Pureprofile Review — Paid Surveys Legit or a Scam?

December 4, 2019

Do you want to know how you can make some extra money online? Taking part in surveys is one sure way that can help you get some extra cash.

The challenge, however, is getting a reputable site that you can work on. This is because the surveys are online, which is also full of scams. You do not want to waste your precious time on some frauds who only want to take advantage of your hard work.

Let’s have a look at the Pureprofile survey site. Is it a legit site? Should you join? How much can you make by participating in surveys on the site? For answers to this question and more, follow us on this Pureprofile review to the end.

Pureprofile Review

Name: Pureprofile

Description: Pureprofile is a survey site that conducts market research on behalf of different brands. The research provides market research to both consumers and businesses.

The consumers can make informed decisions regarding the products that they will purchase.

For the companies, they get to know what their consumers think about the products they are selling. Thus, they can decide on areas that require improvements so that they can meet the needs of their consumers.

The site is available in about 41 countries worldwide, and you must be at least 13 years or older for you to participate.

Pureprofile Summary

Pureprofile is an online survey site that pays you for sharing what you think about various products. You also get a reward for answering questions about your shopping habits.

The purpose of the survey panel is to gather market insights that will help consumers make informed decisions before purchasing various products and services.

Market insights are also valuable to manufacturers and other business organizations. The companies can know what consumers think about their products and services. As such, they can make decisions regarding improvements in their products to meet the needs of their consumers.

As a member of the Pureprofile survey site, you will have access to products in the market and others yet to join the market. You will then review them and give your opinion about them. In return, you will get a cash reward for sharing your opinion.

The site has been in operations since 2000, and it accepts members from many counties in the world. The site puts a lot of emphasis on the survey taker’s profile. You are encouraged to keep your profile updated so that you receive more invitations and earn more rewards.

Who can join Pureprofile?

Pureprofile is open to members who are 13 years and above. The survey site is available internationally, but its membership is restricted in 41 countries. You should, therefore, confirm if you are eligible to join in your country.

How to sign up to Pureprofile

Creating an account on Pureprofile will not cost you any money.

For you to sign up, you will follow the following steps:

  • Log in to the Pureprofile official website
  • Choose your country of residence
  • Fill in your name and email address
  • Choose a password that is simple for you to remember but hard for everyone else to guess
  • You will get a captcha security test. Make sure you complete it correctly
  • Finally, choose one of the three ways available for you to sign up. These are Facebook, Google, or Twitter.

You will then receive an activation link through your email address. You should click on that link for you to fully activate your account.

Note, you must sign up through one of the three available options of signing up as this allows them to confirm your identity. Without one of the three accounts, you will not be able to sign up.

After you sign up, you will start participating in unpaid profile activities. These are screening questions that help you to complete your profile. As much as they are not paid for activities, you must answer them. This is because the more you update your profile, the more invitations you will receive from participating in surveys, and the more you will earn.


Unlike many other survey sites, Pureprofile does not have a points system where points are sent to your account, and you can redeem them in the future. For every survey that you complete on Pureprofile, you will get a cash reward.

Once you hit the minimum payment threshold, you are free to request your payment. The good thing about the site is that the minimum threshold is low as compared to other survey sites. The minimum threshold varies from one country to another.

For you to start earning on Pureprofile, you will need to log in to your member area where you get your feed. Although you might receive an invitation to participate through your email, you feed is where you can find every activity that you can perform.

When you are starting, your feed will only consist of questions meant to help you improve your profile. As you continue filling out the questions, then you will begin receiving invitations for earning opportunities.

How to earn on Pureprofile

The survey panel offers you various ways in which you can earn. These include:

Taking surveys

Pureprofile being a survey site, the primary means of earning on the website is by taking part in surveys.

How do you know if there is a survey available? To find out if there is a survey available for you to participate, you should always log in to your member area where your feed is available.

Every survey that you find on your feed will indicate how long it will take to complete it and how much you stand to earn when you complete it. This will help you decide if you will take the survey or not.

The payments will vary depending on the length of the survey and how complex it is. The more surveys you participate in, the more cash you will make.

Visiting other websites

This option is not available on many other sites. It may not earn you a lot of cash, but you will make some extra cash here.

Sometimes, you will receive an invitation to visit other websites and perform some activities.

For every invite you get, you will receive instructions indicating what you are expected to do. You will also receive an indication of how much you will earn from the activity.

Watching videos

You can also get an invite to watch a short video and give your opinion about it after viewing it. You will get a reward after watching it.

Referral program

When you complete setting up your account, you will receive a unique link that you can use to invite friends. For every person who joins the platform using your link and completes some activities, you will receive a reward. You will have to meet some requirements for you to start inviting others. These requirements include:

  • You must have a verified email address
  • You must have been a member for at least two months
  • You must have completed the first activity in your feed
  • You should have any other activity in the last 30 days
  • You have to comply with the laid down rules and regulations regarding referrals for you to earn a reward.

How much can you make on Pureprofile?

Most of the surveys on this panel will pay between $0.10 and $5. This will depend on how long and complex the survey is. Sometimes, you may get a complex survey that will pay $30. Such surveys will involve different activities, including watching various videos before answering the survey questions.

The surveys you receive will depend on your demographics. You should update your profile regularly to increase your chances of getting an invitation.

The survey site offers many methods that you can use to redeem your payment. You can redeem through cash payments or gift cards.

The cash payments are through your PayPal account or direct bank transfer. You will have to wait for 30 business days for the payment request to be processed.

The minimum cash redemption threshold is $25, while for gift cards is $20.



  • Different opportunities are available for you to earn, which include taking surveys and referring your friends.
  • The site also offers you multiple payment options. You can get your reward in cash or gift cards.
  • Pureprofile has high payout rates as compared to other survey sites
  • In case you get a disqualification for a particular survey after the screening, the site will award you $0.10 for your time.
  • It is free to join the survey site


  • You have to undertake prescreening tests before you can qualify to start taking surveys. The tests can be time-consuming, and there is no assurance that when you complete them, you will be eligible to take available surveys.
  • The site has a high minimum payout threshold as compared to other websites. It may take you a long time to achieve the limit.
  • After you request a payment, you have to wait for 30 business days before you receive them. The waiting period does not include holidays and weekends. That means you might wait even longer.
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Pureprofile Survey Center

PayoutCash, Gift Card
Minimum Payout$25
Payment MethodPayPal, Direct Deposit, Gift Card
Points ExpiryNA
Sign UpOnline

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Who can join Pureprofile?

You are free to join the survey site if you are 13 years and above, and you reside in one of the 41 countries that the panel operates in.

How can I earn on the site?

The panel offers you many avenues that you can use to earn. You can earn through the primary method, which is taking surveys. Also, you can earn by inviting friends, visiting other websites, and doing some activities, and watching short videos. In all these methods, your opinion is the most important thing that they are looking for.

How much can I earn on Pureprofile?

How much you can earn depends on you. You need to update your profile so that you can be receiving regular invitations to take part in surveys. Also, you should participate in as many paid activities as you can to maximize your income.

The amount you receive in every survey will depend on its length and complexity, but they pay between $0.10 and $5.

How do I get my payments?

You can redeem your rewards for cash payments or gift cards. You will get your cash payment through your verified PayPal account or direct bank transfer. The gift cards are available from different brands.

You need to reach the minimum payout threshold for you to request for payment.


There is no doubt that Pureprofile is a legit survey site that pays you to share your opinion about different products. You do not pay anything for you to join, and although the payments take longer to process, they always come.

You should, therefore, join the survey site and enjoy earning some passive income at the comfort of your couch or when going to work.

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