May 13, 2020

Travel Channel Sweepstakes — $10,000 Grand Prize

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From 1st May to 15th June, you have the opportunity to take part in the Travel Channel Sweepstakes and win a whopping $10000 cash. What can you do with this amount? A lot, isn’t it? Now, is a chance that you don’t have to miss it since it comes once, and we aren’t sure when the promotion will be available again. While participating in this sweepstake, you will sacrifice your precious minutes for nothing, but you have a higher chance of scoping this grand prize.

Now, as you stay tuned to the Travel Channel, you will enjoy the best entertainment and later on win amazing rewards at the end of the sweepstakes. Since the promotion is there for the next month, then it is your time to follow through and get more details on how you can participate and win. I will explore the nitty-gritty details about the sweepstakes to give you a simple understanding of it.

Travel Channel Sweepstakes Review

Name: Travel Channel

Description: The Travel Channel popularly abbreviated as TRVL is an American pay-Tv channel owned by Discovery, Inc. from 1997 to 2007. The headquarters is in Chevy Chase, Maryland, United States. The channel is loved for reality shows, documentaries, and programs on leisure travel around the world. It is where you will meet different cultures and hospitality industries worldwide. In 2015, the channel was serving approximately 91.5 million households in the USA. The introduction of the Travel Channel Sweepstakes aims to reward the viewers who follow the channel actively. This sweepstakes is now running and will end soon. It takes very few minutes to participate and win the prizes.



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Travel Channel Sweepstakes Review

We have gathered for you the various requirements for easy participation and eventually, a stress-free win. But first, let’s see why you need to take part in the program.

Why take part in the Travel Channel Sweepstakes?

Every sponsor has their objectives when they roll out a sweepstake or a survey. For this Travel Channel Sweepstakes, the sponsor is ready to give you the rewards you have been dreaming of for many years. So, you will participate and get an equal chance to win $10000 cash. This is a reward that you don’t have to miss.

You also take part in the program because it requires a few minutes of your time. Around ten minutes and you are into the sweepstake that could give you a lifetime opportunity. Additionally, the questions are simple and straightforward. You will not think and struggle to remember experiences as done in surveys.

There is proof for the previous winners on the websites list of winners. You can access the list through this list of winners link. Therefore, your name might be the next on the coming list.

Additionally, you don’t need a purchase to enter the promotion since it requires filling an entry form online then submitting the request to enter the sweepstakes. This is so far the less complicated method when compared to most of the sweepstakes that have a variety of entry methods.

It is legit since the sponsor has millions of online followers who love the travel channel for entertainment and leisure. The physical offices and contact details are also available. This gives serious participants the confidence to participate even daily.

Some rules and regulations govern the entire process. All these rules protect the sponsor and the participant. This is an advantage in case any of them fail to honor the rules; then, the one can opt-out of the sweepstakes.

Lastly, participation is key to the company since it’s an excellent way to help the incorporation grow by using the sweepstakes that are available for you. Note that once the channel gets more visitors through your support, you are likely to get more top quality content at reasonable prices.

The eligibility and rules available for participation

Any serious incorporation sets rules of the game before allowing participants to enter their sweepstakes. If rules are not available, then you might be dealing with a scammer. Luckily, the Travel Channel has the rules that guide the process of participating. We have compiled the rules for easy access. Note that failure to follow the rules will disqualify you when participating.

You must be a legal resident in the 50 states of American and the District of Columbia as they are the geographical regions that are accepted.

You must have attained the age of 21 years since it is the legal age to participate in the sweepstakes.

If you work in the company or you are related to the company closely either as a partner, staff, or family members, then you are not eligible for the sweepstakes.

You need a phone or a laptop to enter the sweepstake online. Besides, you need the common browsers such as explore, Firefox, and Chrome to participate without worry.

Have basic knowledge of English or Spanish language to participate easily since the two languages are suitable for the sweepstakes promotion.

It is one entry per person per day regardless of the method you are using. If you try to use multiple emails, then it will be terminated, and your participation will be voided.

If you make two entries per day, the first entry is the only valid one. Therefore, you can save time and resources by entering only once per day.

The more times you enter doesn’t guarantee you winning the grand sweepstakes prize. This means that the entire process is fair and selects the winner randomly.

