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Description: Walgreen is the pharmacy chain based in the United States of America. The company is now spread all over the country. Walgreens knows the value of the customers. It is challenging in this competitive world to make new customers. And if you can satisfy your old customers only then you will be able to make new ones. And Walgreens know this very well. As products prices change daily, you never know what the customer's perspective towards your organization is. Due to this, it is important to identify the weaknesses and strengths is a significant point for the organization.


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To know the satisfaction level of the customers, Walgreen started a feedback portal known as “Walgreens Listens.” There are not happy and satisfied customers all the time, and you have to tackle with unsatisfied customers as well. And also it is essential to know the reasons behind their dissatisfaction. If the organization will get these reasons and solve them, then they could be able to provide the customers with better customer experience. It’s time to jump into the details of the Walgreens customer satisfaction survey details.

What is WalgreensListens survey?

WalgreensListens survey is a set of feedback questions asked from the customers to know about their experiences while shopping from the store. The survey is initiated by the organization to see the performance of the various stores in the customer’s point of view. In return for the participation, customers become eligible to win a gift voucher worth $3000 from Walgreens.

The price offer it seems like a strategy by the organization to attract more customers because to participate in the survey they have to buy something from the store. The reason behind this is you can only enter in the study with the help of the code printed on the billing receipt, which you will receive in return of your purchase. Also, every time honest and loyal reviews by the customers help the organization to fix the loopholes to make the organization a better place for the customers.


1. Chance to win $3000.

2. Three ways to participate.


1. Long Survey.

WalgreensListens Survey Center

Validation Code3 days
Prize Expiry30 days
Purchase Yes - Online
No - Mail
EnterOnline or Mail
LanguageEnglish, Espanol

What are the benefits of WalgreensListens survey?

It is essential to know the benefits of the survey as I am going to consider them from both customer and organization’s point of view. See feedback is not only good for the organization but also the customers. So, let’s know the various benefits to get a clear picture of the survey.

  • First of all, I would like to tell you that Walgreens has approximately 9,450 stores in the US. SO, being the proprietor, it is imperative for you to know the performance of all the stores. One mistake in a particular store can ruin the reputation of the organization.
  • Secondly, customers can express their feelings and think about the organization or the specific store. It is beneficial because they got a chance to let the organization know where they are standing in the market according to the customers.
  • The customers had the opportunity to win the gift vouchers, which they can use to buy medicines from the stores of the organization. And this offer may help someone financially which is a great move.
  • As we know the staff members of the organization is considered as the makers of the organization. So, it is suitable for the organization to keep tracking the performance of the staff and their behavior with the customers.

So, now you know all the benefits of taking part in the survey. You must think wisely, and you should give an honest review as per your experience.

What steps to take part in WalgreensListens survey?

The customer experience survey is a questionnaire in which the organization has a set of questions for the customers to answer. These questions are dependent upon the quality of the product and the experience of the customer in the store. It is wise to know the list of various steps you have to follow before starting your survey to avoid confusions and complications as we all heard that a little knowledge is dangerous which is also true. So get the complete experience with the following stated steps of WalgreensListens survey.

