InstaGC Review—Instant Gift Cards [Legit or Scam?]

July 7, 2019


An online survey has always been a good way to express your opinion about products and services. It does not matter whether you have a huge company or you are just a newbie in this field. Opinions and reviews from the public are as important as your production. Even the most famous brands need reviews on their product, just to make sure that it is performing well. These surveys are necessary to make improvements. Market researchers are hired by the companies who analyze data according to their professional expertise.

Companies set some rewards in return to the feedback they receive from the customers.


Name: InstaGC

Description: InstaGC is a rapidly-growing company that can help you make a good amount of money without investing a penny. It is a GPT (Get Paid To) to the website like, Fusion Cash,,, and InstaGC pays you after completing tasks online. These tasks are most likely those which you do in your routine and usually do not get tired of, like listening to music, watching videos, and many more.

InstaGC is working since 2011. It has stolen some markets from other websites like Swagbucks. This company was a startup and was not run by more than ten people. InstaGC gives you the facility to convert your credit into cash, which makes InstaGC a success.

How to Sign Up At InstaGC?

Getting into the InstaGC is a free and easy process to go. It requires some of your personal information. With your first name, last name, and email address, they also want to know about the reference through which you got to know about this site.

When you join InstaGC, you get 10 points which are worth around 10 cents. You just need 90 more to go for the gift cards. This survey site is open in most of the countries, for the people who are of age 18 or more. Kids who are 13 years old need parental permission. Putting in any wrong personal information can deactivate your account.

How To Earn On InstaGC?

Let’s talk about the tasks you have to do to earn money. All you have to do is to perform activities like:

  • By downloading programs and games
  • Using InstaGC search engine: you have to browse from InstaGC search engine to earn money.
  • By listening to internet radio
  • By referring this site to others.
  • Shopping online.
  • Watching videos, this can be a fun activity as well.
  • Product sampling.
  • Website visit
  • By attempting surveys
  • Install new apps: applications can be from any Android and iOS.

InstaGC has a clickable wall which offers deals like a paid per click. You can go through these as there are plenty of offers like these.

Watching Videos:

This is one of those tasks which we do daily. It is an effortless way to earn points on InstaGC. Watching videos on InstaGC might seem an easy task, but it is not an instant way to earn points. Sometimes you have to watch 20-minute long video, and all you get is 1.5 points. Bonus points can be earned by watching 50 videos a week.

Survey attempt:

This is one of the most reliable and effective ways to earn points on InstaGC. Three different providers source their surveys. These providers ar;e Your Surveys, TheoremReach and LiveSample. This allows you to attempt several surveys in a day. You can be good in one of these and can continue with that, but you have to attempt each one of them. You can earn from 2 to 105 points for each survey because every survey has different pay range. Each point on InstaGC is worth a cent, so you can think of earning $1 a survey.

Higher the points, the longer it takes you to complete that survey. Like, the survey which pays you 105 points might need 30 minutes to complete it, and the survey with two points can be completed in two to three minutes

Visiting websites:

This offer is provided in the click tab. It is another easy and instant way to earn points. Most of the time, a single point is paid on a single visit, which takes no more than a min. You can avail plenty of offers each day and can easily collect several points in a matter of minutes.

Testing applications:

Another activity which can be fun as well is testing applications. These apps can mostly be related to games or shopping or budgeting. These applications are usually free to download, but can sometimes require money to update. But before investing, make sure that the reward you are going to receive is worth the cost.

Rewards are different for different types of apps and on the time you put on it. Generally, you get 25 points for installing an application, but a game like Final Fantasy XV pays 696 points after you reach to 10th level.

Shop online:

Shopping online can be therapeutic, as well. People find it a distraction, so it is not bad if you can simply earn some points while shopping. Some of your necessities can also be bought by using InstaGC. The retailer you are going to use should be associated with InstaGC. You can earn up to 5 points on each dollar you spend on shopping. InstaGC has retailers like BestBuy, Groupon, Walmart, and ShopDisney.



  • This procedure of processing payments does not take months. Amazon card can be redeemed even on $1.
  • You can get the point by simply signing in.
  • There are many easy and simple ways to earn money. Easy options like watching videos, playing games, or shopping online- you can do whatever you like!
  • InstaGC has an app for mobile phones. Many people these days use their phones instead of laptops and computers. So if a website has a phone-friendly interface, it will increase its popularity.
  • This site is open to many countries around the globe, and this is what makes it different from others.


  • Sometimes you don’t get paid according to the effort you make on InstaGC.
  • Some users get their e-cards quite late, and sometimes they don’t even get them.
  • Only long term InstaGC users can avail the option of PayPal.
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How to Redeem Points?

The redemption is what makes this site different from any other. No other survey site pays you the credit of one dollar. Many don’t even pay you in cash. You need at least 100 points for redemption because the starting price for gift cards is $1. Multiple options are given by InstaGC for redemption:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Gift cards
  • Sweepstake entries
  • Charitable donations
  • Paypal

Gift cards:

Gift cards are one of the most feasible options for redemption. You will need at least $1 to redeem. Some stores require you to have a minimum of $5. But most of the retailers offer $1 and $3 gift cards as well. InstaGC does not charge any fee on gift cards.

Cash Reward:

You need to have a minimum of $5 for cash rewards. You can use two options for this which are: check payment and Bank Deposit. In either scenario, you might have to incur little redemption fees. It is better to go for a gift reward if you have 350 points. It can be quite easy and quick.

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What is the least amount of points you need to redeem on a gift card?

You need at least 100 points for redemption.

What is the worth of one point in cash?

One point on InstaGC is worth one cent, which is why you need 100 points to redeem.

What are the fees on withdrawing the cash reward?

When you request for the cash reward, you might need to give 15-25 points.

How many points do you get on sign up?

This is one of the pros as well that you can get 10 points on signing up only.

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