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December 31, 2019

If you have taken several online surveys, then GuestObsessed is not a new term for you. Well, visiting the Checkers and Rally’s Restaurant comes with big rewards. The purchase receipt will be your lucky item once you use it when taking a survey at guest obsessed. At the site, you get an invitation by Checkers and Rally’s restaurant so that you can share your feedback concerning your last shopping experience. This feedback is essential for the company to improve the services given, and that’s why they request your honest feedback.

Checkers and Rally’s restaurant has many outlets around the USA, and that means that you will get your rewards in any of the locations once you have your survey completed and the coupon code for the reward given to you. You can use the code on your next visit to get the reward as per your code.

This review will focus on the GuestObsessed survey by Checkers and Rally’s Restaurant. We will help you understand in-depth information about the Checkers and Rally’s restaurant and how you can participate in their survey. Additionally, we will guide you through the whole process of registration and taking part in the survey with all the advantages and disadvantages highlighted for you. Lastly, we will address a few questions regarding this survey so that you get it right once you decide to take part.


Name: GuestObsessed

Description: This review will focus on the GuestObsessed survey by Checkers and Rally’s Restaurant. We will help you understand in-depth information about the Checkers and Rally’s restaurant and how you can participate in their survey. Additionally, we will guide you through the whole process of registration and taking part in the survey with all the advantages and disadvantages highlighted for you. Lastly, we will address a few questions regarding this survey so that you get it right once you decide to take part.

GuestObsessed Summary


Once you visit or you are a regular at this restaurant and would want to give some feedback about your experience, how do you go about it? Well, your purchase receipt is your way into the survey. This company uses to help you get into the survey and share your feedback easily.

Your free honest feedback about the food and the services at this restaurant will guide the management in giving you excellent services on your next visit.

Since the fast-food restaurants are many across the USA, the competition requires you as the customer to get the best out of the restaurants. By sharing your feedback, you make the process even easier since the management cannot guess your experience unless you voice it out through the questions on the survey.

Checkers and Rallys is a fast food industry with over 33 years in operation. Oak Hill Capital Partners own it. Its first branch is located in Alabama, US, with headquarters in Tampa, Florida, US. It has around 900 locations across the US, with hundreds of employees for satisfactory services.

The many locations mean that you can get your bite at the closest location to you. All the foods across the branches have the same menu so that you can have any of your favorite food right in your area.


Is it legit or scam?

The company has been in operation for over 30 years, which means that the services are superb. This is evident with the more than 900 outlets across America.

We also have hundreds of reviews from customers giving their opinion online about the services. Additionally, we have rewards in terms of food given to customers once they complete the survey.

Another proof for the legitness of the survey platform is the scope emphasis when it comes to the eligibility. Only US citizens are allowed to participate since the proximity to the restaurants is key.


Why the GuestObsessed Survey?

Just like other surveys that require your feedback or improved services, this survey also comes with its requirements so that you can have the best services during your upcoming visits.

You take part in this survey so that you can speak your mind concerning everything you get at the restaurant.

Once you take part in the survey, you are awarded a validation code so that you use it during your next visit.

In most cases, you get rewards in terms of an extra burger, drinks, and any other food item available.

Taking part in this survey is fast and straightforward. All you need is your purchase receipt.


Eligibility for you to take part in the survey

Taking part in the survey is easy, as said earlier. You don’t need to meet the demanding requirements as in other platforms. All you need is a receipt, and you are ready to go.

Here are additional requirements you will need to meet so that you take part in the survey.

  • Be frequent at the restaurant
  • Be ready to give honest feedback
  • At least 18 years and above
  • Have a reliable internet connection and a gadget that has access to the internet, such as a pc tablet or smartphone.
  • Be a legal resistant of the USA
  • Have some basic understanding of English and Spanish


How to take part and get rewarded

  • I assume you are ready with your receipt for the survey. Ensure your receipt is within the 30 days valid time. Your receipt expires within thirty days of purchase, and that’s why you don’t need to postpone participating in the survey as you can miss out on this opportunity.
  • Your device is ready with a strong internet connection. This means that you are prepared for the task. Once you confirm that you are eligible for the task, go straight to the link and access the site.
  • Once you are at Checkers and Rally’s guest feedback page where you enter the valid four-digit store number, the date, and the checker number, all these are found on your receipt.
  • Once you have these details keyed in, press start and get into the survey section where you will answer simple questions on food, services, and other provisions by the restaurant. At this point, you are requested to give an honest opinion on your last visit so that the company can use it to improve the services for you.
  • Give your valid contact details so that you can get feedback with ease concerning your questions. Once you are done with the survey, you will get Checkers and Rally’s coupon, which will be used during your next visit for the reward. Write the code at the back of your receipt.