  • First of all, you must have to purchase some products from the store to get the billing receipt.
  • Now go to the WalgreensListens portal by following the link listed above.
  • When you enter the URL, you will automatically be sent to the screen where you have to choose the preferred language to take the survey.
  • Remember the survey is available in two languages only which is English and Espanol. If you don’t understand any of these, then this survey is useless for you.
  • After choosing the language, the next screen will appear where you have to enter the code available on the receipt along with the password. You will get the password also on the receipt. After filling the correct information click on the take the survey button.
  • On the very next screen system will greet you with a thank you note to take part in the survey. Below that you will get the Next option to start your survey, so, click on the next button.
  • Next screen will appear with a question about the customer experience which will be as thinking about your most recent visit to Walgreens, how satisfied were you with your overall experience? You have to answer the question with the available options from 1 to 9. Where 1 refers to not at all satisfied and 9 refers to extremely satisfied. After choosing the right option, please click on the next button.
  • On the next screen, the organization is allowing you to write a comment base on your experience. You will be provided 4000 words to write about your experience. It’s time to write what you like and what you don’t like. Below the comment section, you will find a section where you have to select the category of your comment. You have to choose the appropriate category to justify your comment.
  • Next question will be related with your revisit to the Walgreens. They will ask you the question which may be “Based on your most recent visit, what is the likelihood you would revisit Walgreens in the next three months?” To answer your question, you have to choose one number from 1 to 9 where 1 refers to not at all likely and 9 refers to extremely likely.
  • On the next question, you will see a yes, and no option with the question did you drop off digital images, pick up printed photos or drop off the film? Click on the appropriate option and then o to the next button.
  • On the next screen, you will see a question regarding the prescription. The organization wants s to know did you pick up any prescription from the pharmacy or not if you did then click on the yes oration otherwise no.
  • On the very next question, Walgreens wants to know are their customers interested in purchasing medicines only or they like to buy other products available in the stores as well? If you buy any of the personal care product from the store, then please click on the yes option, and if you didn’t then go with the no option.
  • On the next screen, you have to rate your overall experience with the Walgreens with the options from 1 to 9. Where 1 depicted not at all satisfied and 9 depicted highly satisfied. Choose the right option and go to the next step.
  • In this step you have to rate the pharmacy in terms of so many factors which may be like being available to assist you within a reasonable amount of time, being knowledgeable about your medicines, offering advice and counseling, being able to resolve any problem or provide options to help you, greeting or acknowledge you, and making you feel they care about you. Rate all of them from 1 to 9 and click on the next option.
  • In the next step you have to rate the quality of the customer services of the pharmacy in respective to different factors like being a pharmacy you trust, your prescription is filled in a reasonable amount of time from placing order to pick up, good value for the money for prescription drugs, and offering affordable price for the prescription. Again you need to rate all these factors from 1 to 9 as per your experience.
  • In the very next step pharmacy want to know what are their competitors offering to the customers. In this concern, this question will come in front of you like compared to other competitors where prescription drugs are available to do you feel the Walgreens prescription drug prices are. To this punt, you will get four options like much better than competitors, somewhat better than competitors, the same as competitors, somewhat worse than competitors, and much worse than competitors. Choose the suitable option to justify your experience.
  • In this step, Walgreen is concerned with the qualification and ability to guide customers of the staff members. So the question will appear in the form of you will be like How satisfied are you with Walgreens offering advice about general healthcare, including health care tips? Rate the staff members on this point from 1 to 9 and move to the next step.
  • The next question is concerned with the salesmanship of the staff member which will be like how satisfied are you with Walgreens offering additional services to help keep you healthy? If you are ok with their additional services, then choose the right answer from the options. And if nobody gave you a piece of additional advice, then you can also go with the not available option.
  • Here they want to know if there is something which people want to buy, but the product was not available with the pharmacy. The question will appear with yes and no option. After choosing the correct option goes to the next step.
  • The next step will appear like what in particular any items you intended to buy? You will get various options to answer this questions few of them are forgot to purchase, item not on sale, price too high, out of stock, poor quality, could not find it, etc. Go with the option as per your experience and click on the next button.
  • In this step you can name the items you intended to buy but be not available on the store, you will get a space of around 4000 words. So, you can write all the items which you did not found in the store.
  • As the store provides a variety of checkout counters, they want to know which checkout counter you visited to pay for your items with the options like the photo counter, the pharmacy counter, the personal care/cosmetics counter, the first register and don’t know don’t remember.
  • Here you have to rate the service provided to you by the staff members on the check out counter. The rating options are again the same which are from 1 to 9, rate appropriately and move to the next option.
  • In this question again you have to rate your experience at the Walgreens based on the store hygiene and other factors. These factors are the cleanliness of the store, offering a consistently good experience; having merchandise you want in stock, waiting in line a reasonable amount of time to check out, having friendly and courteous employees, aisles being clutter free. Rate them from the number of 1 to 9 as per your experience.
  • This step is concerned with the employee and customer relationship. Here you will be asked about the immunization provided to you by the staff. The question will be like did you receive an immunization, such as flu or pneumonia shot, during your most recent visit to Walgreens? Choose from yes and no to answer the question.
  • Not it’s time for the personal details; first of all, you have to choose your age group which is a crucial point.
  • Here you have to choose your gender, and if you don’t want to answer this question, then you may go with the option I am not comfortable in answering this question.
  • This question is to check your nationality and background, so choose the correct option here.
  • In this step, you have to tell them how members are there in your house. And again if you don’t want to answer the question, you can go with the last option available.
  • This is the end of the survey. At this point in the survey, a screen will appear in front of you with the validation code. This validation code is your key to win exciting gift coupons from the Walgreens.

