February 28, 2020

Smashburger Feedback — Official Smashburger® Survey [$1,000]

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If you love burgers, then fast foods offer the best. For Smashburger, you will buy, eat, and win. Other than the delicious menus offered, you can participate in Smashburger Feedback for a chance to win free burgers as well as the final draw of $1000 cash.

Smashburger has a chain of restaurants, and your feedback is highly valued since it keeps customers coming to the restaurant. Taking part in Smashburger Feedback is easy and offers you the best opportunity to participate in the decision making of the company through your feedback. It’s important to participate. In this review, I will show you how to participate and the general rules you need to meet. Follow through as we explore Smashburger feedback.

Smashburger Feedback

Name: Smashburger Feedback

Description: Smashburger Feedback by Smashburger restaurant is for customers to provide feedback on some general questions and give suggestions. It will help Smashburger improve its future customer experiences and help it introduce new products.


  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Wait Time
  • Cleanliness

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Smashburger Feedback Summary

Smashburger is among the best restaurants that offer burgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, french fries, soft drinks, dessert, and more at affordable prices. The delicacies feature the best quality, and that’s why everybody will always want to have a bite at one of the restaurants.

The food outlet was founded in 2007 and is now among the fast-rising American food restaurants offering mouthwatering burgers. If you have ever visited the restaurant, then it’s now time to give your feedback through Smashburger Feedback based on your previous experience.

Smashburger provides the Smashburger Feedback platform so that you can express your views and help the company grow by serving the customers in the best way possible.

Smashburger Feedback will allow you to win a couple of prizes, including free burgers as well as the final reward of $1000. Other than this reward, there are additional chances of winning $1,500 weekly so that you can buy more and save.

Some of the small companies will rely on calls and emails to get customer satisfaction feedback. However, larger entities serving hundreds of customers daily will utilize surveys so that the analysis is even faster for better services.

So when taking the survey on Smashburger Feedback, the company requests for your honest feedback so that it can give a real picture of the company and the kind of improvements to make so that you can be served better on your next visit.

Once you complete the survey, you get a coupon that will be redeemable during your next visit. Therefore, after shopping at Smashburger, remember to keep the receipt as it has the code you will require while accessing the online survey.

The survey questions on Smashburger Feedback are easy and will take you less than 5 minutes to complete. They focus on your experience with the service at the restaurant you last visited. You will be able to rate the employees as well as the food you were served. Therefore, you need to remember details about your last visit so that your opinion becomes authentic.

Smashburger has locations all over the US, and that’s why it is easy for you to participate since you can just pop into one of the restaurants near you and get yourself a burger. After that, use the receipt to give your feedback.

Voted as the “Best Burger” in over 20 US cities. This means that the company offers quality and tasty burgers all over the US.

Smashburger company also has something exciting for you. Once you complete the survey, you can let them know when your birthday is as they will give you a coupon reward on your special day.

Is Smashburger Feedback legit or scam?

When participating in online surveys, you aren’t sure about the legitimateness of the platforms. In most cases, participants usually enter surveys with less information and end up being scammed. If you have come across survey platforms that require you to pay for a level up, then mostly, you will end up being scammed.

Others will fill your inbox with hundreds of messages, especially promotional ones. Other sites will use your contact details with third party organizations risking your privacy.

Well, it feels terrible to put your effort into some online survey and later on end up wasting your precious time. That’s why our in-depth research into this platform proved that it’s legit and safe for you to participate.

If you come across restaurants that offer amazing burgers, then Smashburger should be on the list. This is because the restaurant offers services that are unique for every customer who visits.

Since it has been in business since 2007 with hundreds of branches all over, then we qualify the restaurant’s survey, Smashburger Feedback, as legit. In addition to that, you can make physical visits to the restaurants and get firsthand information on the surveys.

They have also provided the requirements for you to participate in surveys successfully. This means that not everybody will have a chance with the survey, and that’s where quality comes in.

Hundreds of reviews online from satisfied customers also reveal more about the chain of restaurants that serve customers diligently.

The restaurant is also operating in the US legally and has met all the requirements for food and restaurant operations. Therefore, buying the burger ad giving your feedback offers you the best returns in terms of rewards and coupons.

Smashburger Feedback Eligibility Criteria 

You must meet certain conditions for you to participate in Smashburger Feedback. Therefore, you need to read and understand the following rules so that you don’t make errors when responding to the questions.