Once you emerge the winner, the federal taxes and other fees not mentioned in the sweepstake is on the winner. The sponsor is only required to give you the price but the additional costs you will foot them.

Provide your contact details during the entry. This requires you to share the accurate details as the company relies on them for communicating with you about the grand prize-winning and additional clarifications on your entries.

You must disable the ad blocking software on your computer for you to participate successfully.

Additional restrictions

● Any attempt to tamper with the website information is punishable by law. Therefore, always trade carefully and never try to add codes or hack the system.

● Participating with multiple emails is not accepted

● Once you win the prize, know that it’s not transferable or exchangeable

● Entries beyond 15th June are void

● If the state laws and regulations prohibit the survey in your area, then it’s void

● If you are below 21 years, then you are not eligible.

● If you try any fraud activity, then you are eliminated and referred to the law enforcement unit


If you are participating in the sweepstakes, then prepare for the grand prize. The participant usually submits entries, and the entries pass through a random selection where the winner is picked. If you win, then you get $10,000 in check. This is after one month when the promotion has ended.

Additionally, you have an advantage over other viewers since you will get promotions on the Travel Channel earlier than the others. This is because the company has your contact details making communication even easier.

How to participate

After you have gone through the rules, and you are confident that you have met the eligibility criteria, then follow the steps below to take part in the sweepstakes. Do not skip any step since the login will still take you to the page.

● Get to the official site using your laptop or phone connected to the internet

● You can access the site by visiting the Travel Chanel Sweepstakes site

● You will enter your email address to proceed. Click on the begin entry box

● This leads you to the section where you have to input your information

● Share your names in the boxes provided

● Provide your phone number and email address

● Enter your mailing address

● Enter your city and state

● Click submit to complete your entry

● You can flow the same procedure the next day for your entries. Note that the many times you enter does not guarantee that you will emerge the winner.

After getting the entries through, you can now sit and relax as you wait for the announcement for the final prize winner. You will get the notifications via the contacts you shared. The winner is selected through random selection, which is the fair method available. The sponsor determines the day in which the prize will be given and also the venue. If you fail to respond to the email you got within five days, then the prize is given to another winner.


  • Easy to participate
  • You have equal chances of winning
  • No purchase required for entry
  • It takes less than ten minutes
  • You can participate from anywhere during your free time
  • The company is legit and offers guidance in case you have concerns


  • You pay taxes once you win
  • You get cash via check
  • Only for participants in the 50 USA States

Travel Channel Sweepstakes Center

NameTravel Channel Sweepstakes
Winner(s)1 per month
Validation CodeNA
Prize Expiry30 days
Purchase Yes

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How long is the promotion?

This sweepstake will end in a month’s time. It started on 1st may and will end on 15th June 2020. This gives you more days to participate and become the winner

How do you choose the winners?

As said earlier, this is a transparent process, and choosing the winner is through a random selection. This gives every participant an equal chance of winning the grand prize.

How can a participant lose their prize?

Once you win the prize, you have five days to respond to the email sent to you. If you fail to respond, then you lose the prize to the next available winner.

Who is the sponsor of this sweepstake?

The sweepstake is sponsored by the Travel Channel, LLC, 9721 Sherrill Boulevard, Knoxville, Tennessee 37932. The same sponsor is the one in charge of all the changes that can come up in case of new developments in the promotion.

Is there a privacy policy that protects my contacts?

Yes, the company first didn't share the contacts with third parties unless you give permission. Mostly, the contacts come into place when the sponsor wants to share or get more information. The comprehensive privacy policy is here.

What are the contact details for reaching the support center?

The travel channel cares for the participants and wants to address any issues on the way. They have direct phone calls during the working hours, where you can reach the customer care desk. Even so, they have social media channels, websites, and mailing addresses for easy communication. We have shared some of the channels and contacts below.

Sweepstakes Website

Official Channel website

Mail to: Travel Channel, LLC, 9721 Sherrill Boulevard, Knoxville, Tennessee 37932



Now that you have the information you need to participate in these sweepstakes, then winning the grand prize is on your way. You can get ready with your phone or laptop and enter the sweepstakes as you grab your favorite documentary from the same channel. The process has the rules and hence transparent.

If you have issues trying to log in or any additional challenge, then leave a reply below so that we can guide you through. Also, you can use the contacts we shared to reach the support team.

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