Now you know all the steps, and the question which will appear on each level, by reading these steps in advance will give you an idea about the survey, and you will complete it without any complications.

Rules and regulations for WalgreensListens survey

You have to follow some rules and regulations to take part in this survey these rules are fundamental because if you can’t meet anyone from them, then you can’t take part in the survey. Let’s know what the various rules are.

  • First of all, an internet connection is significant to mark your way for the survey. As this is a web portal and works on the World Wide Web an internet connection is a must.
  • You must know one of the languages of the survey which are English and Spanish.
  • The survey is only applicable to the residents of the USA; if you are not the legal resident of the country, then you can’t take part in the survey.
  • Age is also one of the essential factors, and your age must be above 18 years to take part in this survey.
  • The survey code is valid only for three days; this means you have to take the survey within three days of your purchase from the store.
  • Members
  • Who is connected with the Walgreens like staff members, families of staff members, distributors, suppliers, etc. are not eligible to take part in this survey.
  • There is no kind of limit on the entries in the survey, and you can take the survey for as much as times you can with the new code every time.
  • If you won, then you can redeem your coupon from any store of Walgreens in the country. The coupon codes are not stored. Specifically, they are globally applicable.

Follow these rules and check if you are eligible to take part in the survey of Walgreens. Also, it is advised by the organization to the customers to give honest reviews all the time so that they can make Walgreen a better place for their customers.

WalgreensListens survey FAQs

  • It’s time to answer the questions which were asked by the customers. The questions are based on the various websites over the web picked up randomly.
  • The first is the common question which anyone can ask the question is “How to take part in the customer satisfaction survey of Walgreens?”
  • Here we go with the answer, to take part in the survey you have to purchase some items from the pharmacy of Walgreen in return you will get a billion receipts. On the billing recipient, the code to take the survey will be printed which is the essential thing to take the survey.
  • The second question is also ubiquitous which is “What rewards the Walgreens will offer to the participants of the survey?”
  • Walgreens is a very famous and well-known brand. The company is offering the gift voucher worth up to $3000 which is a considerable amount. You can redeem this voucher on any store of the Walgreens.
  • The third question may or may not be asked, but I feel it’s Important to discuss. So here is the question “Which is the URL of the website to take part in the survey?”
  • The URL of the web portal to take participation in the survey is https://www.walgreenslistens.com/. Please use the correct spelling to reach the right website.
  • with the next question I want to clear the universal doubt of the participants; the question is “How many entries one individual can make in the survey?”
  • There is no limit on the number of entries on the customer satisfaction survey of Walgreens. You can take part in the survey any number of time. Make sure every time you enter in the survey with new validation codes. Also, the number of entries will not increase your chance to win the reward.
  • The fifth question is concerned with those who keen to win this voucher. The question is “What is the validity period of the validation code to redeem the reward?”
  • SO, there is no such validation period described by the organization, but according to me, it must be around 30 days after the code generated. For more clarity, you can ask from the store, and if you got the answer, then please share without the reader as well in the comment section.
  • The last but not the least question in our list is “Can we give the feedback if we don’t have survey code?”

Yes, you can give feedback to the organization without the survey code. Use “Contact us” option available on the official website of the Walgreens. The only difference is with the contact us option you will not be able to qualify for any reward, but for your complains or feedback will reach to the concerned department of the organization.

