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December 31, 2019

Top leading airlines across the world serve many people. Alaska Airlines leads in America. The airline is busy and has hundreds of employees. The airline has simplified the way employees get services and the way they manage employees worldwide. This makes the entire operation easy for everybody. As a leading airline, employees are required to be updated with all the activities. Within the website, the airline can easily monitor employee status and act accordingly. 

In this review, we will help you understand the details about the Alaska world and how to create an account, log in, and access the services with ease. All these will make your life as an employee easy since you can log in from anywhere and see the timelines, and in case of any changes, you get the alerts quickly. Follow through this review to get the up to date details you would want to know about Alaskasworld.

AlaskasWorld Review

Name: AlaskasWorld

Description: Alaska World is an employee’s portal for Alaska Airlines: one of the leading airlines in the world with hundreds of employees. All the employees at Alaska Airlines are required to know how to use the Alaskasworld website, also known as Alaska’s PET. Here, all the details for the airline’s employees are found, and this makes it easy to manage the workers.

AlaskasWorld Summary

What is AlaskasWorld?

If you are a frequent air traveler, then Alaska is a familiar term. Alaska Airlines is based in the USA and operates worldwide with significant traffic. This explains the vast number of staff and employees at Alaska Airlines. That’s why the company came up with Alaskas world so that it could manage employees with ease.

All the employees at Alaska Airlines are required to know how to use the Alaskasworld website, also known as Alaska’s PET. Here, all the details for the airline’s employees are found, and this makes it easy to manage the workers.

Accessing and using the Alaska website as a new employee is a difficult task. You need to learn the basics before you become a frequent user. The site has several ways of navigating through, and this explains why you need the guidelines for an efficient login.

This online portal is not only for employees at Alaska airlines. It serves the workers at Horizon airlines as well. Therefore, if you work in either of these companies, then understanding how this portal works will give you a comfortable time at your workplace. For you to gain access to the portal, you need to log in using your username and password.

Why you need an account at Alaska world website?

As an employee, you are entitled to many benefits regarding your type of work. In most cases, there are updates on how your benefits are changing and additional information concerning your status of work. You need the website so that you can understand the way your benefits work.

Additionally, you need to know the different hours and the changes in flight information so that you can never miss crucial changes. All these are found on the website once you log in for the details. Other than the work information, you can still have access to your job details away from your workplace since it’s an online platform that serves you remotely as well.

What do you require to access the AlaskasWorld?

Just like other platforms online, you require specific details so that you can access the kind of information you need. Not all the information is there for everybody, and that’s why Alaska’s world created this website so that you can log in and access the specific information regarding your work.

In Alaska’s world, you need to arm yourself with several items so that you can have an easy time navigating through the portal. Without the critical documents that are necessary for you to access the website, then you will not have the information you want. Again, you need to be a legal employee of either Alaska Airlines or Horizon Airlines.

Once you are an employee in either of the two airlines, you automatically get the ID from your HRD. If the two companies newly hired you, then getting an ID is vital, so that you can begin the process of getting the login details for your job.

The main requirements to create your account will be as follows;

You employee ID

Also known as the Arctic Number, the ID is an essential item you need to have as an employee. At Alaska and Horizon, this necessary document is given once the company officially employs you. If you don’t have this essential document, then the only way to get it is to ask the Alaska or Horizon HRD team. There is no other way of getting this ID other than getting it from your company. Note that the Alaskasworld ID consists of 5 digits with a leading Zero. This is always at the backside of your ID badge.

The AlaskasWorld Password

This is another critical requirement so that you can have your account running. This password will help you log into Alaska’s world website easily. If you forgot that password, then it is not time to freak out. Just click on the forgot password and reset into using your email. Retrieving the password is very easy as it is just a one-click process.

Internet and electronic devices that access the internet

Since this is an online web portal, you require the gadget that will help you navigate through the site. You also need a stable internet. Once you have your login details, i.e., ID and password, you can now access the website with ease.

You don’t need to be at your workplace to access the site, but you can do it at home and have all the details you need. Well, the company has made the website easy to use. You don’t need to rely on one gadget to have your information. A computer and a phone will see you navigate through the website with ease.

