OnePoll 2019 Review – Does This Website Really Pay?

December 23, 2022

OnePoll Survey
OnePoll Survey Site

Many companies worldwide today invest a lot of money in online surveys. They want to know what people think. They want to understand how the community feels about the products they sell.

This is how they optimize their advertising strategies, marketing techniques, and sales tactics. And this is how they maximize their earning potential.

OnePoll Survey

Name: OnePoll

Description: One such online survey site is OnePoll. They’re a company that launched its Web platform in 2002. They provide accessible and comprehensive marketing data to brands.

But keep in mind that you won’t become rich overnight. Survey sites provide a small income on the side. So is OnePoll worth your time? Will you make enough money by taking these surveys? Is it a scam? If you want to know everything about OnePoll, then no worries — We will answer all your questions here.

How Do You Earn Money From OnePoll?

OnePoll is a survey site that functions similarly to other similar platforms. You can earn money by completing specific tasks. You can earn cash through OnePoll in the following ways:

  • Completing surveys;
  • Participating in competitions;
  • Referring to other people; and
  • Acquiring bonuses.

You need to answer all questions and express your opinions on particular matters when you’re taking surveys on this platform. Here is what a survey looks like:

OnePoll Survey Questions
OnePoll Survey Questions

You’ll also notice that a few available surveys pop up from time to time on your screen while you’re logged into OnePoll. This is what your home screen looks like when you’re logged into this website:

Available Surveys on OnePoll
Available Surveys on OnePoll

You can read what each survey offers. Look at the right side of the table to know how much you’ll be able to earn from a particular survey.

Each of these pays around £5 to £10 on average. Most of these are quick and easy to answer. Some surveys won’t pay out points or cash. They’ll give you an entry ticket instead.

You can use this ticket to participate in a draw where you can get Amazon vouchers. Keep in mind that your chances are slim in these draws. And this is why lots of users avoid them.

Surveys at OnePoll change every day. This means you can always do the smallest ones first. Also, don’t forget that another way you can earn money from OnePoll is through their referral program. Check out the screenshot below.

OnePoll Referral
OnePoll Referral

You can share surveys and your referral link with your family, friends, colleagues, and peers. OnePoll rewards you for doing this. If someone registers on OnePoll through your referral link and completes a survey, you’ll get £50. Plus, you’ll get £1 when each of your referred users earns £20.

Once they earn £40, you’ll receive a reward of £2.50. This is a good bonus. That’s why it’s essential to get other people engaged.

How to Participate in Competitions at OnePoll?

OnePoll also hosts competitions. What you need to do to enter these competitions is to complete surveys. But before doing this, you have to enable the option for participating in competitions on their homepage while you’re logged into this platform.

These competitions aren’t active all the time. So this means you need to log in daily.

Many users earn £25 to £200 when they win these competitions. But that’s a bit difficult. Luck plays a big part in these competitions.

What Are OnePoll Bonuses?

You can earn more cash by participating in bonuses. These are good for those who recently started using this site. You can earn the following through these bonuses at OnePoll:

  • Get £50 after you complete ten surveys;
  • Immediately earn £2.50 when you sign up;
  • Get £50 after you connect your OnePoll account to your social media accounts; and
  • Watch out for other additional bonuses.

You’ll notice extra bonuses popping up from time to time. This is what an additional bonus looks like:

This is a screenshot from a OnePoll user. He earned good money just by participating.

Should You Pick OnePoll?

OnePoll has advantages and disadvantages, just like any legitimate survey site. So if you know all this platform has to offer, this can help you make a more informed decision. With this, here’s a list of all the pros and cons of this website:



  • Excellent Customer Service: They will gladly solve your problems and queries as soon as possible and also offer a speedy response time;
  • Access to Premier Companies — Sites that work with premier companies are legit. They aren’t likely to scam their users as they won’t want to risk tainting the reputation of their business;
  • Worldwide Support — Users from across the globe can participate in their surveys as long as they’re 18 years old and above; and
  • Fair & Reasonable Operating Procedures — They rarely ban people from the website. In other words, you’ll have a steady income without worrying about bans.


  • Low Payments — They offer slightly lower rewards than other more significant legit survey sites. You need to take a lot of surveys and participate in many bonuses; and
  • Long Wait Time for Payouts — You often need to wait 28 days to a couple of months just for your payouts to clear.
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OnePoll is not the only paid survey website. There are others like MyShoprite, GiftHulk, and Opinion Outpost.