The above stated are the list of various questions, and I tried my best to answer them. According to me, these are the common questions which can strike in everybody’s mind. If still, you feel I skip any of the essential questions then feel free to ask in the comment section.

Walgreens History

This is time to know the history of the pharmacy chain Walgreens. It is imperative to know about the company because success stories are also considered as motivating stories. Without wasting time let’s begin with the history.

As per the stats the Walgreens Company began in 1901, which was a small food corner located in the Chicago. It looked like a cottage which was owned by Charles R. Walgreen. In the year of 1913, Walgreens had four stores in Chicago, which was the reflection of the success of the first store. The company opened its fifth store in 1915 and in the year of 1916 the company owns the total number of 9 stores.

When in 1920s government announced alcohol as the legal entity, the store started making so much profit because they began to selling whiskey. In 1922 malted milkshakes was introduced by the company, which results in the establishment of the ice-cream unit of the Walgreens. In the mid-1920s company owns 44 stores and the annual income of the organization was around $1,200,000 combines.

The company was growing continuously, but in 1939 Charles R. Walgreens Sr. died, and his son became the new owner of the company. In command of Charles R Walgreens Jr., the company started growing, but after his retirement, the company was taken over by Charles Cook R. Walgreen III. It is an early day he did so many modernizations in the system and services of the organization.

Like this from one generation to another generation everyone In the family was responsible for the growth of the organization. Today the new generation of the family is taking care of the company. In between all these years, Walgreens open so many other chains under the same brand name, few of them survived and few of them not.

In the end, the important thing is the organization never failed to serve their customer was better as they can, and they are continuing their services.  As we all know the market is prone to the ups and downs but the one who stands in these ups and downs is considered as the real hero.

Walgreens News

To review the recent news of the organization is also very important. The news section tells us what is happing in the store from its inside and what the store is doing for the common public. Let’s start with the most recent news of the year about Walgreens.

Walgreens is making so many efforts to make their services faster

A chain of newspapers reported this news and here the collaboration of the company with Narvar was captured. It is stated that the company made a partnership with Narvar to make the package pick-up and return services fast. As the company has 8,000 locations as their pharmacy locations, I am becoming difficult for them to pick-up and drop the packages with less number of staff.  Narvar Concierge network will work with the retailers and brand owners to improve the customer services and customer experiences with the organization.

I guess this is a great move because the organization is making so much effort to bring people closer to them. This will make their services faster due to which more people can engage with the organization.

Free Photo print of 8*10 on Saturday

This was the recent offer driven by the company for the customers who will shop on Saturday. The proposal was valid only on May 11, 2019. If we see the regular price of the photo print is $3.99, so this is an excellent offer. This can also be considered as an excellent strategy to get more customers. And if the company will keeping this tradition of giving freebies going on, then they will get more benefits

For the online users, the offer was redeemed with the help of coupon code MOM FREE. As we can see the code shows us the offer was dedicated to the mother’s day. In addition to this offer, they also provided the opportunity to avail the free shipping for online customers.

Tobacco 21 policy in Walgreens

Recently Walgreens decided to implement tobacco 21 policy for their customers. Under this policy to buy tobacco products from Walgreens, you have to be at least 21 years old. This means you need to carry your Identity Card with you to purchase tobacco. The policy will be implemented from Sept. 1, 2019. This policy will help to prevent youngsters from using tobacco products. I see this as a positive move to save the youth of the country from drugs in a small age. Walgreens always supportive such legislative movements, this helps to make the world a better place to live. The company is also promoting cessation products and services. The age restriction in tobacco will also help the youngster to focus on the important goals of their lives and will also make them responsible.

Limited period offer

Walgreens provided some excellent deals to their customers on the weekends of April. As we all know weekends are considered as the days when almost everyone come out of the homes to but household items. To make this beneficial for the store, Walgreens offered its customers a lot of household items. In these offer days people can buy granola bars, cereal, towels, bath tissues and also they can will coupons. This was an outstanding deal by the way.

Along with food they also had offers on non-food items which is also very good. The maximum discount offered by the organization was 50%, and the least discount was 10%. And if we checked on the coupons, then people can win the coupons, reward cash, and so many other exciting prices in these offer days.