  • You must be at least 13 years and above to participate. This is an advantage for teenagers who can still win lots of rewards.
  • You must be a legal resident of the USA since the restaurant chain is located in the US
  • You must not be an employee or a partner to the company
  • You need a purchase receipt from the restaurant with the code for the survey. This is the code you will need when entering the online survey.
  • A mobile device with stable internet access is key for the survey. Phones, tablets, Macs, laptops, etc. are great for the survey.
  • You must be able to recall your previous experience when visiting the store since it will be the feedback in the survey.
  • You should not take the survey on behalf of another person. The company requires sincerity to serve you better.
  • The reward is non-transferrable
  • You must take the survey within 30 days of the promotion before it expires, and the receipt voided.
  • You must ensure the platform is maintained and no other illegal activity is done
  • The survey is declared void if the legal laws nullify it
  • You must have all your details, including contacts, and be willing to share them out since they will be part of the requirements for contacting you when you win.


How to participate in Smashburger Feedback?

Once you are ready with all the requirements to take part in the survey, you can proceed to your laptop on any gadget of your choice. This means that you already have your purchase receipt with the survey code on it. Follow these steps and instructions to take part in the survey.

  • Using your browser, search for Smashburger feedback survey or click on link Smashburger Feedback for a quicker process.
  • You will gain access to the survey platform where you will have all the receipt details required entered. For instance, you will enter the store code, which is on the top side of the receipt; you will also enter the date of the visit, time of visit, the total purchase amount, and the check code. All this information is on your purchase receipt.
  • Click enter and proceed to the survey questions where you will be required to recall most of the information on your previous visits.
  • Multiple choice questions will also save your time, and the spaces in the box will require you to write the feedback you experienced and probably your suggestions.
  • Once you are done, provide your contacts so that you will be notified of the main draws. Your email ID and phone numbers are key at this level.
  • Submit the survey and write down the coupon code you receive. The code is always displayed on your screen and also your email.
  • Use the code when you visit the nearest restaurant for amazing discounts on your burgers. If you are a lucky winner, you are guaranteed an equal chance on daily prices of $1000 or weekly prices of $1500.


  • Smashburger Feedback allows teenagers from 13 years to participate
  • The rewards for taking part in the survey are attractive i.e. the daily $1000 and weekly $1500 prices.
  • The hundreds of branches all over the US make it easy for you to purchase the burgers and use the receipt for the survey.
  • Easy to participate since the survey platform is friendly
  • Win discount coupons immediately you complete your survey and use it on your next visit.
  • Include your birthday date and get coupons on your day
  • The survey can be done on phones and other internet-enabled gadgets
  • The survey takes less than 5 minutes depending on your internet stability
  • The customer care desk has details of contacts so that you can reach them easily in case you have any concerns.
  • Rules are fair for the participants and hence a fair outcome


  • Only for the US legal residents
  • You are not guaranteed to win the final prize as it’s based on luck
  • You can not trade the rewards
  • Cash rewards are rare
  • No referrals links
  • The coupon code expires in 30 days

Smashburger Feedback Center

NameSmashburger Feedback
Winner(s)Every Participant
Validation Code30 days
Prize Expiry30 days
Purchase Yes

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How many times can I participate in Smashburger Feedback?

Smashburger Feedback offers you a chance to win daily prizes, and hence you can participate once in a day with your purchase receipt.

What is the expiry time for my coupon code?

Once you complete the survey on Smashburger Feedback and get the coupon code, you will be required to use it within 30 days since you receive it. Any day beyond the 30th day, the code is voided.

Are there alternative ways to enter the daily draw other than Smashburger Feedback?

There are no alternative ways for you to participate. If you have concerns to raise, then you can make a call to the company help desk. However, for Smashburger Feedback, you will need a receipt for your previous purchase and enter the draw.

Is the restaurant offering burgers alone?

When you visit the restaurant, you will still get other delicious menus that you can pick from. The burger is the trademark for the restaurant since it is the best when it comes to sweet burgers.

How can I contact the Smashburger help desk?

If you have concerns and questions about Smashburger Feedback, you can still contact the customer care desk. There are numerous ways for you to get in touch with the help desk.

Smashburger Customer Service

  • Phone: 1-303-633-1500
  • Smashburger.com/contact-us
  • Email at feedback@Smashburger.com



After reading through this information, we are certain you will make an informed decision to take part in Smashburger Feedback. As mentioned earlier, you get rewards and amazing coupons on your purchases. Also, your birthday doesn’t pass like that. Instead, you get a coupon on Smashburger. The contact details displayed are there so that you can easily voice your concerns and get your questions answered. You can also give us your survey related concern in the comment box, and we promise to respond. As you step into 2020, buy at Smashburger and use the Smashburger Feedback to provide your feedback.

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