Mass Data Collection or Expert Reviews – Which Option Provides Better Information?

January 29, 2022

The internet has brought about the greatest consumer market ever, with worldwide eCommerce revenue projected to rise to $5.4 trillion in 2022. Online shoppers and service seekers have so much choice in every industry that it’s difficult to make decisions on products. There are ways that people can get help with their choices, though, with big data and expert reviews providing excellent insight. But which is better out of the two options?

Why do Internet Users Need Either?

Internet users have rapidly learned that they need to turn to mass data or reviews to help them with their purchasing decisions online. Over almost three decades of mainstream internet, data collection has become normal, with users constantly asking for their feedback on products and services using surveys. This has enabled analysts to generate detailed charts about buying and usage habits, along with user preferences. To get a quick overview of any market out there, some statistics cover a range of aspects and can provide helpful information.

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Expert reviews are crucial as well, especially in industries where users need to make important decisions. Sometimes, looking at the data isn’t enough, and people want opinions about why they should opt for a certain product or service. Both are important, but is either one better? It could be a case that a combination is key.

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Expert Reviews are Needed for Certain Industries

There are some areas in which examining buying trends or survey responses simply won’t cut it, and you need to turn to experts for advice that is more tailored to your needs. For example, there are plenty of films out there that have been successful at the box office but have been met with scathing reviews from critics, and vice versa.

A prime instance of this in recent years was with David Ayer’s Suicide Squad in 2016. It made more than $746 million worldwide, an exceptional return that could have led some people to think it was an incredible film because of this. However, the expert movie reviews said differently and noted how the plot was muddled and the characters were poorly written. The Suicide Squad by James Gunn in 2021 failed to make a return on its production budget, which may suggest to some people that it was a poor offering. The critics loved it, though, and said it was a massive improvement on its predecessor.

Sometimes, people need to turn to expert reviews because they need a more personal touch to help them trust a product or service. For instance, millions of players choose to use online casino reviews to find the most reputable sites to play at. These reviews provide information about the bonuses and payment methods on offer and come with a star rating that helps players easily identify the best options. With so many sites out there to choose from, professional services like this are still essential, and can’t be replaced by mass data collection methods.

Mass Data Collection Can Provide Strong Insights

There are certain instances when looking at the results of mass data collection that can quickly give internet users the information that they need to decide. It’s often useful when trying to choose cheap products that don’t require too much thought. Users can quickly glance at the stats and figures surrounding them and this can help them instantly make their minds up.

A great example of was quickly looking at the results of data collection provides immediate and useful info is when purchasing apps in the App Store. Every app has a star rating that is based on user feedback. People thinking of purchasing can see how many people have reviewed it and what the average score is. This is also common at eCommerce sites like Amazon and Alibaba. When people shop at these places, they also get recommendations through an algorithm that has collected a wealth of user shopping patterns. This can be handy in putting people in touch with the things they need.

Mass data and expert opinions both have their advantages, and they also have different applications. When making a bigger investment, it is arguably wiser to take the advice of professionals. But when you are only completing a minor transaction, you could rely on a quick look at the stats surrounding it. A combination of using both methods is the ideal way to make a solid decision online.

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