January 31, 2020

www.belksurvey.com — Official Belk® Survey [$500 Gift]

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Shopping or purchasing of goods and services has been made interesting. By simply buying one item, you stand a chance to win a reward. Cool right?

Belk department store gives its customers a chance to win sweepstakes of up to $500 after shopping at their outlets. You are only required to fill the customer satisfaction survey and be on your way to collecting the $500 gift card. In the www.BelkSurvey.com, you are allowed to air your feedback and comments on goods, services, employees, and merchandise from the store.

This piece highlights details, requirements, and how to take BelkSurvey.


Name: Belk department store

Description: Belk department store gives its customers a chance to win sweepstakes of upto $500 after shopping at their outlets. You are only required to fill the customer satisfaction survey and be on your way to collecting the $500 gift card.



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BelkSurvey Summary

Belk is an American based department store that was founded by William Belk back in 1888, specializing in retail sales. Its headquarters are located in Charlotte, North Carolina. With over 300 physical locations, Belk is famously known for its exotic and modern setting. It is also credited with creating a friendly shopping experience for its customers through good customer services and sufficient space. Belk deals with selling modern home furnishing, wedding registry, accessories, apparel, shoes, and cosmetics.

Belk Survey is an online questionnaire that purely aims at rating customers’ level of satisfaction with goods, services, relations with employees, and merchandise from the store.

Once you visit and make a purchase at any Belk store, you can proceed to take the survey online. All you need to do is enter the code on the receipt issued at the store and answer a sequence of questions that will follow. This will also grant you an opportunity to enter the $500 sweepstakes, which happens once in every three months.

Eligibility criteria 

For you to be eligible for participation in the Belk survey, you must have the following requirements;

  • Have attained 18 years of age or older
  • Should reside in the United States of America
  • Have the ability to read and understand English or Spanish
  • Have access to a PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, and internet
  • Possess a recent Belk purchase receipt that isn’t dated more than seven days since the date of the purchase and an invite to take the survey. This means that the Belk survey should be taken within seven days after making a purchase. Once this period has expired, you are no longer eligible for the survey.
  • Not be an employee at any Belk store or have any affiliation to partners
  • Have a working email address that you can be contacted on in case you win the $500 gift card at the sweepstakes entry. It will also be used to send other notifications.



Belk customer satisfaction survey has rules that need to be taken into consideration.

  • Prizes issued are non-transferable. Only the official recipient can redeem the prize.
  • No substitution can be offered for the issued reward.
  • There is an entry limit of one person per survey. This means that you cannot participate in the survey twice.


How to take the survey

The steps below will guide you on how to take part in the survey and enter the $500 gift card sweepstakes.

Step 1: Go to Belk survey official site at www.belksurvey.com

Step 2: Choose your preferred language (English or Spanish). If you wish to continue the survey in English, proceed to the third step and click the ‘start’ button. However, if you prefer Spanish, click the blue hyperlink written ‘Espanol’.

Step 3: Fill in the date and time that you made your purchase according to the receipt followed by the 18 digit code in the required fields and click on the next icon displayed at the bottom of your screen to start taking your survey.

Step 4: Proceed to answer a series of questions asked about your recent visit to the Belk store. The questions range from customer service to the quality of merchandise, store personnel, and the store itself in general.

Step 5: Provide your honest opinion on customer service. Honesty is highly emphasized. Do not be afraid to describe your opinion since customers’ privacy frankly is thoroughly upheld at Belk’s.

Step 6: When rating your overall satisfaction, it is crucial to put into consideration different elements such as presentability/neatness/arrangement of the store, customer care services, and ease of locating /picking products.

Step 7: Make sure you answer all the questions asked for the survey to be completed — counter check to ensure that no blank spaces are left. Your response will not be valid if some questions are left unanswered.

Step 8: Enter the required personal details such as an address, name, and phone number.

Step 9:: Proceed to submit your response to the survey.

Step 10: After submitting your response, you will get an entry into the sweepstakes and stand a chance to win Belk $500 gift card.

Step 11: Leave your email address to receive notifications on coupons and promotions.


  • Belk customer satisfaction survey is offered in two languages, making it possible for many people to take part in the survey.
  • It is easy and simple. The questions are precise and not difficult to answer. You will require a maximum of 10 minutes to complete this survey.
  • Belk survey has minimal restrictions
  • Belk department store customers are given a platform to air their complaints
  • The survey acts as a medium of communication between customers and management
  • Customers who enter the sweepstakes stand a chance to win a $500 gift card
  • Completing the survey makes it easier for customers to access coupons and notifications on promotions or other offers available at Belk.