The only thing you will need is a reliable internet connection. Also, use the latest browsers so that you are not denied access.

Here is an image showing the login section(ID and Password section)

What are the features of the Alaskas world website?

To ensure that you are not logged in into another website, you need to have the essential features visible to you. The Alaskas website is easy to navigate. Once you click on the link given, it will direct you to the website.

Once you land on the website, you meet four menus. PET or Paperless Employee Travel. For you to gain access to the information on this page, you will need to submit the password and the employee ID.

This will help you to see the travel benefit of your company.

The menu that follows is the At this level, the username and password are essential. Only authorized users in the Alaska world are able to view information at this level.

The third menu is about Jobs. It is accessible to everyone worldwide. This is where you get the opportunities for employment at Alaska Airlines, Horizon Airlines, and Virgin Airlines. This means that your career development can grow at either of the three airlines that offer job opportunities. Once you visit the website, you can feel free to navigate through the different job opportunities and find the one that meets your passion.

The last menu provides you the M&E Vendor Site. This requires a username and password. It’s where you, as an employee, can make the necessary changes in your portal. Besides, you can also manage your profile at this level.

How to log in to your account for services

If you are an employee at either Alaska Airlines or Horizon Airlines, then you certainly have the employee ID, which is a five-digit number that starts with a Zero. You can access the official website at so that you get the information you need much faster.

On the home page, select Alaska’s PET. You will require your ID and password to log in. In the other section, you need the username and password in

Choose the airline company you work, i.e., Alaska or Horizon. Verification of the company you work with is vital since it helps in getting your login details correctly. The system doesn’t select for you the company you work for and hence the need to select the company so that you can log in more seamlessly.

Have your ID and PET password ready for login. If you work in Alaska, your employee ID is critical, and if Horizon employs you, the Arctic Number is required. You will also provide your PET password.

If you don’t have the password, there is a section where you can click and create your password in simple steps. To make your work even more accessible for future logins, once you make your first login, you can always accept the remember password or login details so that you don’t waste time accessing your account in the future.

Once you have your PET login details ready, press the login section so that you can access your information from the portal. You can still share your login information with your trusted relatives so that they can have access when you require them to have.



  • Easy to navigate the site. Once you have the password and ID, you will not struggle to access the information you want.
  • You can access the information remotely. You don’t have to be at your workplace physically. The website is easy to use on most of your gadgets, including your phone and computer. The only thing you need is a stable internet connection.
  • You can change your details online. Your login details, including the password, can be altered by yourself online. The site has been designed to give you the ease of access, and with a click, you can make a command such as change password or create a password.
  • It is easy to monitor your timelines using your portal since everything concerning your flight schedules and hours are in the portal.
  • The login is free as long as you are an employee with the correct login details.


  • It can only be used by Alaska & Horizon employees.
  • No help in creating an account or login is provided on the Alaskasworld portal.
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How can I get my ID for login?

Well, once you are employed by either Alaska Airlines or Horizon airlines, you get the ID automatically. If you struggle to have the ID, you can always consult the HRD team.

I have forgotten my password, how can I retrieve it?

Depending on the login you are trying to make, forgetting a password should not be a big deal. You can always retrieve it at the website with ease. Once you open the login section, we have the forgot password section where you click, and after that, you are directed on how to retrieve it in easy steps via your email.

How can I contact the AlaskaWorld for assistance in case of trouble?

We have numerous ways that you can use to get assistance from Alaskasworld.

  • Contact the technical support team for assistance.
  • Use the Help Desk number of AlaskaWorld is 1 877 238 1077 during the official working hours.
  • Send an email to the Alaska media relations via
  • Send a letter to the airline headquarters using the address PO BOX 68900 Seattle Washington 98168 US.


Alaskasworld is there to serve everybody. As an employee, you stand to benefit even more as the online portal serves all your needs without worrying about your location. Once you have your employee ID and the password, you can log in at any time. There is also a provision for the public where career opportunities are available from three key airlines. You can always try your luck and make the application. If successful, then be sure to join a great team with a good salary.

We can confidently say that is a legit platform that will make your online services as an employee very easy. You can always try it out once you become an employee and see the benefits for yourself.

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