Prolific® Academic — Paid Research Legit or Scam?

November 11, 2019

You are here because you are looking for some survey sight to earn cash. Believe it or not, you are on the right page. The internet has hundreds of sites that I know and participate in their surveys. Some are legit while others are total scammers. It feels terrible when you invest time only to find out the whole exercise was a scam. As I speak from experience, I have had survey sites that promised me a fortune but delivered nothing at the end.

Prolific.coAs you know, the survey allows you to earn through taking part in studies. In other words, you get paid for your opinions. Well, surveys won’t make you rich, but at least will supplement what you earn daily. Surveys are fantastic as they build upon your current knowledge. With every survey done, you get more and more experienced and develop broad thinking. Therefore, taking on surveys is more than earning.

Mostly, we have surveys that test products, and our feedback involves filling questionnaires with ticks and brief descriptions. These are common. Do you want to taste something unique? Well, Prolific Academic is the answer. This is a site not like the other. On this platform, you earn by participating in academic research. You will, therefore, receive surveys that require high-quality feedback as they improve the way academicians carry out their research.

In this writeup, we will try our best to give you more information about this platform. You will know whether it’s a site to consider or just a waste of time. You will also learn about the basics of taking the surveys and the earning process. Lastly, you will feel satisfied by the way your frequently asked questions are answered. Let’s walk through this platform as you psyche up for another lovely experience with exciting rewards.

Prolific Academic

Name: Prolific Academic

Description: Just like other sites online, you are likely to be curious about new sites like this one. Well, this platform designed by academicians helps students in universities undertake their research, based on surveys. The reason this platform was introduced mainly centered on getting input from different people concerning academic research.

What is Prolific Academic?

The first people to use this platform has the best outcomes and hence make it a platform that helps students research in the shortest time possible. Prolific Academic pays for the feedback you give. It’s one of the best-paying sites considering the input and the impact the surveys collected will have on the academic side.

A Ph.D. student named Katia came up with this platform in 2014. Its purpose was to help students carry out their research effortlessly. It became exciting as many users opted to have their feedback from this site since it had the best results ever with excellent analysis tools. Currently, this site is called Prolific to cover more topics and a wide range of academic research.

Well, this is officially the best paying surveys, and a look at their website is a clear indicator that this is a platform that is working seriously to improve the way people approach academic surveys. The site is superb and easy to navigate.


Every other survey platform has its criteria for participating in the research. The requirements ensure quality, and this makes the best survey feedback on the market. Quality also sells and therefore keeps the work flowing. As a participant, you need to fulfill certain conditions. Note that the surveys are not for everybody and hence require specific details. The more accurate you respond to the particular information, the higher the chances of getting more surveys for your projects.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you decide to be part of this platform

  • You must be 18 years and above
  • Your country must be accepting payments via PayPal
  • You need some time to take on the surveys
  • You need to set up an account from their platform and start earning
  • Must be from these countries : AT, AU, BE, CA, CH, CL, CZ, DE, DK, EE, ES, FI, FR, GB, GR, HU, IE, IL, IS, IT, JP, KR, LU, LV, MX, NL, NO, NZ, PL, PT, SE, SI, TR, US.
  • You must have a stable internet connection and a computer

How Prolific Academic Works

Whenever you get on a site that features fewer or no ads, it feels good. You will always have the peace of mind to work on the lengthy surveys and give your best since you have no interruptions. Let’s have a look at how the site works.

When you browse Prolific Academic, you will land on the website for this platform. It’s uniquely designed and gives your mind some form of relaxation. Just like other sites, there are basics you will need to fulfill before starting the survey. First, you need to sign up and verify your login details in your email inbox. Once you are done, you can now begin to navigate through the platform.

When you are on the site, you will realize that most of the questions available are pre-screened. These questions are essential as they help the researchers to give you future opportunities. The questions match you with the requirements for attempting various surveys. Remember, as we said before, this site is unique and will give you the tasks depending on the profile and how you respond to the pre-screened questions. Therefore, the more you attempt these questions, the higher the chances of getting the projects that match the researcher’s studies.

Once an opportunity that matches you pops up, you receive a notification in your email. This allows you to take the survey and earn. Moreover, you need to always check the site as more surveys that you are eligible for are still on the platform. Do not always wait for the notifications; let them get you on the site.

This is a straightforward site as it gives you a breakdown of the survey types, the time you require to complete, and the amount you will earn. This makes your work less demanding.

