Modern Threats Require Modern Action – Digital Safety

January 19, 2022

The US is more vulnerable to cyberattacks than ever before. In mid-December, the DHS and CISA issued a statement, according to ABC, which described the present level of cyber vulnerability as ‘urgent’. The risks to individuals and businesses across the globe are so pronounced, and so rapid in the manner that they’re changing – the DHS made their new statement of urgency owing to yet another new vulnerability – that a new approach is required. It starts with protecting data.

Protecting your data

According to security industry news outlet Compliance Week, US businesses and individuals are one of the primary targets for cyber attacks for one reason – their data. The data provided to US digital enterprises by consumers creates some of the best datasets around, and access to those can be a potent way for malicious actors to profit. Compliance and data experts at recommend the use of digital archives for that reason. Organizing your data in an easily controlled and maintained fashion will ensure good digital hygiene, where you are aware of your data and who has access to it.

Defending against exploits

Somewhat ironically, the oldest methods are the truest when it comes to defending against new exploits. The nature of new exploits and vulnerabilities is such that they look to seize on outdated and poorly guarded data. By undertaking cyber-safe principles, such as those outlined by UC Davis, you will keep one step ahead of exploits by having up-to-date credentials at all times. Of particular importance is two-factor authentication, which will always provide a failsafe if your data is compromised.

Start to collaborate

Cyber security has largely been seen as an individual endeavor – at least in the past. Protect your passwords, use firewalls and antivirus software, and stay safe online. However, CNBC has highlighted increasing efforts across all sectors to make cyber security, and ransomware deterrents in particular, a national mission. This coordinated response will be key to facing down future threats, and that includes on a personal basis. Look to colleagues and friends, share tips, and club together for high-quality defenses such as VPNs.

Look after your friends and you’ll look after yourself. Cyber security is such a pressing issue that it’s impossible to face down alone. United, as a nation, America can make great strides towards heading off new and emerging threats.

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