  • Only United States residents are eligible for the survey.
  • There is no substitution for the given reward
  • You have to be 18 years or older for you to be eligible
  • Survey has an expiry date since you are required to have filled and completed it within seven days from the date indicated on the purchase receipt.

www.belksurvey.com Center

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Purchase No

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Why is there an error code reflecting on my screen? 

An error code is nothing to worry about. It simply means that a problem was encountered while trying to load www.belksurvey.com. If it occurs, check your internet connection and try reloading the page.

A repetitive error code can, however, be frustrating. If it persists, try it later or go right ahead and contact customer care.

What is the purpose of the purchase receipt number? 

The 18 digit code is required immediately you log into www.belksurvey.com even before you begin answering questions in the survey. The receipt number acts as a verification method to make sure that you visited the Belk store and made an actual purchase. This curbs rigging.

Without the code, you are not eligible for the survey.

Is there an alternative way that can be used to contact Belk department stores? 

Yes. You can easily contact Belk through its numerous platforms.

  • Toll-Free Number: (800) 669-6550
  • Belk Rewards Card Customer Service: (800) 669-6550
  • Customer Service: (866) 235-5443, (866) 235-5433, (704) 357-1883, (800) 474-6102
  • By using their official website: www.belk.com
  • Physically through visiting the closest Belk store near you
  • By contacting their headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina (USA) using the following address; Belk, 2801 W Tyvola Rd, Charlotte, North Carolina 28217- 4500, United States.On their official email address belk_customer_care@belk.com

Do not hesitate to contact Belk when you have queries. Remember, customer care service is there to serve you.

Which link will lead me directly to BelkSurvey? 

Various links are associated with Belk stores. Some will lead you to customer care chats i.e., www.belk.com/customer-service, and others may even take you directly to their official email address, for example, Belk_customer_care@Belk.com. This creates a lot of confusion.

However, the official link that will directly open the Belk survey page is www.belksurvey.com.

It is crucial for you to differentiate these links to prevent unnecessary confusion.

Will my privacy be protected on BelkSurvey? 

Yes. Customers’ privacy is highly valued at Belk.

If you are concerned that your personal details such as name and email address will be exposed to everyone after completing the survey, then it’s about time to put your doubt away.

Your name and personal contact details will not be shared. Only the name of the $500 gift card will be posted on Belk’s official website for transparency.

Visit this link – www.Belk.com/Privacy-Policy, to learn more about privacy policies from Belk and familiarise yourself with the extent to which a participant’s privacy will be protected.

Will I receive poor customer service if I give numerous complaints or negative feedback? 

No. Many customers hesitate filling surveys with complete honesty for fear of receiving negative treatment from employees. Completing the survey will not make employees treat you poorly in any way.

Answers and feedback from BelkSurvey will only be used to improve customer experience and satisfaction and not for any other purpose.

Belk also upholds confidentiality and privacy. Therefore your complaints are not for public display and will not be reviewed by each and every employee.

And remember, every feedback, whether negative or positive, will always be constructive.

How will I receive my reward? 

Winners of the sweepstakes entry will only be contacted through the email address they provided on how to collect and redeem the $500 gift card reward. If problems arise during the redemption process, kindly contact Belk customer care.

It is essential to take note of Belk’s official email address to prevent being a victim of internet scammers.

Do I need to make any form of payment before receiving my reward?

No payments should be made before receiving or redeeming your gift card. It is absolutely free of charge.

After receiving an official notification that ascertains you as a winner, simply follow the provided guidelines and collect your reward.

Is everyone eligible for BelkSurvey?

No. You must be a customer for you to be able to take BelkSurvey.

Only Belk customers who specifically reside in the United States are eligible for this survey.

However, not every customer qualifies for the survey; there are some limitations. You must be 18 years or older, have a recent receipt of purchase from Belk, and most importantly, you should not be an employee of any Belk outlet or have any affiliation with partners.

An important point to note: Carefully read the eligibility criteria and rules thoroughly to establish whether you are allowed to take the survey or not. If you have any unanswered questions, go ahead and contact Belk customer care.


Surveys are revolutionizing customer service and experience. Companies and corporations are quickly learning how to utilize responses obtained from surveys to improve customers’ experiences generally.

At Belk, customers’ satisfaction is one of the most critical roles of the company. This is why customers who shop at Belk store are highly emphasized to complete BelkSurvey within the allocated time frame. This is to enable Belk to identify areas that need to be improved that will help better the quality of goods and services offered. Happy customers equal to increased sales, which sum up to better income.

Also, filling BelkSurvey gives you a chance to win a $500 gift card at the sweepstakes entry. It is safe to consider it a win-win situation.

As we come to an end, I hope all pressing issues, concerns, and common questions regarding the survey have been well answered.

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