If customers order from online medium, then they can win the rewards points, and these reward points can be used in their next orders. So, one person can receive 1000 reward points in return of $1 of expenditure at the Walgreens.

I guess these kinds of offers come very rare times. If you missed that offer, then I must say I am sad for you, but if you grabbed that, then you were lucky.

Customer reviews on Walgreens

  • In the world of selling business, customers are the only persons who can make and destroy an industry. If any organization fails to satisfy its customers then maybe they have to stop serving them. Today it’s time to know the customer’s reaction on Walgreens. So, let us jump into the details. Please remember these are the random reviews picked from the web.
  • The first review is here from Manchester, from a lady who rated the store with four stars. She stated the advantage of the pharmacy in beautiful words. She wrote that she loved the store because it is very accessible, provides 24-hour services and you can but your items with the drive-thru facility as well. She also feels that the prices of the store are very reasonable and you don’t have to wait for long to get your items. She is very much impressed with the easy to use phone system by which anyone can reorder their items. She found the staff member very polite and helpful. They help their customers by going out of the box. And all the time she found the pharmacy surprising. She also figured out the staff members always ask from the customers if they need any help continuously and if any of the customers are facing the issue, then they help them without asking. She like this caring nature and dedication of the staff members with respect to the customers.
  • A lady from Florida writes this review. She rated the pharmacy with five stars. She wrote that she relies on the Walgreens all the time because it is very convenient to locate the pharmacy for her. She is very impressed with the home delivery services of the store, and she is connected with the Walgreens from the past twelve years. Every time she gets the correct medicines according to her prescription and if she did not know when the store is ready to get them back without any issues and problems. She next wrote that nobody is perfect in this world, so if they do mistake once in a while then it is not a big issue. She then praised the staff members, as she wrote that the staff members are very much polite and helpful especially to old and needy people in the stores. She is also impressed with the clean and hygienic environment of the store. Due to the cleanliness kids can leisurely roam inside the store
  • A lady states this review from Viejo, and she rated the pharmacy with five stars. She wrote that three years ago she shifted to the Walgreens and she is now very much satisfied with the services f the pharmacy. She always picks her items through the drive-thru because of the busy schedule of her life. And she found the store very helpful to make her life much easy. She Iishappy with the staff as well, in their praise she wrote that “I am very much happy with the staff personals because they take care of the customers like their family and also every time they get the correct items. If someone got mad on them, they handle the situation very politely and wisely.” Next, she wrote that now she will always stick with the Walgreens with the satisfying products and quality of the store.
  • This review is coming from, and the man rated the store with five stars. He wrote that he found some issues with the staff and according to him the staff members were very much unprofessional. He loved the quality of the medicines and other products available on the store and also with the services of the persons available on the cash counter. He loves the home delivery services provided by the store. Next, he wrote that he was out for some days then he realized that he was out of medicines. Then he quickly orders the new medication from the Walgreens, and when he returned to his home, he found the medicines in front of his door. He loved the quick services of the pharmacy.


It’s time to end the article with a quick conclusion. As in the first section, we see all the details about the customer satisfaction survey of Walgreens. I discussed all the essential steps of the survey to clear your doubts. Please read them carefully and in detail to avoid any confusion and complication. Next, there are some rules and regulations, or you can say eligibility criteria which can help you to know what are the basic requirements which you have to meet to take part in the survey. In the next section, I took some frequently asked questions from the public and tried my best to answer them. Then we discussed the history, various owners and growth of the company. And I am very much impressed with the success story of the organization.

In the news section, I discussed some recent news from which I can say the store is doing well and also taking care of the customers very well. After that, if you see the review section then except one person, everyone praised the services of the store. You can see there are all positive reviews as I was unable to get any negative point about the organization. So, overall I want to say the store is doing so well, and if you didn’t visit the store yet, then please do it as soon as possible.

You can share your experiences in Walgreens with us in the comment sections. Along with the skills, inquiries and questions are also welcomed. To check information about more organizations stays tunes with us.

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