Note that the time required to complete this survey is only ten minutes. You don’t need a special office to take the survey, but you can take it anywhere when relaxing or eating or even after your office work right in your bed or couch. You have all that freedom.


Pros and Cons of Checkers and Rally’s survey

If you have been to the numerous food outlets around the USA, you probably have the advantages and disadvantages of each industry. Well, the Checkers and Rally restaurant also comes with its advantages and disadvantages. All these help you to choose wisely when you want to shop for your favorite delicacy.

When it comes to disadvantages, this is where the restaurant requires your feedback so that they can work on their services for a better future for you.

We have some of the significant advantages associated with the Checkers and Rally survey, and this is why you don’t need to miss any of these surveys once you are done shopping for your food.



  • It is simple to participate and only requires a stable internet connection and gadgets that access the internet, such as the computer, tablets, and pc.
  • You don’t need to buy the participating slot. Only a valid receipt is required. You need to ensure the receipt has not expired since it features a 30-day valid time.
  • Branches and outlets are all over the USA. You will not spend an equivalent amount of cash searching for an area you will redeem your prize. With over 900 outlets, you are sure to get the services in your area.
  • The site is simple and easy to navigate through. Additionally, the questions are straightforward for you to answer easily.
  • It offers an advantage to those who have some basic English and Spanish knowledge
  • You get your reward on your next visit. No additional days of waiting.
  • Your opinion is highly regarded by the company and helps in serving other customers even better.
  • Better services and efficiency customers are guaranteed when you are frequent at one of these restaurants.


  • The receipt is only valid for 30 days. This means that after thirty days, you can not use it since it will have already expired.
  • Your constant information is required. The company doesn’t assure you of protecting the information.
  • You don’t get rewards in terms of cash prizes instead the company decides for you
  • Since its only for the American residents, this locks out visitors who are ready to take part in the survey.
  • Children below 18 cannot participate
  • If you don’t have an internet-enabled device, then you will not be able to participate. There is no alternative for participating such as mailing
  • The reward is minimal
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GuestObsessed Survey Center

Winner(s)Every Participant
Validation Code30 days
Prize Expiry30 days
Purchase Yes

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What is the relationship between the Checkers and Rally’s restaurants?

These are two food industries that have been working independently. However, the two have merged, and that’s why through the survey, both the industries operate the same, and this allows you to use the code for both restaurants.

What prize will I get once I complete the survey?

At the end of the survey, you get a coupon code. This code is redeemed at the restaurant where you get a free sandwich.

Can I use my coupon at any of the branches by Checkers and Rally’s?

Yes, as long as the branch belongs to this company, you can always use it for your sandwich.

How about the cash reward?

The Checkers and Rally don’t reward you in cash. You get the sandwich as an appreciation for your feedback.

How can I contact the company in case of any feedback?

You can use the following.

Phone: 1 800 800 8072 and Mailing through Checkers Drive-in Restaurant, 4300 West Cypress St Suite 600, Tampa, Florida 33606.

You can also use the websites for companies, i.e., or

What are the operation hours for the Checkers and Rally’s?

The restaurant operates from 10:00 am to 3:00 am every day of the week. Only on Fridays is when the doors close at 4 am.



The survey doesn’t take all your day’s time; instead, you need less than ten minutes at your convenience. This means that you can take the survey anywhere you wish and get your mouthwatering sandwich during your next visit. This festive season, you cannot afford to eat at this restaurant and waste the receipt by not participating in the survey. We have shared with you the simple procedure you can use to participate.

As you prepare to use your receipt for the survey, remember that the feedback you are giving is the reason you get the best services. If you have any questions, never hesitate to share in the comment box so that we can help you better understand the way to approach the survey.

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