and hence the need to check your receipt every time you make the purchase. The gifts keep on changing and hence the need to be updated.

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • The questions are simplified and mostly on your experiences at the store
  • It takes less than ten minutes to complete the survey
  • The providers are legit since the stores are all over the US
  • It provides an online option for easy participation
  • There is an alternative mailing option for sweepstakes
  • Contacts available allow smooth communication when sharing concerns
  • You get an equal chance to participate in the sweepstakes and win
  • A purchase receipt not necessary for sweepstakes


  • The receipt expires after three days
  • The gift is not a guarantee since it offers an equal chance
  • The online survey requires you to make a purchase
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GfsStore Survey Center

NameGfsStore Survey
Validation CodeNA
Prize Expiry7 days
Purchase No
EnterOnline, Mail
LanguageEnglish, Espanol

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Is there a policy to protect the contact information I’m sharing with GfsStore Survey?

Yes, the company has a policy that dictates how your information will be useful. Additionally, the information remains confidential between you and the company, especially the contact details. Unless you give consent, your details will never reach third parties. The company also uses your contact details for communication in case you won the sweepstakes.

Who benefits from the information I share with GfsStore Survey?

Your experiences at the company work for both you and the management for the company. Once you provide an honest review about the foodservice, you get a chance to participate in the sweepstake that gives you a chance to win a $1000 gift card. The company benefits from your information and guarantees improved services.

Do I need a purchase to enter via mailing?

No, the mailing option is available if you want to enter the sweepstakes. Just provide the details required and ensure you send the information to the correct address. This offers you one entry into the sweepstakes. You can have several entries within a month. For more details on the mailing option, you can use the contacts provided in the section below to reach the customer care desk.

How can I handle login issues?

Login issues come about if your internet is not stable, you haven’t accepted cookies if requested or if your device is faulty. Lastly, in case you have an expired receipt. Confirm all these issues before reaching out to customer care. The receipt should be a recent one with the required details on it.

Are there contact details for GfsStore Survey for raising concerns?

Yes, there are contacts shared by the company so that you can raise your concerns. The company is a legit business, and through your review, the company can make sufficient adjustments. The channels you can use include the website, email, phone, and mailing operations. Besides, the company has social media platforms. We have shared the details below where you choose the medium that is convenient for you.

  • Mail to GFS Store Survey Sweepstakes, PO Box 398, Macedon, NY 14502-0398.
  • Gordon Food Service Store online contact form
  • Call Main Operator: 616-530-7000
  • Call Customer Service: 800-968-4164



If you have the purchase receipt from the Gordon Food Service store, then you can enter GfsStore Survey. This survey has simple questions. The critical thing is to ensure that you have met the criteria for participating in the survey.

As said earlier, your feedback is crucial and adds value to the company when making significant decisions. Make sure you share honest feedback. If you have questions, then leave a reply below. We have also shared contacts from the company in case you have questions and concerns to raise with the company.

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