Tips to Earn More Money in OnePoll

OnePoll is simple enough to use. But there are some ways you can maximize your earnings. Here are some tips to help you out:

  1. If you notice a survey you like, don’t wait to do it on the last day. There’s a certain number of users who can take it. You won’t be able to take the survey if you wait too long;
  2. Be honest. It would be best if you answered surveys truthfully. This way, you can get more surveys in the future;
  3. Choose to take brief surveys first. You can save time and be more efficient when you do this; and
  4. Be active. Log into this platform as much as you can. You can earn more considerable amounts of money by taking more surveys.

OnePoll Rules & Regulations

All countries are supported. But users need to be at least 18 years old to participate. So enter your email and full name to join this platform.

You’ll then need to fill out your profile details. This can seem a bit overwhelming. But they do this to customize the correct type of surveys for you. You can then go ahead and pick any survey once you do this.

OnePoll Payment Methods

OnePoll offers three options to cash out your earnings. You can withdraw your money once you hit the minimum amount through the following methods:

  • BACs;
  • Checks; and
  • PayPal

A lot of users prefer PayPal. You need to provide the site with a few details. Do this in your account panel. You’ll also need to verify your account to get paid.

Receiving your money through a check is also a popular method. But only users based in the UK can use this option as of this writing.


OnePoll is a survey company. They partner up with big retailers in the United Kingdom. Their goal is to provide accurate, up-to-date market research services. They perform specific surveys.

OnePoll users receive surveys depending on their location and needs. They pay users to take part in this research. This is done through surveys that can earn you money or vouchers.

You can cash out as soon as you hit the minimum payout threshold. You can see this in your account panel.

Everybody aged 18 and above all around the world can take part in these surveys. What makes this survey site stand out is its clientele portfolio. They carry out projects for famous brands like Halifax, Phillips, and Travelodge.

OnePoll’s initial goal was to host surveys only in the UK. But they quickly expanded their membership. That’s why they’re now available across the globe.

They also have an app. This allows users to take surveys on the go. Anyone can join. You don’t have to pay anything to participate in their surveys and bonuses.

Now we’ll discuss OnePoll in more detail. How it functions and what sets it apart from the rest will all be covered below.

OnePoll FAQs

Is OnePoll safe and legit?

Many sites disguised as legitimate survey platforms will abuse your personal information. But OnePoll isn’t one of them. Pay attention to membership fees to avoid these scam sites.

Apps and platforms on the Web that require you to pay before you can take surveys are usually designed to steal your money. Worse, your details are likely to get compromised.

OnePoll is safe to use. They won’t share your data with third parties. Their partner brands whose surveys you took will only know your country and your answers to their questions. This is a significant part of their privacy policy.

This platform is legit. You’ll receive your payment once you hit the minimum payout threshold and withdraw your funds. There are multiple payment methods you can use. The most popular one is PayPal.

How long does OnePoll take to pay?

It takes around 28 days for the money to reflect in your PayPal account. You can see this on the “Payment History” page. If you haven’t received your money, check the date on the email first. You can also contact OnePoll’s customer support after 28 days.

But payment processing can take a bit longer, according to some users. It took a couple of months or so for a few OnePoll users.

When was OnePoll created?

OnePoll opened its doors in 2002. It’s now among the UK’s most significant newswire services and independent press agencies.

Can you make decent money with OnePoll?

It would be best not to rely on OnePoll to cover your monthly expenses and daily living. But this platform isn’t a scam, to be precise. Instead, you can earn a little bit of money here and there. And you can get more significant amounts of cash depending on how many surveys and bonuses you take.

The surveys at OnePoll are quick and straightforward to complete. On average, it takes around 2 to 10 minutes to complete a survey. You can also make money from referring to other people or getting bonuses.

Where is OnePoll Based?

OnePoll has three offices. One is in Bristol. Their other office is in London. They also have another in New York City.

OnePoll Customer Support Contact Details

If you encounter any problem, then feel free to contact their customer service team. You can do this through any of the following ways:

They’ll gladly answer your inquiries and help you resolve any issue that you’re encountering in OnePoll. They respond very quickly.

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