If you have the specific time allocated for the survey, you can now plan so that you minimize any interruptions while undertaking the survey. Note that the ideal time to complete the survey is indicated, but you can complete it even earlier, depending on your speed. Always keep the quality of the response you are giving as they help in unraveling the academic problems.

Prolific has a way of grading you, and that’s your prolific score. It’s on a scale of 0-100 and hence, a great way to give you more opportunities. The higher the score, the better for you as you will access more opportunities. It’s up to you to respond well to the questions as they matter a lot regarding your overall score.

How To Register And Sign In

  • You need an account to participate. This is simple. Note that the account registration is free. First, read the eligibility and then proceed to register.
  • Open the site via Prolific
  • Register with your email
  • You will need to verify the account through the link into your inbox
  • You will have access to your account after that; you can start attempting the questions
  • Note that you need to register as a participant and not a researcher
  • Answer the pre-screened questions to increase your chances of getting more surveys
  • Add your PayPal account

Why Do I Need To Participate?

Your opinion matters a lot. The same way you participate in surveys that require your input in improving products for consumers, it’s the same way you will add input to the academic world. For instance, your opinion will improve the way academicians deal with problems through scientific research.

In most cases, your feedback is appreciated if you sign in via your official school email as it’s more real and helps to keep the research very genuine. You become a prolific member and contributor to this platform, and that’s why your feedback is vital.

How Prolific Pays You

You get involved in surveys because you want to earn money and supplement your other incomes. This is the reason the platform comes in to reward you after the owner has approved your work.

This site is unique, and many participants have had to make a living through this platform. It’s a platform that promises to give you the best surveys and pay you for your time. The more the best quality, the better your earnings become. Therefore, you are the sole contributor to what you plan to earn.

Every survey gives you the amount of time you will need to complete. Additionally, you will still see the amount of cash you will get per each survey. The amount is paid in £.

You are required to submit your PayPal account for payments. Link it to the site, and after your work is approved, then you get your amount. The process is smooth. Note that it might take around 21 days for your work to be accepted as the reviewers are the owners of the work.

Once you have the cash in your PayPal, you can withdraw anytime within five business days. The amount takes roughly three days to mature.

You can choose to use the money or donate to charity. This depends on you.

The Pros And Cons Of Prolific

Every good thing has negatives. With this site, we have overwhelming good things. Let’s look at what the positive side of this platform has for us.



  • It’s free to log in and use
  • The mode of payment is cash unlike other platforms that you earn redeemable points
  • It is unique as it focuses on academic research
  • The surveys pay well. They feature excellent and informative questions. Just take your time and give the best responses.
  • The site has the Prolific points that you earn depending on the quality of work
  • The research comes from different industries hence no boredom
  • If your work remains pending for 21 days, then it’s approved by the site, and you get the money.
  • The low minimum payment threshold is £5
  • You know the estimated time for completing the survey


  • The wait time is too long before the survey is approved, i.e., 21 days
  • It’s not for all countries, only a few selected. This is a disadvantage to other ready participants.
  • When using PayPal for payments, you will need to pay a transaction fee for cash out
  • No opportunities for other rewards such as gifts
  • Referrals no longer available
  • The pre-screened questions are many and can take your time
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Is Prolific legit or a scam?

This is a legit site. Most of the research is conducted by people who want to solve academic problems. It also pays you in cash.

What is the mode of payment?

When registering, you have to link your PayPal account. This means that you will receive your payments via Paypal.

What is the minimum I can withdraw?

The minimum is £5 to your PayPal. However, there’ll be a transaction fee.

How often do surveys come up?

The surveys are always available. Depending on how you respond to the screened questions, you will either have more work or less work.

Are children eligible?

No, the required age is 18 years, and this locks children out.

What is the significant difference when compared with other sites?

This site mostly works on academic research, while others will work on products. This site also pays in cash, while others want you to accumulate points.

If you are looking for something that’s creative and unique that will develop your academic world by allowing you to participate in a variety of projects, then Prolific is your point. The site is easy to navigate and has a simple registration process. You will receive money after your surveys.

Take advantage today and register for this Prolific platform as a participant. You will be able to build your profile by offering a quality response to the questions. This will see you have enough money for your services. It’s also exciting as you have a variety of surveys to do. Try it then and be among the hundreds of contributors to the academic world.

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